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    Ah, the ol’ purge thing.  We prob all get the psychology behind it?  There are probably also fave items of clothing you sorely wish you had back from said purges…?

    In the evening of 2017 I’d had enough.  Obviously I couldn’t do away with myself & saw no further reason to not explore.  Within several months I built up a complete wardrobe.  If it was pretty, went with stuff I had, was something a woman would have, or was something i knew I’d need later, it was mine.

    “Compulsive clothes grabber” lol it came to the point where I’ve really had to restrain myself.  What’s funny tho, is that out of all these there’s really only a handful that I always default to, another handful I’ll wear occasionally, and many that apparently are only for display? Haha like today I’m wearing this pink lacy butterfly looking top, I bought it a year & a half ago and just yanked the tag off this morning.

    Most of the stuff I dont wear is like fancier or more decorative, but not to the point where it’d be unreasonable to wear to, say the supermarket.  Or anywhere else really.  And yet its not quite the mode of dress you typically see, and I guess I feel like I would stick out more than I’d really like to?  Is it good or bad to stick out a little bit?

    Anyway, what used to be “splurge & purge” turned into, “preponderance of clothing”… hashtag first world problems right lol sorry…❤

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      stephanie plumb
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      OMG!  Sam you prompted me to analyse my Amazon orders, going back to 2014.  Yikes!   I’m too embarrassed to tell you how much I’ve spent, even though many items were relatively cheap & cheerful. My wife would kill me if she knew.

      Much of it has gone now,  including unsuitable wigs ( I was still trying to find my style), and there are some pieces I miss – “why did I get rid of that, I loved it at the time”.   Limited wardrobe space was one factor, ‘panic purges’ another. Items just not fashionable any more, items similar to others, impulse buys (“how on earth did I ever think I could get into that skimpy Chinese made tat?”)

      Ever increasing size of breast forms (I do like to have a range to suit the mood I’m in, or with some specific outfits.  I have a pair of H forms for the occasional Carol Kirkwood dressing up day.  This of course meant buying a lot – a LOT – of bra’s.

      Of course I do have some perennial favourites that have stood the test of time and survived the purges, even though they have rarely been worn for years – “one of these days I will want to wear that.”  And looks and fashions change. In 2016 I bought a side-parted, dark roots, medium length, blonde wig, that rarely saw the light of day because I decided on shorter styles with a fringe suited me better.  Currently it is my favourite wig because it looks so much more natural, and I love the feel of it brushing my bare shoulders when wearing a strappy sundress.

      I decided in late 2019 I would not spend any more money. I had enough items to suit any desire, style or whim I had.

      Of course in 2020, in the last month or so, I have bough three sundresses, a summery skirt, and a pair of pink and black trainers (to go with that wig I mentioned earlier). I’ve got my eye on another wig that is probably unsuitable, but … I do  like it , and am finding it hard to resist.  I will resist….

      I guess that makes me a compulsive purchaser then.  But I will reign it in again ….. soon ……

      Stephanie P.

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      Mary Ann Summers
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      When I started buying clothing again last year I was buying the most lovely and elegant items I could find. They are nice to “have” but I didn’t really see a time where I could actually wear them anywhere (except in my mind). So now I’m being a bit more choosy. I’m getting basic pieces to make outfits to actually wear. Maybe a bit more dressy than what you see most women wear, but not too over the top.

      Except… I did get this beautiful “Mother of the Bride” dress… burgundy and white two piece that one would wear to a fancy Christmas party perhaps and an amazing wedding dress. I am attemping to try a photo shoot in those.

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      Stevie Steiner
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      That is so spot on Sammy, and makes me feel so much better about my own growing wardrobe.  Too many items already  in there make me ask myself – “it’s cute, but why on earth did I buy that”?  Having something for every occasion, even knowing that occasion probably will never come.  I have this great short, red bodycon dress and I love it.  But where to wear it without getting stared at?

      It’s called Being Prepared For Anything, and is probably the reason the walk-in closet was invented.  Lol


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      Carla Jones
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      I do purge clothing that doesn’t fit or has lost its appeal to me. Some items I will keep forever because they never go out of style. Denim skirts, sun dresses, most shoes, animal print skirts and things like that. I replace panties when they wear out or lose their elasticity. Bras are replaced when they get stretched or dingy from wearing and washing over and over. I do wear everything I buy and if I think I will not wear it after buying I will hang it in the closet for a couple days so I can see it and that helps me make up my mind to either cut the tag or return. Most of my clothing is conservative because I like to blend in with the women in my area. Another reason I have for replacing is just to freshen up my wardrobe, especially when spring and summer comes around.


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      Alison Anderson
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      Want to talk about things with the tags still on?  Cleaning out my mom’s apartment, I found 2 girdles with tags on from Alexander’s (filed for bankruptcy in 1992) and a half slip with tags from Korvette’s (closed in 1980).

      How about a preponderance of clothing?  This late winter to early spring, I wore 66 different dresses, tops, and skirts in 67 days (I wore one comfy long black velvet dress 2 days in a row).  That’s more than 9 weeks of not wearing the anything the same (excluding exercise clothing).  And I still didn’t wear more party or formal style clothing.

      Sure I have some favorites, and some go-tos.  And I have some things I haven’t found the occasion to wear, but got them because the price was too good to pass up.  Some items I don’t wear often because they need to be dry cleaned, or are more seasonal.

      But these behaviors are typical, both of men and women.  So while an interesting observation, I wouldn’t put too much thought into it.

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      patty williams
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      HI Sammy,

      So Thats what I was ,a compulsive cloths grabber.LOL

      I still am to some degree.

      I don’t believe in buying everything for practicality, some items I buy are ridiculous but hey I feel sexy looking at myself in them.

      I am doing better and I buy a lot of stuff at goodwill.

      I bet my wife wishes I was still the guy taking a nap in the car in the parking lot at goodwill while she shopped inside.LOL

      But heck I love all my cloths and shoes and isn’t it a girls right to have a preponderance of clothing?


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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Sammy,

      I’ve never purged…I’m such a pack rat, I probably couldn’t , no matter the circumstances.  Like you, I have a few favorite things, and things I’ve only worn a couple of time; then I have several others with the price tag still on them.  None of the latter are really “formal” or too fancy for daytime wear, BUT they are all dressier than any of the GGs at the mall or in the supermarket are wearing, and that alone makes me stand out in the crowd (which I prefer not to do).  So, I go out in casual dress mode and wait for the day when I can dress like the proper lady I am on the inside.




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      Olivia Livin
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      lol Sam, this is our world and clothing can be and is sometimes a problem.

      I’ve yet to need a purge and try not to splurge, but that Has happened once or twice.

      Whilst being mindful not to improperly place labels on any particular group,  I will say that being from Scottish stock…among other possible reasons, I am very ‘careful’ with my spending. I do have a slightly more than adequate clothing wardrobe but do cycle through it depending on activities and mood. There are a few items that I will admit are only really here for entertainment reasons but that means they still do serve a purpose. I keep a short list of fairly specific wishful  to go withs and am still working on shoes.

      When I or we are out shopping I ponder each possible new items relevance, it typically has to be on my list or it really has to WoW us.

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