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    So for a long time I’ve been trying to persuade myself to go back up some fitness levels – really let it slide over the last few years.

    But a voice in my head (yes, I used to suffer from that a lot, but now I know whose voice it is!) kept telling me that I needed ladies sportwear to do it in.

    Totally crazy you might think… I did until realisation dawned.

    So I bought a really cheap top and leggings set in lovely bright colours from eBay, and some trainers.

    Both fit absolutely perfectly – I will do a photo of Laura the fitness fanatic!

    The biggest revelation for me is just how comfortable they are – real OMG comfortable.

    My forms drop into the top and stay there, giving just a little natural looking bounce.

    My hairy tummy ain’t great to look at – so I got a neon pink strappy vest to go over it and Ta-Da!

    Has anyone else tasted the delights of activewear?

    What did you get? How did it make you feel? Did you successfully kick-start a dead fitness regime?



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      Amelia Love
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      Omg yes i just got my first pair of leggings today and im in love. Its like where have you been hiding all this time. I never want to take them off. Ever 💜💜

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      Jamie Taal
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      Great topic. I used to dress in drab to exercise and was fairly consistent in maintaining my schedule. When it got colder I took a risk and bought some leggings, compression leggings and a sports bra and wear them religiously. They feel awesome and are much more comfortable than men’s clothes. In fact I am more motivated to exercise when I wear these items. Also, because the selection of women’s apparel is greater it is easier to find and buy quality, less expensive and varied styles than men’s compression wear. And if you find a sale it is easy to buy without guilt and have multiple outfits. I just need to transition to wearing it in the warmer months and around the house/SO.

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      Ashley Daniel
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      I mostly got my activewear in fashion clothes through I Love Jewelry Coupons, and they also pretty good enough and perfectly fit on me, It’s really hard to find out all over thing in one place, because I faced much bad experience before.

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      Registered On: March 23, 2016
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      For me, being a fashionista and fitness don’t really go together. I love the look and feel of sports bras, workout leggings, activewear tops, but my girl side doesn’t want to feel all sweaty in them. My guy side doesn’t mind playing hard, sweating hard, complete opposite from my girl side.

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        Horses sweat, gentlemen perspire, ladies glow!

        I know what you mean, but somehow I don’t mind glowing profusely :0)

        …haven’t started my workouts yet – too much Christmas in the way…



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      Registered On: September 18, 2015
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      Great share! Sports apparels and comfortable clothes bought from my favorite store online is always praised by all. Especially the mesh leggings and tights with comfortable fabric are unique. My cousin also bought the same on my recommendation. Black and blue are all in my wardrobe. Now will buy brighter shades.

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      Michelle Liefde
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      Registered On: May 27, 2018
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      Hi Laura, do love leggings and have tried a sports top.Β  Problem still is getting the motivation to work out.Β  πŸ™‚

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      I’m into triathlon and already quite active ( 8 hours a week in off season and up to 14 hours in race season). I have been wearing running tights and compression shirts for a number of years. Although they are men’s versions other than colors and style I don’t think they are much different than women’s versions. If you try them make sure to wear proper undergarments as the the fellas can great really chafed during a run. Bad experience on one of my first runs in them (ouch LOL)

      I have always felt great when wearing them and find that they give my legs and bottom a nice shape. I do wear the tights and compression shirts as an outfit . The compression shirt acts as a mild upper torso shapeware and the girls looks fantastic in one. I’ve have taking walks through my neighborhood in this outfit, nobody seems to notice anything other than a walker.

      I’ve been thinking about getting some yoga pants and/or leggings.


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      April Serrano
      Registered On: December 1, 2018
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      I had the same theory and it did help motivate me for a while. Unfortunately I am really lazy about exercise…got to fix that!


      Wishing you the best of success in your exercise and enjoy the clothes they are definitely fun and comfortable!

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      Fiona-Ann Moss
      Registered On: October 7, 2018
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      hi laura, leggings here too. the tight ones really enhance your legs and give them shape, plus your bottom shows too. I feel really feminine in them, in fact I get a better workout when I wear them than just shorts! weird eh?

      fiona xxx

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      Donna Ross
      Registered On: November 3, 2018
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      For daily under dressing (except around β€œhuggy” family & friends), I use a Champion Infinity Racerback, size L (<= 38B, according to my self measurement). Β It’s tight enough that I fill it naturally, and I love the embrace. Β Plus, it’s also a great aid for posture. 😉

      Double hugs,


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      Dame Veronica Graunwolf
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      Hi Laura!Β  Yes, I love leggings as well. I just do some minor calastetics and stretches on a mat. Too old for that other stuff. There was a time I was super-fit from walking and sledding with a team of huskies all winter. Enjoy your work-outs. Take care…..


      Dame Veronica

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        Thanks, Dame Veronica and Diana!

        I bought a set from Raspbry, and will order a couple more, as I love the fresh vibrant colours.

        The 14 fits me great – but I think I could get away with 12, as it’s comfy and clingy but not super-tight, in fact it wrinkles just a little. The only thing that stops me is my chest, which is an undeniable 14-16, the 14 is a tad tight but, as you say Diana, the racerback is great for the posture.

        The colours hide the wrinkling in the leggings and are designed to enhance shape, so look pretty good too – better than I imagined, as I have no hips or waist.

        The design is kinda intelligent too – on the ones I have, a dark coloured leaf covers the package area, and the dark colour almost hides the unsightly bump!

        I feel confident enough to go jogging in these – just waiting for a nice fleecy hoodie to arrive to keep out the cold (frost last night, temps around 2.5 at the moment with an icy wind!).

        I went for a trial walk, with a khaki Parka coat as per local style, to keep warm and hide my butt – I’m not that confident yet, but the boost these clothes give makes me want to throw caution to the wind and simply jog, hairy belly and all.

        I know I’m a fairly obvious MIAD, but I don’t want to advertise it!

        I’m also continuing to be surprised at how size 9 women’s shoes fit my male size 11s so comfortably! Almost forgot I was wearing the trainers when I went to do the school run!

        Anyway, I’m rambling… must run!



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