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    Candace Baci
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    About a week ago or so I wrote about my close experience with an old high school friend at a Dunkin Donuts. Well for some bold reason I took the chance and called him ( Jeff) to meet up again for coffee. He said yes , definitely and he suggested he bring coffee and we park at a beach sit in his car and chat. I know I should have kept it to a public place but something about me knowing him made me not feel concerned.

    I wanted to look good for him but not give him the wrong idea so I went somewhat conservative with  my royal blue sweater dress, black pantyhose and royal blue heels. It’s funny cause I guess he wasn’t looking to impress me because he had on a pair of sweatpants and hooded sweatshirt (lol).

    Anyway when I got into his car he said I looked nice and once again couldn’t get over how familiar I looked, but I quickly got him off topic. We chatted about things him mainly about his past I guess for some reason he felt comfortable doing so with me which made me feel good . We laughed a few times and I really enjoyed once again the feeling of being a woman . After about a about an 1 1/2 hours he said he really would like to chat more but he had to be on his way because he was going to visit his granddaughter ( how sweet). He asked if he can see me again and I said of course, once again he asked if he could give me a kiss on my cheek and I obliged and it went no further nor at this point or time would I permit. He was the perfect gentleman and once again just the feeling of being with a man and being acknowledged as a women was all I needed to make me feel whole that evening.

    It was a wonderfully comfortable night of conversation and such and I am not even thinking twice about not accepting another chat session with Jeff again for I hope I am becoming a good lady friend too him.

    Amy thoughts id love to hear from my girls !!!


    Hugs and Kisses


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      Candace Baci
      Registered On: October 19, 2020
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      So I called Jeff last night to tell him I’d like to meet him for coffee tomorrow to discuss something with him. I want to tell him that it’s best we don’t see each other any longer. When I told him I wanted to talk he said great because he wanted to talk to me as well about something.

      I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous about what he wants to tell me but I believe it’s only the right thing to do and talk to him in person?





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      Mandy Wife
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      Have you come out to your wife now Candace and is she OK with you meeting up with Jeff? – sorry if I missed that you spoke to her but I remember you were struggling to tell her and I think she would be extremely hurt by this if you have not had that conversation.

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      Linda Burton
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      He’s married.
      I’m assuming that he doesn’t know this young lady he likes is you.

      He’s married…. Don’t be the one the break up a marriage.

      He doesn’t know it’s you…. He might not be impressed when he finds out.  There is a strong possibility of violence, let alone outing you.

      I think you already know what to do…. Stay away!


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      I have to say. Just watch what your getting yourself onto. I know you have heard it but just think about the what ifs. Yes it is fine for now but what will happen if he finds out. He could turn and out you to all ypur friends. He could get upset and harm you.


      Too much ifs could happen. As good as it seems sometimes it is best to just walk away. Then again it could turn the opposite way. Just be careful.



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      Vecca Senn
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      Good for you!

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