Another ‘is it just me’ question…

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    So…. I enjoy posing so as to see up my skirt or dress. Little secret glimpses of thigh and lingerie that I so enjoyed from ladies when younger. More exciting whilst wearing a longer style…..

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     Nancy Gamms 
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    It is amazing how much thigh shows when you are wearing an above the knee skirt with a slit in the back when you are walking up stairs.  I did this in a hotel lobby and there was a mirror where I could see the desk clerk just staring.

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     Olivia Faye Marie 
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    I like an angle to show off my cleavage. I worked hard to get that you know what i mean?


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     rebekka moore 
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    Love that, do that too!

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    Thanks for the replies! I don’t out in public: my glimpsing moments are at home using mirrors, sometimes a little video on the iPad. As I’ve detailed elsewhere, my fascination with femme attire began with such glimpses when young: my Mothers friends, my older sis in laws: (I was younger by a margin than my bros.) Legs crossing and subsequent skirt or dress arrangement, slightly parted knees to reveal briefly or sometimes more lingeringly to show that delicious panty triangle…. yes, a lifelong memory that I can replicate myself.

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     fiona moss 
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    Hi Jade, yes Fiona is guilty of that too! you are not alone! Serves her right for wearing too short a skirt! 🙂

    Fiona xxx

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    Hello Jade,           I am like you as well,  little glimpses of knickers under a short dress is lovely. I will pose in front of a mirror & see myself showing knickers, it is great fun. Unlike Janine, I do not go out in public dressed up, so I cannot show  glimpses of anything, let along my knickers. Anyway Jade kept posing in dresses/skirts & enjoy yourself.

    love,  Helenmarie

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    Hi Jade
    You can count me in as well as you.
    I really enjoy given little glimpses of my panties the same as you.
    I find its easy to show a little more of myself then I have to when I’m getting in or out of my car
    Also in a restaurant sitting in a booth it’s really easy to let someone get a quick peek as I’m getting up
    But the best way I’ve learned is on a escalator wearing a short skirt. It’s almost impossible for whoever is behind
    me not to notice what color panties I’m wearing
    So Jade you’re not alone wanting to give a quick peek up your dress or skirt.
    I’m sure that there’s more of us that enjoy doing it

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