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    Kylee Keeley
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    Hi ladies and girls,

    I am pretty new to CDH but I can already feel how affectionate and embracive this community here can be. Hospitality this thoughtful and kind especially on the internet is not easy to come by. However, I have been reluctant to post immediately because I haven’t seen an account around my age yet (28).  I already feel like a fish out of water being a CD to begin with but me feeling like I’m the only one my age, I guess makes me feel more shy to post. I love engaging in conversations with everyone and can do girl talk for hours with anyone that’s genuinely feminine and girly! And I know more people throughout my generation thrive off of crossdressing and cannot wait to meet them!

    Love you all,


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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Kylee,

      Welcome to CDH!  As others have said you’re as young as you feel.

      If there’s a cross dressing topic or question you want to ask, just post the question.  You’ll likely get several replies and meet other cross dressing friends.


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      27 here sister!

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      Welcome Kylee to the best site I believe for CDs and TGs. I am 73 and first went out in public in 1980 I think. I have struggled with this part of me as long as I can remember. I can guarantee that you will find others just like yourself. Good luck
      Yours Terri

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      Marcellette Laval
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      A quick follow up to my original response….  I didn’t find any easy way to quickly identify others who are your age, but……I did find a group that was set up some time ago called “20 somethings” and though it doesn’t appear like there has been any activity in that group over the past year, the ‘members’ tab of that group presumably consists of the demographic that you’re looking for (assuming those folks are also still active elsewhere in here, and that’s easy for you to discern by just checking their profiles).  Here’s the link:


      Let me know if I can be of any other help, and as others have said, we ‘old timers’ are all young at heart so feel free to lean on us whenever you like!


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      Registered On: October 10, 2021
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      Dear Kylee ,

      No reason to be shy , please post on the Forums as you see fit.

      They say you are as old as you feel , and I couldn’t agree more with that.
      I am 53 years old myself , but Sylvia still feels like a thirty year old I can tell you !
      No matter what age we are , we are all Rainbow Girls here.
      I know you will enjoy yourself here , and am looking forward to see you on the Forums ,

      Love Sylvia.

      P.S. I assume that is a picture of yourself in your avatar.
      You look really cute !
      I have a French Maid uniform myself and love to dress up in it
      from time to time.

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      Trish White
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      Hi Kylee,

      Age is just numbers. I’ve often been asked when I was going to grow up and my reply is “hopefully never”. I’m 71 and still wear mini dresses, mini skirts, leggings 5″ heels etc. Like I said in my bio, from the neck down I still look pretty good but from the neck up not as much. So I’m sure there are a lot of ladies here that what ever their age is they are still in their twenties. I’ve only been here at CDH since December this year and have found all the girls very welcoming and absolutely not judgemental. You will be welcomed with open arms girl.




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      Registered On: April 4, 2021
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      Welcome to CDH, Kylee. These days ‘mental age’ is all that matters. Feel free to ask anything.

      There couldn’t have been a better community than this, imho. Although, i feel the format of the website (presented like a traditional web forum and gallery) is something young people who have grown up in a mobile-first world, find it difficult to follow. I might be completely wrong, though.

      Cheers, Sumona.


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      Marcellette Laval
      Registered On: February 1, 2021
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      Hi Kylee – it’s great to meet you!  Thanks so much for joining CDH, and for this introductory posting – I know you’ll find lots of what you’re looking for in terms of advice, knowledge, and support, so do please dive right in there because there is soooooo much experience and diversity to learn from here.

      I’m in the 2x age rack LOL (I’m 59) so obviously not even close to your age, but I know there has to be a bunch in here that are much closer and I think that they will be best discovered by your engagements in these forums and the chat sessions – one your known ‘network’ here is aware that you’re looking to meet CDs here in their 20’s and 30’s I think those connections will be quickly discovered.  I’ll gladly start keeping an eye out for you, and will see if I can figure out a way for you to more quickly identify the folks here that are close to your age.  Which BTW, I also applaud you for – because so many of us in here weren’t able to ‘come out of our closets/shells’ until much later in life!  I’m impressed, and so happy to meet you!


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      Dawn Accepter
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      I like your post on wondering if anyone else your age is a CD. When I joined CDH I was wondering the same thing about myself. But I was 65! I couldn’t fathom that anybody else was a CD at my age. I believe your going to have an “eye opening” here at CDH. And I bet it’s going to be great when you find out your not alone at all! Gosh, I can’t hardly remember being 28! Wish I could do it again! Of course we all say that. I wish you luck being here!

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      Roberta Broussard
      Registered On: July 20, 2020
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      I wouldnt let age be an issue. There is so much commonality amongst those of us on CDH. Sit back relax and stay a while. You will make some very good friends.

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