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    Bottom line up front (BLUF)  “Actually we see quite a few crossdressers.”

    Today I am totally dressed since I am home alone for a few days.  Phone rang, I don’t usually answer but was hoping it was the lawn mower repair guy.  Instead it was the sprinkler maintenance lady, we are in the neighborhood can we come bye today instead of Monday as scheduled.  I said sure.  Be there in 15 minutes she responded.  YIKES!!!  Quick change or as I am?  I decided to deal with them the way I am currently dressed. I answered the door dressed in a pink skort and matching top, hair, makeup, and jewelry.  They (two ladies) didn’t flinch nor seem embarrassed.  Very professional.  We discussed what needed to be done.  I joined them in the yard and discussed some ongoing issue with irrigation. We settled on a work plan, and they went to it.  Once finished we met in the garage and settled the bill.  I said – you probably don’t see many crossdressers do you?  Their response –  “Actually we see quite a few crossdressers.” So I gave them a nice tip and said “tell all the other crossdressers’ I said hello”.  Again I am reminded that people don’t really care how I am dressed so long as I treat them with respect.

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      Debbie Burns
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      It is hard to really say I think the most of us are closeted and dress in private so as not to upset the balance of things.And or destroy our lives and family. The only clue may be the spotting of you and I in the intimate apparel section at the store.so unless we have the time to watch the store 24/7 we may never know how many of us are out there.I have only seen 3 in all the time I have been out shopping or traveling. one in the mall fully dressed with another real girl, the crossdresser wasn’t real bad but didn’t really pass. One in a hotel she was very well put together and would be passible to most people. And one guy I assume was up to the same as me shopping in the intimate apparel section at Walmart he was very intent on finding some nice panties. I already had mine and was looking at bras.

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      Sandy Honey
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      Getting caught, being seen unexpectedly will happen if you dress on a regular basis. When it happens you start to realize people really don’t care and most act like it’s just another person or customer. I went thru a driver’s license check unexpectedly and the Georgia State Patrol guy was professional as could be…shopping clerks don’t bat an eye checking your things out and most will carry on a conversation and act like it’s nothing even when my voice gives it away. I was cutting grass last week behind my house and I had on a tennis skirt and tank top with a bra underneath and the straps were showing. Down the driveway and around the corner walked the FedEx drive with a package I had to sign for. She had delivered many times before but was the first time she has seen me in a skirt. I was hot and sweaty and no where to go but walk up to her. I signed for the package and she said nice tennis skirt. She smiled and went back up the driveway. I have no doubt she now knows that when things are delivered to Sandy that she and me are one in the same.

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      Ruby Renee
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      I admire your bravery! I’m really hoping to one day overcome my anxiety and just be myself in front of more people..

      Also, I wish there was a way to find more dressers in my local area other than the apps, that seem to be more dating/hookup oriented..

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      patty williams
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      Hi Elaine,

      It’s always good to hear your experiences and really nice when it’s do encouraging.

      Your so bold girlfriend you rock.

      Huggs Patty



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      I see them out and about frequently and I live in a small town. Now Usually it is in the larger cities that I visit, Madison, Wi or Chicago, but I had one walk town the street in my rural town in front of my house. I wanted so badly to chase after her and say two things. A) You are not alone. B) that skirt is way too short to wear on this cold of day.

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      Kristen Smithly
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      At the bra shop I go to, the SA told me they service a lot of Crossdressers and trans folks as I have written before (her hubby is a cder) I asked for a rough estimate of the number, I said 6,7? she laughed and said said, “oh no, quite a bit more!”. Then I got to thinking, with the Esprit Gala Conference held just a few miles away, and well attended (sans Covid), I can understand why. Must be a lot of us gurls around.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Oh I am sure there are a lot more of us than one thinks. The problem is 90% are closeted and never revealing it. Hopefully that is changing

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      Angela Booth
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      Well what a lovely experience and like any good businesses the customer is king, or in your case, queen! 

      Would you have had the same approach if it were men? I am now at that stage that it doesn’t matter and have servicing engineers or have jobs done and it has always been men who have not batted an eyelid and been very professional. 


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      Clarissa Cross
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      Would have scared the s..t out off me, but anyway sometimes I think what the heck if somebody would show up now then I would be out and everything would probably be OK.

      thank you for sharing the story.

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      Lara Tucker
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      Until a few months ago I thought I was a very, very small minority. It’s comforting to know there are so many of us!


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      Amy Catrelle
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      That makes me wonder how many are living in my area. All of us thinking we’re the only gurl in town…

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