How do you feel about your wardrobe?

Not the metaphorical closet, the literal one!! When you look around in there, what do you think??

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  • I wish my wardrobe were larger
  • I wish my closet were larger!
  • I have a pretty dang good sense of style
  • My wardrobe is recovering, post purgem
  • My tastes have definitely changed over time
  • I have a lot of high end stuff! (Clothes, shoes, purses &c)
  • My wardrobe is huge af!!
  • I have more shoes than clothes
  • In fact, I have more shoes than Imelda Marcos!!
  • The clothes make the woman
  • My wardrobe is in hiding!
  • My wardrobe is like a bed of small flowers surrounding a tree
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      Casey Amber Twitchings
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      I wish my wardrobe were larger, I have a pretty good sense of style, and my tastes have changed over time.

      I definitely want some more tops. Not blouses or polo/button up shirts, but something in between them and a t-shirt. When is the next 100% off sale at Amazon again? I have prime so shipping is free. lol

      I wear what appeals to me, not what I think most women would want. Of course looking at catalogues helps since they have some great ideas in there. I recently discovered Venus. Great styles at reasonable prices. But how to explain the packages from there?

      I used to go very fancy. Back in my 20s that was femininity for me. Now I’m looking at things I can wear to Walmart and to Ruby Tuesday. OK, so I have a plaid schoolgirl miniskirt wish listed. Pure fantasy, that. But I won’t tell you what article of men’s clothing I bought for my lady. Again, pure fantasy.

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      Gloria Renee
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      I have a little bit of everything, dresses, skirts and heels. Little black dress, long black dress and black heels.


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      My wardrobe is a work in progress…

      Have a fetish for heels… still learning to walk in them tho…

      LOVE ❤

      Jenny 💋

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      I would put my current wardrobe up against any cross dresser in the world right about now! I need a bigger house and this one we live in is new and twice a big as any home we’ve lived in over 40 years!

      Both my Sexy Redhead and I are both clothes whores and can’t ever have enough clothes, shoes, or inexpensive fashion jewelry. She has a thing for purses and I don’t need to because I don’t use them in my photo shoots. Besides, if I ever need a fancy purse, clutch, or casual or classy purse, all I have to do is go in my wife’s master closet or her 20 x 20 foot temperature controlled storage unit and get any purse I need for the occasion!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

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      Amy Myers
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      Generally I love my wardrobe. I am choosy about what I buy, and rarely ever want to get rid of my clothes. The exceptions to that would be the pieces I bought early on, when I was figuring out my sizing, and was too shy to shop in the store, or to try things on before I bought, that don’t fit right. Of course I buy on line as well, and mostly the sizing works out, but they have been a few surprises, not of the good kind!

      I have many lovely things, and only wish I could wear them more often. I particularly like the dressier things, and short skirts and dresses to show off my legs a bit, but here in Farm Country there is limited amount of venues for that, as I like to blend in. The dinners where I used to meet other CD’s at were a great place for those clothes.

      I can’t seem to stop buying clothes, though I’m even more choosy now than I used to be. I like shoes, but don’t have the almost shoe fetish that others do, but need a few more to round out my selection.

      There are more shoes and clothes of mine in the closet than of my wife’s, I even have more guy shoes than my wife. Not too mention bras! I have a thing for bras, like some ladies have for shoes.


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      I just love a bargain! I don’t think that I have ever paid full price for anything(except panties and bras) in my wardrobe. This spring I really hit the winter clearance sales both online and in store. I purchased beautiful outerwear sweaters and long sleeve tops. Nothing real heavy as winters are mild here. I also purchased several knee high boots and booties super cheap. Last fall I did the same thing with summer wear and have been enjoying my cute summer outfits and sandals. My wife and I really enjoy yard sales and thrift stores and always shop together. Usually I am in somewhat drab but have my girls skinny jeans and tennis shoes with a unisex top. She loves to hold up clothes and panties to my body to check for fit regardless of who is close by. It makes me feel so naughty. I do need to go through my clothes and donate things that we purchased earlier as my idea of what looks good on me has changed. A lot of things that I have are for her eyes only and I would never wear in public. At my age sexy is impossible to pull off in public but I can dress as slutty as I like around the house…. Stephanie

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      Autumn Valiant
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      Alright! Who are the six shoe horders and whatcha got in a 12 ???

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      Marlene Roberts
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      Hi! I have far too much stuff including feminine attire. Before COVID there was the Salvation Army and Goodwill to donate. With COVID, where can one dispose of clothes let alone sell them? Be safe!

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      I have purged my cloths way to often if I had all of them I would have a fantastic collection.

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      I love my closet but the problem is, I have so many femme clothes that I need a bigger house. I tried to sort everything a few months ago. It took over a week and I still hadn’t got half way.

      Who said a girl can’t have to many clothes?

      Take care girls.


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      DeeAnn Hopings
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      I will be thinning the herd in the near future as I have some things that I just don’t wear very often. There are various reasons for this. I moved to the SoCal desert from New York State and some things just don’t work well at all in a warm/hot climate. Other things are more situational in that I have more really dressy items than I need. Anyway, I plan to be selling them off and use the money to buy some other things. Probably 80% of my wardrobe come from thrift stores. However, all shoes, undergarments and hats were purchased new…

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      What a great topic .. If I may quote “girl cannot have enough clothes”. I first started out with silk panties, cami’s, and pantyhose….since I’m retired 10 years , I have purchased my favorite LBD, sweater dresses,mini and pencil skirt.most of my purchases were not appropriate to blend in during the day for shopping… I thought skinny legged pants and jeans were more appropriate. My shoe wardrobe included strappy heels, pumps, and open toe pumps… Of course to show off my red polished toenailsbgirly flats for steppin out during the day was the shoe of choice. Of course my panties and bra inventory has multiplied that I can wear a different one each day lol… I sleep comfortably in my knee length satin nightgowns!!! I am grateful that my wife and I have separate walk in closets!!! Thank you for letting me share a peek in Leonara’s closet.
      Hugs, Leonara

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      From other streams in the forums you may have learned that I have recently entered a new situation where I am allowing my GF to feminize me to her wishes. She’s a classy girl but Sherrie, along with my drab clothes, has closed the door on my own femme closet.

      My new wardrobe is growing day by day as there is a new outfit almost every time we are to go out. Lot’s of P’s…pretty, pinks, peaches, petuli, pleats….very femme but classy and classic. I miss my Melanie Lynne sun dresses, my Alfred Sung LBD….

      It’s all really new and exciting.

      Be carefuol what you wish for

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      Jessica Scarlett Ray
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      After being a closet cross dresser my wardrobe exploded over the last few months identifying as transgender. I have a selection now of dresses and skirts along with associated shoes and panty hose to forfill my journey into feminity

      Jewelry etc I’m sure will soon follow. Us girls must accessorise along with makeup, hair and nail sundries.

      In my case I have jeans in black and blue so most things can be dressed down but smart. I look for silk being light and detailed. I have a mother of the bride outfit which doesn’t look anything until it’s on. One or two summmer dresses more formal wear ( I am a dance teacher) with one or two  smart men’s suits I couldn’t part with but could be worn by either sex. Shoes in neutral, brown and black with high heel sandals being my favourite.

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      patty williams
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      Hi Samantha Good topic,

      As you know I had to throttle back on my girl time a bit but Patty’s still with us.

      Our basement isn’t finished yet but there will be a large closet so I can get my girly cloths and shoes out of boxes.

      The Main question here is can a girl ever have enough cute cloths and shoes?

      Heck no!



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      Michelle Wilmington
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      I recently lost about 45 lbs, and shrunk into some things I had bought that were too small to even fit into when I purchased them. I can get into them now, but still need to lose more before they will look really good on me! On the other hand I now have a few items that are a bit too big on me!

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      Laura Lovett
      Registered On: March 26, 2020
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      A girl really can’t have too many clothes, yet there’s definitely a point at which, in fact, she does.

      Head vs heart – it’s so difficult to trim down, yet every new occasion demands a nice new outfit.

      And probably shoes.

      Yet I can’t get rid of *that* item – not yet, anyway – it’s so lovely, I’ll definitely want to wear it again sometime…

      And, although I bought a replacement for one pair of shoes, the originals still have wear in them, and they’re so lovely and comfy…

      What’s a girl to do?

      I ran out of wardrobe space some time ago, and have bags stashed away which I will sort out one day when I get time to myself

      And so it goes on, for me, at least!

      Love Laura

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      Registered On: May 23, 2020
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      I think a girl can’t have enough clothes. I have a lot but are constantly buying more. I can’t resist a sexy dress, skirt or top when I see it. That goes for shoes as well. I am proud to say that I have a bigger collection of  clothes / shoes than my ex wife. And a bigger selection of hosiery than all my ex gf’s together. I think that so cool. I constantly begged them for wearing sexy nylons witch they rarely would. So now i wear everything my ex gf’s wouldn’t. Actually that is way better,

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      Ellie Hope
      Registered On: October 3, 2019
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      Looking through Ellie’s wardrobe, there’s a lot of stuff that’s either uninspiring or just doesn’t fit well, much of it hand-me-downs which need to be purged. I have to be careful though, so no ones’ feelings are hurt and keep site of the fact that Ellie is so fortunate to have a supportive family!  I also need more space. Currently, Ellie’s cloths reside in several different locations. This isn’t to keep them under the radar, but it’s because my (dear) wife has totally taken over the master closet and everything else! What’s a poor girl to do?

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      sarasue olson
      Registered On: October 7, 2018
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      My dressing has been going strong for over sixty five years, amd really got going when I was about fifteen years old. Between my sister and some of her friends I accumulated A very large wardrobe  filling my closet and drawers to the point of breaking. Things slowed down while I was in collage and after getting married things really picked up again. We moved into our new house and I packed up all my old things from my parents home into boxes and stored them away for several years. My wife was supportive in my dressing so we purchased many things together while on our shopping trips. My wife grew up not having many new clothes so she loved to get nice new things to wear and always wanted me to also get something nice so my wardrobe grew to the point of filling my closet with dresses ect. It was about ten years into our marriage we sat down and started going through all those boxes that had been stored away. They had so many happy memories but there was no longer  they would fit me, I couldn’t  believe they ever fit me they were also much to small for my wife. So for the first time ever we packed them up for salvation army and sent them off for A new home. I still hate to part with anything from my closet but as my wife says you can’t hang on to them for ever, especially if there worn out or no longer fit. But on A brighter note my closet is still packed with beautiful things with A few guy things hear and there.

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      skippy1965 Cynthia
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      Anyone who has read my writings here or talked to me in chat knows my wardrobe-aka Cynthia’s Boutique aka Narnia)-cannot be held within a single closet or room. In fact it sprawls three plus rooms and has become too numerous to count exactly at this point Suffice too say that I’m fairly certain that I could go close to two years and not repeat an outfit. The last time I did count over a year ago it was over 400 dresses 100+ skirts;200 + tops 250-300 pairs of shoes and tons of camis/tanks,undies, leggings, bras etc. And though I stopped wearing them 3 years ago when I started growing my natural hair, there are over 200 wigs in two closets. And well over 500 pairs of earrings. And no- none of those #s are typos-ask the folks who have been to y house like Samaantha G or April (Pacific Princess)

      I won’t buy any more wigs as they are unnecessary at this point; shoes are a rare purchase now; but I do still buy new dresses i they catch y fancy and are a good bargain-but it has to it both those criteria. Excessive? Probably yes lol. But despite my sister pointing out that I don’t even know all I have, I resist her calls to purge/cull anything. I’ve never purged so this is the culmination(so far 🙂 ) of 8-10 years of acquisitions. Will I stop buying new hings? Not likely! But I do want to get it more organized and consolidated -maybe into two rooms-IF I CAN lol.

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      Paula F
      Registered On: August 7, 2019
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      I wish my closet(s) were bigger.  I have 3 in my house, 1 in each bedroom and they are switched back and forth through the year, which gives me plenty of time to select for the donation bins downtown.  Even with that much space, I would LOVE to have more.  I have even moved all my coats and jackets into the hall closet, but the free space was quickly taken over.

      Over time, my taste’s have definitely changed: mini skirts are vastly outnumbered by midi and maxi length now, but I do keep a few on hand;  slacks and jeans are running about even now; sensible but very appealing shoes are the most numerous since my heels have gotten shorter, etc.  I will not become a dottering old maid though, and I will remain as young as I can make myself look and feel while still being mostly ‘with it’.

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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Nothing fits any more. Mostly too tight. If i buy for larger me i need more closet space. What do i do with all those cute outfits while losing that weight i will never lose, . Never ending battle. Luv Stephanie

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      Helene Bock
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      wish my wardrobe was bigger as now only space for skirts, dresses, blouses, etc and shoes – T-shirts and pullovers are in a big suitcase, while my underwear locked up as wife have only access/seen my female wardrobe; not underwear. Ideally all my underwear should be nicely arranged in drawers….but that will apparently have to wait until she is ready as do not want to “push” the issue too fast!

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      Kelly Ann
      Registered On: February 24, 2020
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      Thanks Sa man tha

      Hugs and kisses

      Kelly Ann💞💋💕💋

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      Bettylou Cox
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      As chance would have it, I was discussing wardrobe by PM with a close friend this morning; and as I told her, I actually have all the clothes I am likely to wear – but I can’t resist the siren call of Kohl’s, so…..

      On the other had, if I could only find some pretty shoes in size 13W, I would shop ’til I drop.



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      Alison Anderson
      Registered On: October 15, 2018
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      A number of people have said “A girl can’t have too many clothes.”  Well, I think I have too many clothes.  However, I’ll let you be the judge.

      This weekend I will have completed wearing 64 different outfits in 65 days, just over 9 WEEKS!  (One day I wore a long sleeve ankle length black velvet dress that was so comfy, I wore it overnight and the next day too.)  No skirt, top, or dress was worn more than once.  In theory, with 2 tops and 2 skirts, there are 4 possible outfits, with 3 and 3 there are 9, etc.  But I have not done any mix and match, it was one skirt and one top, and neither was worn again. There are a few exceptions.  I wore the same tank tops and skorts while doing exercises.  When I had to appear as male for a time during the day, I would wear women’s jeans and/or leggings, and these have been worn more than once, but for short periods.  I’d often tuck the skirt into the pants, and either hide the top under a jacket or a sweatshirt (under a sweatshirt I definitely had to remove the breast forms; under a jacket I sometimes kept them in).

      I still have some outfits that are more for evening wear, formal wear, or require dry cleaning, or are out of season.  I am now running out of tops (although I have two more coming next week), but still have skirts that I haven’t worn.  I’m also running out of memory, as in “Did I wear this before these 9 weeks, or during?”  And I have a couple of maid dresses that I haven’t worn.

      No, it’s neither my closet nor my wardrobe that needs to be larger.  I think my willpower has to be larger, not buying anything new unless it is SUPER CUTE, an unbelievably low price, or a specialty item that I absolutely can’t resist.

      Since I have many more skirts and tops than dresses, I’d have to say I have a good sense of style.  Being able to match tops to skirts when you can’t repeat what you wore I think proves the point.  I try to wear things that are fashionable without “being in fashion,” so that they don’t go out of style and can be worn for years.  I still have and wear the skirt I wore when I went for my first makeover and outing almost 11 years ago.

      I have a nice shoe collection without it being super huge.  Lately I have been wearing either ballet flats or sneakers around the house, and mostly wear sneakers when going out for a walk whenever the weather is good.  Sometimes I wear my pink and white Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, other times I wear my guy sneakers, which are identical except pure black.

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      im so lucky that I have everything in the one closet mixed with my wifes

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      Kelly Ann
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      Hi girls I love my wardrobe you slide the doors open and everything in plain sight from my evening dresses,mini dresses,jumpsuits and various skirts and tops.sliding rails with my favourite boots and shoes and my hand bags on the top shelf A Girl cant have enough clothes and if I see something I like I have to have it so that’s my wardrobe.


      Kelly Ann💋

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Sam,

      A great question.  Thanks for the option of selecting multiple answers.

      After being laid off from work about ten years ago I decided I’d dress as often as I could.  So my wardrobe quickly grew larger than the closet.  A friend suggested going to Lowe’s to get the hanging rails so one end of the spare bedroom became the closet.


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      K Swim
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      I am unable to check any of these. Though I do have my collection of swimsuits on hangers in a closet, that is simply because I live alone and like being able to see them all at the same time when deciding which one to wear next.

      Before growing up, I didn’t require any hiding places because I did not have my own that needed hiding…just whenever I could sneak in a wearing of my sister’s swimsuits. Later on, I had them all in a small box, then a large box. I still can fit them all in the large box, but I take advantage of living alone by having them hanging in a closet.

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      Rozalyne Richards
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      I wish my wardrobe was larger, i wish i had more shoes and that they were a proper fit, i wish i had more classy clothes, i wish i had some proper cocktail dresses you know like they have in the movies with a tight bodice and a frilly underskirt, something that made you look a million dollars xxxxx

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      Brittney Andrews
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      Although I’ve liked wearing adult female clothes since I was 8 or 9, I didn’t start buying my own until late 2015. I love my wardrobe that I’ve put together.

      I selected that my wardrobe is in hiding, because my wife won’t accept nor approve of my CDing. I also selected that I wished my wardrobe and closet was bigger. I’m in need of casual clothes, I’m wanting to be out and about in daily public en fem more. It’s actually a good thing that my wardrobe is in hiding, I keep it in storage trunks. So when they get full, I buy another trunk; instant expandable closet.

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      Genivieve Bujold
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      Can any girl have enough clothes, lingerie, shoes, bling?  Also,  how about makeup? I love shopping en femme and seldom go without making a purchase or two. I am pretty sure I have enough lipstick to last me a lifetime, but I am also sure I will buy more when I see a super cute shade that I don’t have or one in sale!

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      Alice Black
      Registered On: January 18, 2020
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      I have to keep my wardrobe in the trunk of my car as to have to keep hidden from wife. And it does not consist of much currently. But, I am in midst of buying my dream outfit from Amazon. I have 3 items being delivered(matching shoes, hose and opera length gloves) to an Amazon dropbox. The fourth item will be a sequin evening gown and it would not fit in the dropbox. Holding off buying this item till wife goes away on a trip which she eventually will.  I thought about getting a private delivery box at post office. But, when I discovered that Amazon delivers to these private boxes, I figured why bother.

      Alice Black


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      Annie Potts
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      I have been a very lucky girl when it comes to my wordrobe.  I have bought many items on sale from my go to store, Macy’s.     I have a wife and sister in law who weave both lost weight and were sending cloths to a goodwill, which I offered to take over for them.   Since their clothing fit me I kept most of it.  My sister in law was a cloths horse and had many high end items.  I have several suits that use to be hers and many dresses.    I hope to get more as she continues to downsize.  Many of these items are shown in pics in my gallery.  However, a girl always wants more.   I continue to shop and buy.   So many pretty things.

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      Olivia Livin
      Registered On: October 22, 2018
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      Thanks Sam

      My wardrobe is fairly large but there always seems to be room for more cute items, its a large house and I still have one more closet. Some of my tastes have changed along with my progression and I seem to have a pretty good sense of style. Shoes are the one area where I am still woefully lacking.

      I wouldn’t exactly call it a tree but my choice of  clothing cover it fairly well when I want them to lol.

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      Sally Drinkwater
      Registered On: July 15, 2019
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      Hi all,

      1/ I have a pretty dang good sense of style….I, me, myself, think that I have excelent style with the knowledge that a lot of others would not agree. Style is individual and long live the difference between us.


      2/My tastes have definitely changed over time….Pretty obvious innit? As our bodies change is it a matter of changing taste or wearing clothes that suit us better?  I am going through a chiffon revolution at the moment as the billowing light material covers most of the harm that I have inflicted on myself over the last 68 years. I have always been an advocate that there is no such thing as age appropriate clothing, if ya got it, flaunt it, just don’t wear lycra.


      Sally xx


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      Davida Mae
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      I imagine in the 18 months that I’ve been a Dresser that I have traveled a well trodden path. I started with on specific article of clothing. Then once the femme bug had bitten … I began to try more things, soon I had a little stash. As the feminine persona began to emerge, just naturally the stash became a wardrobe … soon it became an expanded wardrobe. Now, more recently I’ve scaled back through a verity of purges to gain control and manage my wardrobe. Currently my reduced wardrobe looks more like the closet of the Girl next door or the Plain Jane neighbor.  Gone are the elegant dresses or the arsenal of stockings, straps and things … reduced to the .. Right Stuff … those articles of clothing … the Clothes that make the Woman

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