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    Leah Santini
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    Just wanted to share a wonderful experience with the Pink Fog, which has been discussed a lot in this forum.

    My wife left on a trip to visit her sisters for about 10 days. The first day I spent doing chores and errands and staying up way too late watching old movies. Then, the Pink Fog hit, and hit me HARD!

    I went to bed the first night in a nightgown and sleep forms, and a nice wig I use to sleep in, as it stays on my head all night.

    The next day I was in full Girl Mode; bra and forms, V-Panties and regular panties, leggings, girl sneakers, nice top, wig, jewelry and lipstick.

    Now I had to walk the dog, so all I did was take of the wig and earrings and change my sneakers. It was cool in the morning so I put on a windbreaker which hid the forms. I even said Hi to several neighbors who did not suspect a thing.

    Once back inside got back into full girl mode again and stayed that way all day and into the night, changing into a blouse and leather pants for dinner.

    Nightgown and sleep forms again, then today, more of the same. I have on a top and Jeans, wig, bra and forms, jewelry, lipstick, and white ankle booties.

    I am using what’s called a V-panty. That’s a silicone bikini style panty with shall we say, realistic exterior and and interior mechanism to allow for urination. It also functions as a Gaff to hide certain parts. What was unexpected was how comfortable it is, and how it really allows me to get as close to being a full female in that part of the woods. I may try to wear it to bed tonight!

    Hope I haven’t grossed anyone out, but I really got my “girl” on today and am enjoying it immensely!

    Unfortunately, the next two days require me to be in full guy mode, but come Tuesday it’s back to Girl Time!

    Will post follow-ups as things progress!


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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Everything is so much better under the spell of the pink fog. Never get enough of it. When it sets in I am in 100 percent girl mode.

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      Wendie Cross
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      Some girls, like me, go into the pink fog and never come back

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      Stephie Terrill
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      NEVER enough girl time for us! Please enjoy every second of your week-long pink fog! The thrill of waking up en femme! Ooooo!

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      Jamie Beams
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      Being a closet dresser. I have a love hate relationship with the pink fog.

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      Registered On: March 22, 2022
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      It is so great when we can just let go and be gurly. I love those extended opportunities, maybe more than a real vacation. Dani can be herself and relax and enjoy the pink fog.

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      Leah Santini
      Registered On: January 5, 2018
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      Update 2:

      Hope you all aren’t getting tired of hearing me describe my adventures, but I just need to share what fun I’m having!

      I have been sleeping in my Aphrodite forms each night, which are sleep safe. Yesterday I left them on, took a shower in them, then did some errands and walked the dog wearing a loose windbreaker to hide the forms. I found a pair of spanx faux leather leggings on line at Target, so I quickly bought them then ran over and picked them up. After lunch I got fully dressed in the spanx leggings, forms and hip/butt pads, my v-panty, a tank top, wig, keds sneakers, red wig and lipstick, with jewelry, and went shopping! The spanx leggings looked great, although they are quite snug! They smoothed out any seams from the pads and the cincher. I picked up a nice apres swim sleeveless dress white with navy blue stripes, and a burgundy women’s adidas warm up jacket. I wandered around several stores, checking out dresses and tops and accessories. I spent the rest of the day in Full Leah Mode, went to bed in the forms, v-panty and nightgown, then this morning got up and showered and got fully dressed again in jeans leggings, a t-shirt, v-panties and wig, with jewelry. From yesterday afternoon on, I did not think about being a cross dresser. I was just a regular woman going about her business, doing daily errands and chores. It felt so natural, so relaxed, so ME!

      While transitioning isn’t in the cards for me and I’m happy with my male side and life, I’ve come to really appreciate and cherish my Leah time.

      Thanks for listening!


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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Miss Leah what a wonderful time it must have been and girl it can never be over the top  when you get your girl on he he .. enjoy every moment you get .. As my wife is so supportive i can dress anytime with her at home she even suggests Stephanie come over many times on the weekends when we are alone .. I havent tried the V panties but have looked and and thought about them many times .. Just be you girlfriend and enjoy the pink fog anytime you have the oppertunity to be Leah ..


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      Leah Santini
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      Follow up!

      Wife still on her trip. I had to be in Guy mode both Sunday and Monday for various reasons.

      Went to bed Sunday night in sleep forms and sleep wig and nightgown and v-panty. Woke up at 1:10 AM, don’t know why. Laid there thinking of another drab day ahead, and thinking of a new outfit I can build when I get a chance.

      It hit me that
      1. I was alone except for the Dog
      2. I was awake
      3. I didn’t have to get up early.
      4. The shades were closed

      So, I bounced out of bed and 15 minutes later I was admiring myself in my full length mirror, dressed in a black sleeveless top, black leather mini skater skirt, long red wig, red lipstick, and my three inch stiletto heels!

      I tried various poses and snapped a few selfies (not up to my usual standards so I’m not posting them; sorry ladies!) then went down to the living room (located at the back of the house with a nice privacy fence in the back yard, so no neighbors peeking) and sat around for a few minutes, just enjoying the feeling of being fully dressed!

      Finally around 2:30 I decided I really did need to get some sleep so I reluctantly got back into guy mode and put everything away.

      Slept till 7 and woke up feeling very pleased with myself!

      Okay, so was I over the top on this, or just taking advantage of circumstances?


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        Roberta Broussard
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        Frankly it sounded like a wonderful time. I am up early most every day. Although I don’t wear femm outer clothes at home. I will most always get underdressed with forms and pads every morning. I often will take my coffee out to the screened gazebo in my back yard and just sit to enjoy the early morning sounds. I will usually come in a little after daylight.

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      Kerri Smith
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      So happy you are immersed in the pink fog.  I enjoy it myself occasionally.  Your choice of underwater sounds  interesting.  Makes me feel like changing into something more comfortable too.


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      Amber Marie Monroe
      Registered On: February 22, 2023
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      That is more fun than a human should be allowed. Lol

      Yea that Pink Fog can put one self on a whole different level.



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      Venus Envy
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      How luxurious!
      Envious, of course but glad for you.

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