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      Good evening ladies ,

      Today was a great day for me as I can mark another idea off my buckets list. Yes I’ve been out shopping fully dressed but mostly in strip malls. I’ve been talking with my wife about going to the town centre a few towns over. I booked the last few days off work and I had the opportunity to dress and go out so when I mentioned it this morning and my wife said “ yes you should do it”. We discussed about getting partially ready , packing my wig, breastforms and boots in a bag and finish getting ready once I got there. Showered , shaved , did my makeup ( which is actually coming alone I find), picked out what I would wear and started getting ready. To make sure I liked the look I was going with I put my forms in, put on my wig, then jacket , scarf and a torque as it was freezing today and I like the look of it. My wife then asked why I was fully done and I explained to her that I was just checking the look before having to finish in the car. Once she took a look at me she just “ oh just go straight to the car and go like that , don’t bother taking it off now.” Put on my black boots and took one last look in the mirror and said “here goes nothing”  and left. Starter the car and heading for the highway. Yes it’s 2 towns over but only maybe a 20 minute drive. I pulled into the parking lot and found a spot in park. One last check in mirror, grab my purse and went on my way. Feeling nervous of course but once I entered the door and started walking down the hall and listening to the sound of my heels while walking was music to my ears. Lol. First stop was a shop I use a lot at the one near me. The sales associate approached me and asked if I needed any help and told me about the sales that were on. I thanked her and started shopping around the store. I found a nice pink sweater and two necklaces. Went up to pay and the sales lady was  super with me. After talking a bit she thought is was great that I was out enjoying myself . I thanked her and she took a photo for me inside the store. Told me to come back anytime and see her. Made me feel Ike I was doing something right.  Lol. I walked the whole mall going in and out of many stores, tried on some heels at a shop but nothing that for the money I would pick up unless I needed them. The feeling the was coming over me while I walked around was amazing, proud of myself for finally doing it , thankful for my wife to encourage the trip, the acceptance of all the sales associates. Not at anytime did I feel like someone  took a double take or smirk as I walked by and I feel I was seen as a woman out shopping.  Then to top things off i sent a couple pics to my wife and sister in law and there responses were all positive. My wife almost brought a tear to my eye when she said I looked great and she wouldn’t recognize me if I walked right by her.  And I looked like a woman and not a man. To hear those words coming out of her mouth was very heartfelt.  Anyways ladies sorry for rambling on but I had to let you all know about my day. Thank you all



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      First off congratulations on your advancement!  It’s an awesome feeling to finally get out and just bet you.  It’s scary no doubt but as time goes on you realize that most people will not care and just let you go about your way.   So happy for you…the seal is broken off the lid…so what’s next???



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        Thanks Carole, right absolutely right about no one caring or at least it seemed that way to me. Up next a trip with wife and sister in law for shopping and dinner.

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      Thanks for sharing your amazing day that is wonderful your encouraging wife the sales associate and then the comments from your wife of your photo. Makes me smile I am happy for you Ashley sounds like a great day!

      Hugs April

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        Thank you April, it made me smile and I’m still smiling . A great day and a huge step for me.

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      Connie Wittnee
      Baroness - Annual

      Rambling? Oh noooo! Describing in a wonderfully scribes account. Consideration, some hesitation, determination, applications. How special and uncommon support by your wife❤️! Excellent customer service and encouragement by the sales associate, even taking your picture! Thank you for sharing your bucket list check off experiences.

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        Thank you Connie, it was a fabulous day and one I won’t forget.

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      Ashley –

      How nice for you to be encouraged by your wife and then to have such a lovely interacgion with the sales associate.  Hope you get to experience that again soon.  Maybe next time you can have the wife go with you.


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        She yes has been amazing lately with my crossdressing and really I’ve never had a bad experience with any sales associates hun. Funny you say that as my wife and sister in law have talked about going away for a shopping trip together.  They want to shop during day , go back to hotel to change for dinner and maybe a drag show for a night out with Ashley.

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          Ashley –

          That sounds like a wonderful trip to go shopping with your wife and sister-in-law.  A fun girls weekend.  You are one lucky lady to have 2 understanding GG’s in your life.  You’ll need to share about your trip when it happens.


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            I will definitely share that story when it happens hun.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      Isn’t it wonderful being out just doing normal things but a as woman

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        It’s simply amazing Roberta. Felt like I was supposed to be doing it.

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      Love the post hon. See how easy that was? It just gets better from here. Now take the wife to dinner!

      hugs, Jillleanne

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        Thank you Jill, it gets better with every experience I find. Dinner sounds nice also.

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us! What an amazing day! Congratulations on such a supportive wife, and sister in law!

      I’m so happy for you!


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        Thanks very much Lara, it was amazing and I’m very lucky to have them both supporting my cding.

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      Congratulations on a great outing and on having a loving and supportive wife!

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        Thank you Kim, yes I’m very lucky to have her on board.

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      Patty Phose

      What a fantastic and wonderful outing. Congratulations.

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        Thank you Patty. It was an amazing experience.

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          Patty Phose

          I’ve had those experiences. There’s nothing like them. Many times I was quite nervous and it was pretty scary, but such an amazing thrill and rush. I wish you many more of them.

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Oh Ashley, how wonderful your day was and with all the support and encouragement from your wife and sister in law. Would love to see the picture the sales clerk took of you, I bet you’re all smiles.


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        Thank you Sherri , I’m still on a bit of a high when I think about the fact that I actually did it. Lol. Such a great feeling. Yes the support has been great.  I may post the pic also.

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      Angela Booth

      Lovely experience Ashley and so normal. You are one lucky lady and hope more gets ticked off from the list. Happy days to come…

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        Yes Angela it was a lovely day. I hoping for more from the list also.

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      Hi Ashley,

      Sounds like an amazing day out dressed! I have had similar experiences and they are amazing as well! I love the click clack of my heels on the mall tile floors, the self reflection in the glass displays, the overall feeling of the clothes, and of course the shopping if you find something to add to the stash. I’ve had great experiences with SA’s in the stores as well. I did have some teenage girls giggle once, as I think they made me, but I just smiled at them, while everyone else either did not pay attention or just nodded and moved on. Congratulations on a fantastic and exciting outing!!! You go girl!


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      That’s great Ashley!!

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Thanks for filling us in on your wonderful outing Ashley. So exciting and thrilling to be out dressed, isn’t it?


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      Cassie Jayson

      So happy for you, Ashley. It is wonderful to be out dressed in full fem mode and be accepted as another woman. OR if they see you as a CD being accepted as another person just out being themselves.
      I know, I just got off work at Torrid and it is just SO SUPER to have co-workers and customers accept you as just another woman.

      ,. Cassie

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      I am so happy for you 💗. It is a great feeling to get over that first hurdle.



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        Thank you Tommie. The feeling is absolutely amazing and I’ve being out while guy dressed as a woman.

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      Dear Ashley,

      Congratulations. This past Christmas,  I walked around my local shopping mall as Michelle.

      I still haven’t been out in my wig and had any makeup on but I still had a lot of fun doing it. I didn’t get any strange looks and if I did, I would just smile directly back and they would get embarrassed.

      I went to a couple of clothing stores and all of the sales associates/girls were great. I was looking for some winter boots so I went to a couple of stores to see what they had and eventually ended up at a store and tried on a couple of pairs. The girls (and, if I remember, a customer) gave me their opinions and I eventually bought a nice pair. I went into a Sephora. I remember that it was super busy and I was a little reluctant to go in but I did anyways. After walking around a bit, a really nice sales girl was eager to help me. We talked about different makeup. I told her that I haven’t played around with much makeup so she was showing me some nice starter makeup for me to try. Once again, she treated me like one of the girls.

      I can’t get out very much lately so when I am going to be able to, I am going to take advantage and have lots of fun.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Hugs and kisses,

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        Thanks Michelle, sounds like a fun day for you as well.

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        J J

        That all sounds great, and good encouragement for another trip. Next time at Sephora, have the SA help with some make up i  store…it can be quite fun.

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      That sounds like a lot of fun! My cousin and I are planning a shopping trip for my wife’s birthday and I’m going to dress for it. Love hearing stories like this!

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        Please share yours after the adventure.

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          I certainly will! Aside from dressing for Halloween when I was 18, this would be my first time going out in public

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            Awesome good for you Im sure your beginning to feel excited and anxious enjoy your day with your cousin. Look forward to hearing from you after your fun.

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