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      I didn’t want to hijack Katherine’s thread about what to wear when getting a pedicure, hence this thread.  It seems most agree that wearing open toe footwear of one kind or another is necessary so as not to damage the pedicure.  My question is:  How long does it take for the polish to dry to the point it won’t be damaged by wearing closed shoes or socks.  The reason I ask is if I’m in drab mode and want to get a pedi, I may want to go shopping afterwards without letting the entire world know I just had pink polish put on my toenails. And, yes, pink is my color of choice for my toes unless I decide to go for red.

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      Your salon can answer that question bet but my experience is you can wear what ever if you get gel polish. I usually wear flip-flops when I get anything on my toes, color or clear.

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      Liz K
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      I’ve been getting gel pedicures for several years.  It’s superior to polish.  Richer colors.  Higher gloss.  Scratch resistant.  Durable.  Gel is cured with a UV lamp.  Each coat needs 30 seconds.  Once cured, it’s impervious to pretty much anything you might throw at it.  My salon uses Luxe Professional Gel.


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      I can’t really answer the question, but I know from experience with my fingers that it takes a long time for the polish to really cure, not just dry on the top. This is why I don’t usually wear polish on my fingers; I don’t have the time for them to cure all the way to the base. The polish will slide and create a wrinkled mess on top if not fully cured.

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      Like Emily said gel cures right away so you will have no issues but it’s harder to get off on your own.  If it’s regular polish some salons put you under fans so it helps them dry plus there is a spray that also helps them dry faster.  If it’s regular polish I would give in an hour

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      I agree Gel drys faster and last longer however it takes effort to remove compared to regular polish. My experience is regular takes at least an hour to dry with sprays and fans to be safe and mess it up call the salon or ask usually around 2 hours. I have wrecked a good polish by putting my socks and shoes back on in man mode in about 45 minutes of completion. Even did a late night pedi with polish in Las Vegas and messed it up in bed with moving my feet around. If you want it to look nice give it time before you cover it.

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      I get gel when I get my toes done.  They use a UV lamp to dry it and let it set.  When they are finished I am able to put my socks and shoes back on and have never had an issue with messing them up.  They are hard to take off at home but it is doable.  My wife has taken mine off a couple times, all you need is acetone and a dremel, much like they do in the salon.  Like you I am in stealth mode when in public.


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      Does your salon have the lights to help dry them faster?  I normally wear a slide or flip flop when getting a colour or French on them.

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      Staci Gal

      Heather…  I will approach you question from a different angle.  Why are you hesitant to show off your newly pedicured pink toes?  I like the pink shades for my toes and show them off all the time.

      I have been painting my toes for about 6 years, and prefer the pinks, reds and blues.  I am also a sandal gal and am wearing sandals about 99% of the time.

      Showing off my painted toes has never been “problem” I have gotten a few positive comments but mostly no one even notices.  Friends and family don’t care either.  And, I like looking down at my painted toes!!   Makes me feel good.

      I have never gotten a pedicure while dressed, but alway go looking very androgynous.

      So, for you next pedicure, wear sandals, and then get out and show off the beautiful pedicure, it’s fun.


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      Easy solution – go to the pedi wearing flip flops but bring a pair of closed toe shoes with you. Your toes will be dry by the time you pay and get back to your car. It will be safe to put your other shoes on then.

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      My salon uses “Dazzle Dry” products. It’s a fairly high-end salon, so I don’t know if the cost is just for the polish.
      Their polish really is “put your shoes and socks back on” dry in 15 minutes after top coat. (And manicure is reach into your bag/pocket to get your keys safe.) But now I don’t bother. Support socks are just a pain to put on, so I’ve been letting toes shine in my birkenstocks afterwards.

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