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      Hi ladies!

      I’ve noticed over the last few years that bras are being seen more and more often. Not just showing through a blouse, but being worn as outwear, being worn under a top that is open, and so on. Women, real women that is, seem to have a different perception of bras than previous generations did.

      So my question for you is, do you consider bras to be a fashion accessory so that they’re out in the open on display, or are the lingerie and should be kept somewhat hidden?

      I’m somewhere in the middle. Yes, I’m a bit older, so I was raised that a woman does not show her bra through the fabric of her dress or blouse. That means if I’m wearing a fairly see-through blouse or top, I might wear a camisole under it to cover up my bra straps or cups from showing through the fabric. But then on the other hand, bras have become much, much nicer than they used to be, and some are indistinguishable from bikini tops, so maybe it is okay to show them, or at least some part of them.

      So…, what’s your opinion?



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      I thinkthat a bra is underwear and shouldnt be flaunted.
      I understand that many younger women want to show off, butthe fact is its a bit edgey and can be taken as a signal that a girl or woman is on the available side.
      Thats my take on it. Regards, Aurora B.

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      I think bras could be a fashion accessory.  They cover your breasts as well as a bikini top does, and some are quite pretty.


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      “So my question for you is, do you consider bras to be a fashion accessory so that they’re out in the open on display, or are they lingerie and should be kept somewhat hidden?”

      Yes! After all, lingerie is, as are other articles of clothing, elements of fashion and, just as are some other articles of clothing, are sometimes best not seen.


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      I am at, and seen as, an age where it would not be very appropriate to show off my bra, therefore I am like Holly and will wear a camisole if necessary.

      hugs girls,

      Lauren M

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      Bras have always been lingerie to me and I’ve never worn one as a fashion accessory nor would I even if I wasn’t closeted.

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      Bralets or other super-short crop-tops are awesome, but usually need flat abs to pull off. Showing bra in public here is a big nough-nough.

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      While technically ‘anything goes’ in the world of fashion, any woman wearing a bra as if it was a bikini top could be seen as being provocative. Or perhaps absent-minded. x

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      All depends, a low cut blouse, I want my lacy bra to be seen. A botton down shirt tied at the waist, my bralette is center of attention. The reason my bras must match my panties is the lingerie factor.  I always try to hint to the onlooker what I’m wearing. a Strap on the shoulder, lace peeking out. Seduction, starts how sexy I feel. I attempt to make sweatpants lingerie.

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      Definitely a Cover (-up) Girl here.  Even if it shows through the V neck I’ll usually put on a cami unless the part showing looks like a cami or a modesty panel for the outfit.  But because of today’s attitudes, although I try to keep the strap covered, I won’t get too upset if I’m wearing a tank top and there is movement of the top that causes the strap to show.

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      I’m okay if it’s seen under a thin blouse or tee shirt. As far as outer wear, I don’t think so.

      I know the younger girls, cis and trans, think it’s cool. For me, I don’t think so.


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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      I think a little bra showing, under a sheer top, does add to the look of the outfit. However, when you are just underdressing and you hear someone say, “are you wearing a bra?” That can ruin your day, and most definitely does not add to your male outfit, lol.

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      Hmmm, after saying what I said in my earlier reply about calling it lingerie, I noticed yesterday, while getting my nails done, that, regardless of what bra or top I wear, I am displaying my, ahem, nipples… So much for trying to remain modest…oh well.

      Hugs girls,

      Lauren M

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      Hi, I read the question and immediately voted “lingerie”. My first thoughts were that bras are functional pieces of clothing, designed to support our boobs and keep them comfortable and shouldn’t be seen. That said, bras are gorgeous, pretty, feminine, sexy things to wear and not just scaffolding but that doesn’t mean that they should be shown off as a fashion accessory. I have no problem with wearing a white bra with a sheer blouse or a shirt where my bra can be seen, or wearing a bra with a strappy top and my bra straps can be seen. I just don’t think that bras should be worn as a fashion top. Hugs, Helen.

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      It depends, I think it is ok they are shown at times. I’d much prefer a woman wear a bra that shows w/ a spaghetti strap top then have her boobs bouncing all over the place…lol

      But If it fits the top/dress…then I’am all for the bra and/or straps showing.

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      Jenny Liu

      For me, my bra(s) is (are) lingerie that adds seductiveness/attractiveness to my overall appearance.  I “show” my bra (whether intentionally or not) whenever I dress up in different ways.  I like to dress up in a sexy (or slutty) way, either showing my bra through sheer tops or showing my bra from my cleavage or even down-buttoned top.

      So, even though it’s lingerie, I reveal my bra no matter how I dress.  Just my way of dressing.



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      I don’t wear a bra often. Usually not unless I am going full femme, which is a rare occurrence. That being said, I think that while bras are functional underwear, they are also fashion accessories. For most of us (me at least) they function to hold our fake titties in place and give the appearance of having natural breasts. But I also wear one, because it is just such a feminine piece of clothing.

      Sometimes, the prettier the bra, the more one wants it to be seen, though. I think flashing a hint of lace at the cleavage, or not trying to cover up the straps is okay. I mean, come on, if they weren’t meant to be seen, they’d be constructed as very bland articles of clothing.

      And, although I only have one matching set, that really is the sexiest way to underdress, even if it’s for your eyes only to see (or if you’re very lucky, your SO’s). And especially as lounge-around-the-house or boudoir, with hosiery and high heels attire.

      As outerwear, never.

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      I believe bras are lingerie, I cover mine up. A wonderful necessity and I love wearing them. However I see many women who show the straps in the way they dress. Some have them show through their blouses. So to each there own. Whatever makes you happy.

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      Oh gosh, here I go. LOL.

      I’ll first say that there are bras designed to be seen, and some that aren’t. It really depends on the style.

      I make sure mine are seen as it’s really seductive (again, if it’s a style meant to be seen). This goes for the um, thongs too. I have a thing where my lipstick and thongs have to match in color, as well as my heels now too. That way, no matter what, my accent color is seen and coordinated head to toe and inbetween…if they’re looking at me from the front (lips and heels match), if they’re looking at me from the back (thong and heels match), if they’re looking at me from the back and I turn my head all sexy to look at them back (lips, thongs and heels match).


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      My opinion on the subject is a bra is a lingerie piece and should we should attempt to cover it. Sometimes a strap or a bit may peek out from under a top or be reviled through a shirt, a little show from a low cut neckline.Although not intentional it happens. A lot of todays bras are very pretty and feminine and very nice to look at. They are very sexy and make the wearer feel sexy and pretty.Knowing that you have it on and what you look and feel under your clothes is a nice feeling in itself and maybe keeping the secret hidden has you feeling more feminine and sexy as you go about your day.

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      Corset tops are absolutely fashion items.

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      I think they’re mostly lingerie. Sometimes though depending on the situation, etc., I’ll leave some buttons undone or let the straps show.

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