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    Sarah Wells
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    I’m Sarah from California. I’m mid-50s and have been cross dressing since the age of 12. The wife knows but is neither for nor against and would rather not be involved – somewhat typical story.

    These days I try to focus on a feminine mental self image rather. Does anyone else dream as a woman?

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    Hi Jillian,

    This is fascinating question that Sarah posed.

    I am going start ttying to remember my dreams and take notes


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    Hi Sarah, interesting comment. I know that when I am out and about even if only dressed as male. People perceive me as female. Never thought about if I dream as a female. I’ll bet that I do. My waking hours seem mostly female.

     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 
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    Hi Sarah! Welcome to CDH! I am sure you will find out site informative and all the girls helpful. I have never dreamed about being a woman, that I can remember.

    Lady Veronica

     Lucinda Hawkns 
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    hello Sarah  and welcome to C.D.H. i dream of being a female every day. just thinking of being a female makes me want to dress up and who cares who sees me, but society and family is a tough thing to talk about. even tho wife knows and lets me dress up when 2 adult kids are out.  i am 54 and have been x dressing for many years now. started when i was about 12 , school play, had to wear tights i was hooked. now that i excepted my fem side i have a collection of female clothing and jewelry, make up and nylons, perfume, panties, bras and wife knows of my collection.    nice to meet you

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     Jillian M. 
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    Hi Sarah,

    I also dream in girl from time to time. Those dreams seem to be the ones I remember. They tend to be more vivid, brighter somehow. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something


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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Hi Sarah   very nice to meet you. You ask dreaming as a woman pretty well all the time .when responsible’s take over in everyday life I’m always in thought about doing things as say  as a woman but too  be more at  easy , a softer and sensible way. The true feel of femininity I feel being a woman is so satisfying let’s save if  I was much younger I could really be thinking about transitioning. Although being here and now enjoying these experiences definitely is emotionally satisfying. Love having you among our sisterhood. Chat anytime. 🌹

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