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    Cassie Jayson
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    As I noted on a couple other posts here I am semi out at work. Have told at least 6 people at work and showed Cassie to at least 3 of them. I have my nails painted most of the time and wearing small hoop earrings most of the time. Today I asked a co-worker about her long blue nails, she said she was sad, she lost one yesterday. I told her I was on-line looking at nails, wondering what I will do next ( right now my nails are pink and short).
    For me that is one of the great things about my painted nails, it gives me an in to talk girly thing with the GG’s with out looking like some kind of creep. It gets to be so much fun talking nail colors, earrings, hair styles and more with someone who should be familar with all this.

    . Cassie

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      J J
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      Those interaction can be very emboldening, or frightening. I once walked into a lingerie shop with painted nails, probably my first time out in public. The greeter immediately zoned in on my nails and commented on the lovely color, et cetera. We had a short conversation and I was over the moon in happiness.

      Another time I was eyeing some lingerie in an American Apparel store when  a young, male SA came over and asked if I would like to try something on. I never tried on things in-store before, panicked and left. I was so disappointed in myself for missing the opportunity that I went back a few days later and summoned up the nerve to try on lingerie. It was great, the SAs were great, but alas the SA for before was not there. I have been trying on my lingerie and dresses ever since.

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        Cassie Jayson
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        Good for you. Sometimes it takes a little time to work up the courage.

        . Cassie

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      Patty Phose
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      When I first began going out dressed. I got a little bolder each time I went out. A big deal for me was to buy pantyhose while femme and wearing pantyhose. I had done it hundreds of times in guy mode. No big deal, but in femme mode it was scary but exciting.

      My first buy was scary. I was lurking around the pantyhose display until there was no one or just a few people on line. I thought I had the right moment but as I was walking to the register with my pantyhose, a couple of people who were closer got on line before me. I almost chickened out but got on line. People started getting on line behind me. My escape routes were cut off. I was shaking and sweating but I managed to get through it. I paid for my pantyhose and left. What a relief and what a thrill.

      Then several pantyhose buys later, I was in a store picking out pantyhose. A girl told me I had nice legs and asked if the pantyhose I was buying was what I was wearing. I panicked. I put down the pantyhose and hurried off. After having a few days tho think about what happened, I went back to the store and bought the pantyhose I left behind. I was hoping for another interaction but didn’t get any that day.

      I began getting bolder, taking more time when shopping, I began riding escalators and climbing stairs to show off my legs better. I was seeking attention and interaction. Then it finally happened. I was standing in a cashier line buying more pantyhose. A woman behind me told me I had really great legs and she really loved my shoes. My heart leapt. I felt panic rushing in. I contained myself. I turned, thanked her and told her I think my legs look so much better in pantyhose. She could see I was holding several packages of pantyhose. She told me if she had legs like mine she would be wearing pantyhose with little shorts and heels too. I thanked her, paid for my pantyhose and left. WOW! What and incredible thrill and rush.

      I got bolder and bolder in my out in public adventures, looking for more interactions. For the most part I loved it when they occurred. I got to talk about girly things with girls. What amazing experiences most of them were.

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      Angela Booth
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      Those interactions are so wonderful in confirming your true self. In time it will become natural and some may raise your eyebrows as you enter into the world of girl talk..

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      Good for you Cassie! I love having my nails done. I usually get a pink base with French tips using dip powder. I have found that conservations with females start easily when I have my nails done. I also have pierced ears and I’m never without earrings.

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      when I first started wearing nails I just used press on nails and they would usually pop off about two days after I put them on. My wife has done her own nails with gel and acrylic for years and one day while I was sitting at the house I pulled out her stuff and did my own nails. I have done my nails about 5 times since then and now I just leave them on. I have to wear clear nail polish during the week. As soon as I get home on Friday nights I sit down, pick out a color and paint them for the weekend. I also love having my nails done, it is such a conversation starter. I have been complimented on my nails more than anything. I wish I could just leave them painted all the time but work policy says I can only wear clear so that is what I do. Maybe one day I will just keep them painted.

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      Eileen Bach
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      Is there a reason Cassie isn’t full time at work?

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        Cassie Jayson
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        Yup, I am a letter carrier (mail man) and it is to much work to go out as full Cassie. At part time job at Torrid everyone only knows me as Cassie.

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          Ginger Snap
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          Yes as retired letter carrier that takes alot in itself. As Torrid shopper that would be a dream job. Nice to know another carrier is CDing. Stay safe.
          Hugs Ginger

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Cassie good going for you girl you are gaining ground into your girly world so happy for you ..


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