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    Araminta Purdy
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    On my reddit page I keep getting invitations to be the abject sissy to some great goddess. I believe that it is a new con trolling through certain sites, maybe even this one, to find someone to send them money for ‘training’ or ‘registration’. I am genuinely interested in how this works, what information might be illuminating, the motives (like extreme poverty) that drove them to this expedients.But they vanish before I can even begin a decent conversation. For example:

    goddessclara129 [There’s 129 of them???]:


    Araminta71 [There are not 71 of me. Just the one, which works out well for everybody. That was my age, my salad days, I was so much greener then]:

    “Hello Clara! How are you? – Araminta.


    are you Submissive [THAT’S upper case???] or willing to be??

    Araminta 71:

    “I am not a submissive. I am a male that likes to be feminine, pliant, receptive, etc. but dominance has no place in sex. I do not mind a little consensual role play so long as it does not become harmful or filled with animosity. Why do you ask?


    They never call back.



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      Haley Ann
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      Oh my, I am in that type of relationship with my manfriend Steve. I’d love to answer your questions…how, why, etc.  I am pretty open, but PM me if you would like any specifics.


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        Araminta Purdy
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        Wow! Thanks Haley that is extremely kind! Actually I admit that BDSM perplexes me in some aspects but I can empathize to some degree and even see rationality, a whole, complete ethos and sort of formalities creating an actually sophisticated culture. It’s more that I am a romantic and prefer the ‘softer’ nature of intimacy. Again, if the opportunity to participate arose, I might be tempted but only in a very limited way.

        Rather my line of query would be why ‘goddess’ was doing what she [???] was doing in such a cloddish and suspect manner. I mean, why? The first answer that occurs to me is because it works. There are that many cross-dressing males out there to make profitable trolling them to fulfill their most intimate needs is startling. But I forget that you are probably more conversant in these matters and were not, as I was, a bit startled.

        But as to your offer of information. I am a bit shy to ask questions and I am not sure where to start. On the other hand, I am always willing to learn more and would receive any communication with pleasure.

        And say, “Hi!”, to lucky Steve.


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