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    Not shaving your legs tho.  The part no one wants to talk about shaving lol… your face.

    I’ve noticed this is a topic that seems rarely broached so I thought it might be worthwhile.  As someone with the unholy combo combo of coarse hair / sensitive skin, I wanted to share a few recommendations from experience, and hopefully some other gals will have some to add, and we can all benefit.



    1.  Best razor I’ve ever shaved with (wet shave): Harry’s.  The combination of price point and quality is unbeatable imo (not to mention how great a job it does).

    2. Second best? Gillette Skinguard.  It doesn’t shave quite as close as I like but it sure doesn’t tear my skin up either.

    While it’s true that I own a couple of electric razors, I don’t use them on my face.  I’ve never found a dry shave that was comparable to a wet one.


    1. Creamo Cooling Formula: This stuff is awesome.  It comes in a tube and not a can.  You only need a very small amount and the cooling sensation it puts to your skin is fab.

    2. Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin: Another one in a tube.  Again, you only need a small amount.  It doesn’t have the cooling that the other one offers but it’s very very slick and has some moisturizing properties.

    3. Conditioner.  Yes, just regular ol’ conditioner like you’d use for your hair.  Lori Peace mentioned this quite awhile back now and I’ve found that it’s great in a pinch.  Tresemme Moisture Rich is the one I use here.

    (As an aside, my recommendation, sadly, is to forget about lady’s products for this one.  They’re pretty and fun and work great on your body yes but also more expensive and in the case of shaving creams, sometimes subpar.  Now why are women’s products virtually always more expensive and often for less product?  How fair is that??  I think we all know the reason why…)

    Ok so that’s it!  I hope someone gets some mileage from these, and that some of you will have some recommendations to add.  Thanks!


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      Jocelyn Beyoody
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      Hi CaMaHTa, I am definitely going check out. I’ve been in search for the cleanest shave. I just can’t seem to get it completely smooth. 🤞🤞 hoping your endorsements do the trick. Yay!!

      Xoxo Jocelyn 💋♥️

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      Wendy Swift
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      Those are great tips !

      We have Harry’s up here but despite it being the lowest cost for replacement blades, it is still very pricey.  Sadly, due to high cost of blades I’ve been reusing the same one for years.

      I digress; I used to use shaving oil and cream to shave, but now I just shave in the shower.  I find the combination of the warm water and using just plain soap lathered up I do get a really decent close shave.

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      Angela Booth
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      A tip I was once given and use a five blade razor. After a really close shave I dry off and do other things to let things settle. When the skin is bone dry I feel for any stubble and apply a thin layer of primer and shave again. Then it’s a moisturizer, then primer and makeup. I am lucky with slow hair growth and can go at least 10 hours before anything shows , which is usually hidden by make up.

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      Hi Sam! I use Harry’s also. Good shave , good price. I will try the cream you mentioned! Hugs Pru

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      Lauren Mugnaia
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      I have a few moles and other interesting facial irregularities that prevent me from using a razor, I’m also past the age where my facial hair can be removed by laser, plus the fact that I had heart surgery a year ago and I’m on blood thinners – if I nicked myself I’d be bleeding for quite awhile. When I knew I was going to transition and needed a close shave I investigated electric razors. The one that provides what the test reviews said was the closest to a blade shave is what I bought, it’s the Panasonic Arc5 and it does an amazing job! When I’m finished my face feels ‘baby smooth’ and it doesn’t irritate my skin, which my old Braun and Norelco’s did – NICE!!

      Smooth hugs girls,

      Lauren M

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      Celeste Starre
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      For a razor I like the Gillette Pro Glide and like gel shave cremes like Skintimate.  The only advice I have is to shave in the shower after you have bathed, washed your hair etc.

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      Susan Talbot
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      Thanks Sam for the advice and recommendations. I struggle to get a close shave.  I really hate  seeing boy mode shadow under my makeup.



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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Sam As i have all my life shaved my face i use a multi blade shaver at least 4 or 5 blades and i cant use creams from a can or tube i seem to break out badly after use .. I have used ivory bar soap seems like for ever and i get a really smooth shave in all the places a girl needs to shave he he ..


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      Thanks Sam for the advice. As a natural brunette, I have to shave my face TWICE a day! I will keep in mind the razors and shaving creams that you mentioned. I use an electric razor more often, but when I want a better look and a smoother face, you can’t beat a wet shave. 🙂

      XOXO Rev

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