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    My outfit for the first day was the modern Wonder Woman because it had a skirt. That way I could hide my manhood its a family friendly event after all. After the shower, shave and make up I got ready. I put on my WW panties, Danskin shimmery dance tights, and a pair of spandex WW spankies that look like the og WW bottoms. The one piece suit came next I did not need a bra because I had bra inserts I found in a Hobby lobby sewn into it. I put on my wig and zipped up my red boots and out the door I went. While I was walking through the lobby I heard a kid say ”It’s a boy, boys aren’t supposed to dress like girls.” I smiled and kept walking. The lady working the check in desk ran out the door after me giving me a dirty look. I turned and said ”Can I help you?” She said nothing just stood there. I asked “ You want a picture it will last longer?” With that she turned around and went back in. My first stop was the town billboard I set up a tripod and took some pictures. While I was doing that I noticed a picnic table with a couple staring at me I didn’t think anything of it being how I was dressed. On the walk back to the car the Optimus prime rig rode by and honked at me a I waved and got into my car. My next stop was the Hope light Lighthouse, It’s a lighthouse built to honor and fight against cancer. Being a survivor/Warrior stopping by is a must stop every year. The lighthouse had this big american flag on the side so I set up there to take pictures. They came out patriotic like I had hoped My next stop was the event.
    When I arrived at the event I was early and vendors were still setting up so I visited the superman museum. When I came out the event was going on Superman wasn’t at the statues so to kill time I went into the chamber of commerce. It is set up to sell souvenirs, shirts etc as soon as I walked in a little girl yelled”Oh my god its WONDER WOMAN!!!” That surprised me, the girls mom apologized and said her girl has been wanting to meet Wonder Woman and you made her day. I said no need for an apology and that I will take a pic with her if she wanted the kid immediately said yes. When I walked out I saw the optimus prime rig setting up the guy said “Hey didn’t I see you this morning at the billboard “ I said yea you honked at me. He asked if I wanted to pose with Optimus. After modeling with Optimus the guy gave me a tour of the rig showing me the gadgets and telling me how he made it. Across from the rig was a HHR painted aid that it was him and his wife at the billboard this morning. He asked if I wanted to be interviewed for his Youtube channel. I did the interview and he gave me a T-shirt and a coffee mug with his logo on them.( I made it on to his youtube channel). While I was walking down the street I got asked to take many photos from mothers and her kids to bikers. There was 2 kids I say around 11 and 12 said hey wonder woman give me some skin. I knew what was about to happen but played along and yes he jerked his hand away, said to slow and ran off. A teen girl walked by and complimented me on my boots. I got allot of you look great in that costume even got love your cosplay.
    When I would go into shops and they had a wonder woman statue I would get asked to pose with it. Later on in the day the 2 kids showed up and asked are you a guy? I said yes they laffed and ran. I had one girl say you look good in that I said thanks her reply was “OH and you are a guy that makes it even better. Not all was sunshine and roses. I saw some kids and their parents they were all dressed as the 1966 Batman the kids being Batman and robin. I said I like your guys costume and they said thank you. I heard a voice far off say “ I dont know what the fuck that is but I dont want it around children. I turned to see who said it but the bikers I took pictures with were already standing up looking for that guy. He never showed up I think he left when he noticed he pissed of some bikers. I grabbed a bite to eat and relaxed in the shade for a little bit. The 2 kids that’s been chasing me showed up but not full of piss and vinegar like earlier. One asked “Excuse me Wonder Woman my cousin wants to know if you will take a picture with him?” The one that wanted the picture was the boy that did the give me five and asked if I was a guy. I smiled and said of course after the picture he said thanks mister they ran off and I never seen them again. I stopped at my friends booth and sat in the shade for an hour catching up and making new friends. Later I stopped by the local gym for a shirt the gym is called Thor’s gym who wouldn’t want a shirt from there. A young woman there told me it was closed for the wrestling show later the wrestlers were using it. So I talked to her for a little while to later find out she was one of the wrestlers. I had a woman come up to me, said thank you for supporting Metropolis and gave me a wooden rose. Later that day i was sitting on a bench people watching a family walked by and one of the kids(Little kid not even 10) said its a boy boy don’t dress like
    girls. The mom told her you need to apologize. We are an all inclusive family accepting of all etc. I just said m’am no apologies needed i’m doing this for fun and kids will be kids. The event was coming to a close so I left and stopped by a Dollar tree for snacks for the maid staff. I got a picture request from the employees. I made it back to my room and that was the adventures of wonder Woman.

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      Wow what a day! Glad you had a good time and handled the different situations so well taking photos with people and making them smile and part of their day and experience special! Truly amazing Brandi thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience. Where is the event held?

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      Jennifer Connolly
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      Wow, you are truly Wonder Woman.  I’d have run off crying back to my car to go back home after the first child and mother gave you a hard time.  But, Wonder Woman did it over and over again.  That’s amazing. You are incredible!

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      Michelle Davis
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      Hi Brandie,

      Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I know it’s something you look forward to each year.



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