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    I’m sure I’m not the only girl on here that has an alter ego and a whole made up story behind it. I have created a new persona for Sky. I have set up an Instagram account, hangout account and an email that just Sky uses. I have been chatting with 2 different people through hangouts that I met while playing Words With Friends. One male and one female. But we have been exchanging pictures and stories. Both of them tell me how beautiful I am. I really don’t think they know in not a women. It is amazing and such a confdence booster. And I told both of them that Sky is a 50 year old divorced woman with one adult son. I told them I’m a lesbian and live with my girlfriend and am a car saleswoman at a Ford dealership. I feel a little guilty for lying to them about who I really am. But they both accepted Sky, and it’s fun and exciting to be able to live a whole different life that I created. I don’t think I will hurt them by doing this as they are both in foreign countries and I’m sure that they are really just want a friendship. So I am going to be Sky to them and enjoy being her more often in this fantasy world. It’s really fun and exciting. Do you girls think that I’m being mean by lying to them?

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      I just wanted to thank all of you girls for the thoughts on my alter ego. After reading your comments I decided that I was being very deceitful. I came clean to both of the people I was toying with. They both were not too happy. Lesson learned. I will just be honest up front. If I was out of the closet I would not feel the need to have this alter ego. I really need to pull up my big girl thong and open that closet door. I’m close, very close. I keep hoping that I will accidentally leave some makeup out or someone will see one of my pictures online. Keep hoping. 💄💓❤️

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      Angela Booth
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      It’s like putting a fake profile on a dating site. Is it illegal or a deception? It could come back and bite you in some way but your game partners are there to play a game and interact. What they see is what they get. If they had doubts and asked would you come clean?

      Yes it isn’t entirely true and, as there is no criminal intent , there is no harm in what you do. I would also add that are your friends actually putting their real names and profiles on the site? 



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      Regine Kelly
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      Hi Sky, interesting post.
      I believe in complete honesty, and let the chips fall where they may.
      That being said, to most of the world, I am him, but in my personal relationships, Im Regi all the way. However, this site is my only social interaction, so its pretty easy to just be me, lol.
      If you are being deceitful, for that is what it is, I would consider using Tor, or Brave, as a browser, as both are safe from bleeding one to the other identities, and Tor is encrypted, so a little extra privacy. I would also consider a good VPN, takes care of the IP address.
      Hugs, Regi👸💖

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      Hello Sky,

      I love the name, by the way.

      Just a word of warning. What about your primary identity?

      Do ‘you’ and Sky share the same computer? Use the same ISP address? Even used the same internet browser such as chrome? Use the same phone number as a recover address or a basic ID factor for each separate account? The list could go on. A determined / tech savvy person could link these two identities.

      Do you log on Facebook as both yourself and Sky? If so have you attended to your privacy settings so that one doesn’t bleed Sky’s friends into your friends?

      You see what I’m getting at? It’s very difficult to have a truly safe second identity. It depends on how bothered you are and how technologically wised up you are.

      Me, I’m past the point of worrying too much, but there again, I have nothing much to worry about. But I do have a secondary ‘throw away’ email for my Marti activities. If I’m outed because I was careless with my secondary email account then so be it.

      Happy thoughts, lol. I’m not saying this to make you feel paranoid, just to check that you understand the pitfalls of maintaining false identities.

      Marti xxx

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        Lacy Satin
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        I think keeping our second identity totally secrete this day in age is not possible.

        I’ve thought of doing a full background check on myself to see if any of my feminine identities show up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

        I never intend to try to get security clearance or run for public office, so I really don’t care.

        If someone really wants to dig that deep into my life, then let them. I don’t think finding out that I am a crossdresser makes me a bad person.

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      Aurora Eden
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      Hello Sky,

      As exciting as it must be… and I know that it must… you have to think of the fabled tangled web.

      Being no saint myself, I have got myself tangled up in such a web before and each time ended up backed into a corner.

      I am always being advised to be honest with my friends regarding who I am and I am told that if they truly are friends, then they will still be there for me after such a revelation.

      Would you feel even more like Sky if you told your online friends your real situation and that you would really like to be regarded as female?

      Just my thoughts on it.



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      Cassie Jayson
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      Sky, it sound like fun to make a new fantisy persona. I can see so many ways things like that can go south very fast. If you do keep perspective and hang back it/you might be ok
      As for me I have difficulty doing anything like that. I have been here at CDH over 2 years now, and everything I have posted about myself is 100% true. Includes having my hair colored twice now (first time in Des Moines), walking our local mall while in fem, getting new long acrylic nails and showing them off at work. I have come a long way having been here for 2 years, having gone from just thinking of myself as only a CD to wishing I could at least ‘socially transition’.
      I hope you will be as honest with all of us here as possible. That way we can help you on your journey and you can help others also.

      . . .Cassie

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