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      Let’s have some fun!!
      Are you currently wearing Panties?
      What type of panties are you wearing? (Bikini, Thong, etc.)
      What color are the panties?
      Hope to hear from you all XOXOXO

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      Red satin bikini panties

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      Floral print VS Brazilian cut bikini, absolute favorite.

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        I have the all Red VS Brazilian cut on and love them!!!

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      I haven’t worn male underwear for 10 years or more. Currently wearing a body shaper thong. Not normally into thongs. It pulls up over the belly and doesn’t roll down. That’s why I wear it. I didn’t notice it was a thing as it came as a set of three 🙂


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      black sheer high-waisted thong today.

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      always, today black satin bikini

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      Wearing panties?  Yup!  Style?  Well; definitely not a thong, definitely not Grannypanties; somewhere in between, but not quite sure how to describe them… except that they feel fantatstic.  Colour (and note the correct spelling!) – purple (which matches my bra.)  This is a good evening…  Holly XXX

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      i wear satin bikini panties every day and as for color i have every color there is

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      Every day.  Usually black Felina hipsters.

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      Yes; every day. Today are black bikini. Best, Marlene.

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      Yes, I only wear panties any type of womans bikini or brief. I don’t like thongs and for usual daily wear I like Bali double support high cut, they are so comfy.

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      You caught me pantyless.  I just changed from white lacy petit pants to drab before my wife returned just now. LOL

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      Peach colored boy shorts. Love them

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      I’m wearing black French Cut high rise bikini panties, right now and all day every day.


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      No. (Somebody has to ruin the perfect record! 😉 )
      In reality, while I understand why others wear them even exclusively, for me wearing panties when presenting as a man makes as much sense as wearing boxers or y-flies when presenting as a woman. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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      Always in panties!

      Today it was K&L pink pixie string bikini…

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        Hi Jamie…I have a drawer full from Kate & Laura’s Fancy also! Expensive, but comfortable and they fit!

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      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador

      I will say panties are to CDH as sunrise is to the planet, lol.  I do appreciate consistancy in life, I must admit 😄.

      Ok…. dark green, bikini style; lace.


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      karley delaware
      Baroness - Annual

      hi Michelle………………………YES !!!!!!    Bikini ……………………..Purple Lace…………………….Love sitting at the computer ………legs crossed ….girly………………….on CDH……………………….always ready to pull on a t-shirt and guy athletic shorts ……………..just in case ……………..someone comes into the room………………………if it’s Dog Tilly…..that’s OK……..she likes me GIRLY!!!!!!    karley

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        My “Riley” is the same….most tolerant and nonjudgmental being living in this house…either loves all I wear in any color or style….or could care less, but like the gentleman that he is, “keeps it to himself”…!!!

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      Pink lacy thong with matching bra here with a satin robe to keep the chill of.

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Well DUH, of course I’m wearing panties, Floral print matching my bra. Panties should always match your bra.

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      Bikini – lime green 😋
      Fredrika Jones

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      Pink an thong! Wearing all day with my daisy dukes! An boots baby 💗

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      I just had a very long day filled with lots of manufacturing duties. Got back to my hotel and my wife packed me my favorite bra, camisole, panties and hose. It’s a great way to relax. My wife is the best!

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        Katie I’m so jealous what a lovely wife you have.

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      Are you currently wearing Panties? Yes I am
      What type of panties are you wearing? hipster
      What color are the panties? Black

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      Sure Michelle, every day, Warners Cloud 9 Hipster small, usually beige, except on glam nights (then black) but today a surprise for everyone without xray vision, they’re gray (everything else was in the laundry). lol  Marg

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      No. Just out of the shower, lounging in a lavender lounging dress.

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      Sure am! But nothing special. Hanes white cotton briefs. I have all colors but today its white. They are what i normally wear unless i am going out. Then i choose somwthing more sexy.


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      Caty Ryan

      Arianne Montreal “Stacey” full briefs, bralette and high necdk cami in “Lake Blue”. All under my drab.

      Just home from another overnight trip where I spent about 20 hours in “pure Caty mode”. There’s an aricle coming on it all, so “watch this space”.


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      Yes -a pair of chalk blue boy shorts


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      Everyday all day…

      Today black satin bikini…

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      365 days a year for me.
      Today: purple bikini.

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      hot pink Hanky Panky lace thong


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      Itoday i’m wearing pink high leg brief panties with dark pink trim – one of my favourite pairs to wear.

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      Of course I am! 🙂 Today, it’s a hot pink bikini panty.

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      Vanity Fair Illumination briefs (black with white dots), Jockey black camisole, white Bali wirefree bra, white pettipants, Karen Scott (Macy’s brand) white and black 3/4 sleeve top.

      • #738795

        I have those same panties!!!

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      Karla Rogers

      Extra soft briefs by Cacique. Lavender.

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      Yes, indeed.  Pale beige “Black Bow” briefs, to match my Vanity Fair cami and half-slip.  Panties are 24/7.

      • #738148

        Some of the first camis and half slips I purchased were Vanity Fair years ago (black, white, nude). Still have them and love to wear a cami every day over a bra. At this point I probably havee close to 100 camis. The more you have the less things wear out.

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      Yes I am, wear panties everyday, pretty much all I own anymore. Today is a light yellow no boundaries thong with a small mesh insert along the front.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I wear Bali full-cut nylon panties every day. Today it’s an off-white color.

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      Dark blue Victoria’s Secret brief today

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      Yes.  Wear panties 24/7.  Hanes microfiber high leg cut briefs…lavender.

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      Yeah, any time that I’m dressed, for probably the last four years. Well, technically, I haven’t gotten dressed for the day yet, so I put on a swim bikini 👙 when I got out of the bath tub. It’s a pinkish string bikini with a ruffle on the front and ties at the sides. It’s super cute, but I don’t have a matching swim top, I just have a T-shirt on with it. Now if I only had a safe, comfortable place I could go out in a swimsuit…

      Nancy 🌈

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      I’m always in panties also. I have my work panties and my fancier panties. My job can be rather dirty so I wear Hanes nylon full briefs, white with a narrow lace band. My fancy panties are Vanity Fair Nouveau. Love those. Wearing them now. The turquoise ones. I’ll be changing soon into my work panties and off to the daily grind.

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        Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau are the absolute best panties ever!  Dying to be able to wear mine 24/7.  Boy undies suck!  I never want to wear them ever again, or anything male!  Giggle!

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      Isn’t it a special thrill to easily and openly admit our joyful panty-wearing?  We MUST be real girls!  Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau, floral print for me!  Feeling so many girlie tingles just reading about my sisters here!

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        I wear thongs under my man jeans every day!

        it feels good and sexy when I take a late night walk in high heels

        • #740321

          That late night walk in heels , jeans and a thong must be so thrilling. Good practice for the walking in heels mode !!


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      Nope,currently in a pink silk cami and sleep shorts. But panties everyday otherwise

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      Of course I’m wearing panties! Today it’s my baby blue Bali panties.

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      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      24/7 today Jockey® Modern Micro Seamfree® Bikini in Black. Great fit

    • #738117

      Wearing a black nylon lycra thong and matching bra today…..under jeans and a T shirt.

    • #738119

      This morning, pink satin bikinis, matching bra, my satin lounging robe and pink leggings…going to be a great day!!

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        I have to have a couple just to keep the wife happy,

        • #740307

          Happy wife, happy life. She like you in panties?

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      Yes. Lacey black satin briefs, there my go to for day to day wear. Cute and comfortable.

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      I’m wearing a red thong
      Is Mother’s Day!

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      Today I am wearing my Maiden Form Tanga Panties. They are Pink & White checkered with lace around the back. I love this style of panty for any occasion.

    • #740031

      Vanity Fair Illuminations Bikini
      Red & Black checkered

      • #740121

        Vanity Fair Illumination String Bikini panties are my favorite panties for every day wear. So comfortable and come in lovely patterns and colors. Love the design with two “strings” on each side makes it easy to put on and take off. Also like Illumination briefs. Kisses.

    • #740065

      Bikini and there black!


    • #740118

      I giggle every time I read this post darn right I am today it’s my white with lace trim Bali panties.

      • #740272

        Bali is a wonderful brand and I have many Bali panties. I do like their support panties with a cut bow in the middle and jacquard

        • #740428

          Kara, Bali panties with the support panel are a favorite of mine also I do like the add touch of the feminine bow on the front.

    • #740123

      Yes almost every day, today black all lace full briefs

    • #740125

      Black bikini!

    • #740126
      Ashley Flores

      Yes. Pink satin ballerina panties from Katie and Laura’s Panty Shop. They feel amazing!

    • #740128

      first time in a while i’ve been able to dress.  currently wearing a neon yellow bikini cheeky panty from knotty knickers.  it’s a mix of mesh and lace and so comfy.

      also wearing my breast plate with a black lace bra, black garter belt with black lace top stockings and a ribbed summer dress.

      • #740134

        I’m so envious, Stephanie, in my mind, you look “adorable”….a silicon breast plate is on my “wish list”…!!! With just my forms, that I do love, it would be so nice to be “out and about”, braless…maybe someday, I will…!!!

    • #740131

      Sadly, no panties on at the moment, the wife is home and, well, that’s how this game is currently played. But the last time I had some privacy, they were black bikini…lacy front, sheer back and I love how they feel and I look in them. My panty collection has a variety of colors and styles, most are black, many are animal print, in a variety of g-sting, thong, bikini and low-risers….I think the only style I never enjoyed wearing were “boy shorts”…I wonder why….??? I am currently attracted to sheer mesh, for obvious reasons…anyone else have this fetish….???

    • #740137

      I haven’t owned any male underwear for over ten years 🙂


    • #740146

      Not at the moment, just out of the shower but putting on some cute white and blue striped boy shorts for bed soon.

    • #740294

      Yes,as always. Today black lace trimmed bikini. And that is all I am wearing today as it is warm. Best, Marlene.

    • #740297

      Black satin boy shorts with lace fringes for today.

      Everyday, all day. 😉

      • #741107

        Magenta satin boy shorts with lace fringe today.

        Can you tell I love this brand. 🙂

    • #740301
      Samantha R

      Yes, Green Hipsters with Lace Trim, and a little bow on the front.

      • #740310

        Love a middle bow on a panty.

        • #740315


        • #740339

          Those bows are such exciting reminders that we really ARE genuine girls!  Love seeing them on panties, girdles, and garterbelts.  Makes me proud to be a gurl!

      • #740322

        Sounds Very cute,

      • #740713

        Gotta have a bow on the front of panties; not the same without I think. Best, Marlene.

    • #740303

      VS Pink satin bikini with heart cut out in back,

    • #740308

      Certainly wish I was! Wife is home. If she goes out, I will put on my VF Lace Nouveaus in a heartbeat!

      • #740316

        sweet,very cute

      • #740317

        Stephie, let’s both of us send are wives out for awhile, so we can play dress up,LOL

      • #740455

        Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau is a very pretty panty. Full coverage and love the lace inserts on the side

        • #740475

          I feel so deliciously femme whenever I wear any of my VF panties!  Gurlie to the max!

    • #740328
      Susan Sue

      Yes a cute thong with knee high stockings under my jeans.

    • #740340
      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      Why yes I am , today and everyday,  they are red bikini and thanks for asking 😌

    • #740356

      We’ll, yes.  Every day.  Ivory hip huggers.


    • #740373

      Of course, I am.  Lace hipster panties are all I own.  I wear them 24/7 except when bathing.  I wear either Secret Treasures or Joyspun which are both Walmart brands.  (Joyspun replaced Secret Treasures 6 months or so ago.)  A 6 pack costs around $15.00.  I like how they fit, how they feel, and the price.  I own no traditional men’s underwear.

    • #740378

      Baby blue bikini.

    • #740406

      Black lace full cut

    • #740429

      Yesterday, after reading a few posts, here, I realised that I haven’t worn any drab undies for a few weeks, now. So much so that I have a bunch of new ones that I hope arrive soon.

      Can’t wait!

      • #740898

        A new one arrived yesterday. It is a material that I have never felt if worn before now. Silky smooth and very tightly woven. Very unusual to me, but so sexy.

    • #740505
      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Today I have on one of my favorite pair. Vanity Fair Illumination string bikinis, in rose pink😊

      • #740510

        As I have mentioned on this thread, VF Illuminaton string bikinis are my favorite every day panty.

        • #740519
          Lara Muir
          Baroness - Annual

          I have two just like the one in the picture. I keep looking for more colors and patterns when ever Kohl’s has a sale too. I have so many already, I certainly don’t need more….        But yet, I can’t have enough!!


          • #740642

            I know we don’t need more but that doesn’t stop us. When on sale I always buy a few (3, 4, or 5 depending in the offer). My main problem is accidentally buying a pattern I already have although I do have multiples of the white panty.

      • #740696

        Great panties. I have the same color.

    • #740524

      If course! A lacey red thong. Super sexy and comfortable underneath my macho outfit. Lol
      As a curious fact. Yesterday I went to a Rodeo with my family and in-laws. As I was raised as a child in the country side and living in a ranch I have some very nice cowboy outfits. I looked pretty sharp and complemented by a couple of girls. I was wearing the macho cowboy with a lacey blue thong underneath my jeans. Lol. Not that macho anymore. More like brokeback mountain cowboy 🤠 🤣🤣🤣 I couldn’t stop smiling.

    • #740562

      Every day for several (4? 5?) years now, black bikini briefs from MeUndies

    • #740569

      Wear them everday for the last 10 years or so , today just pink cotton one from Woman Within.

    • #740700

      Of course today it’s high cut briefs l but I have not worn anything other than panties in well over a year and I honestly wonder why I waited so long

    • #740712

      If I could get by with it I would have panties (thong) and bra on every day

    • #740716

      Yes white Brazilian with plenty of lace to them. Am currently home alone for a few days so have been wearing panties 24/7

    • #740726
      Angela Wagner
      Managing Ambassador


    • #740770

      Yes, LOL. CK bikini panties, my candycane ones – pink with horizontal red stripes 🙂

      • #740943

        They sound lovely!!! CK are one of my favorite brands

    • #740776

      I stuck my hand in the “panty” box and pulled out my pink sheer leopard print high cuts…..have black sheer pantyhose with reinforced toes over top with seamless black leggings over those

      ……(giggle….I never told anyone if I was wearing panties….now I have butterflies in my stomach….giggle…giggle)

    • #740883

      I am. White. High cut. They match my bra. I always wear a matching pair in color.

    • #740884

      wearing a pair of animal print microfiber low-rise panties today, a generic brand….love the fit and feel of this fabric,89% Polyamide 11% Lycra!

    • #740920

      Wear panties everyday.

      Type depends on my mood but I mostly go for a lace thong.

      I have some lovely matching bra and panty sets but I seem to wear them on special occasions and I should really stop that and wear them more often.


    • #740936

      [quote quote=740920]I have some lovely matching bra and panty sets but I seem to wear them on special occasions and I should really stop that and wear them more often.[/quote]

      I have the same problem. For me it is that there are not many “special occasions” where I can wear them. So I also will use them for regular times. Best, Marlene.

    • #740948

      EVERYDAY, I have been wearing panties for years, bikini or boyleg usually but a thong if I’m wearing a tight skirt or dress or skinny jeans

      • #741922

        I congratulate you that you wear panties for a long time it has become routine, so I am going to start doing

    • #741880

      pink satin bikini panties this morning

    • #741881

      Pink french cut panties this morning, to match the cute pink bra I’m wearing, off to work I go!

      Hugs girls,

      Ms. Lauren M

    • #741910

      Today it is red boy shorts, I think they are called, my only pair in that style; usually bikini.

      Remember June 1 is National Wear a Dress Day; June 1 every year. I am practicing by wearing a sun dress today. Best, Marlene.

    • #741911

      Yes I’m currently wearing patients and pantyhose
      My panties are grey and and a thong while my pantyhose are black

    • #741912

      yes  i wear panties everyday again now
      under my clothes
      i wear brief’s or lacy panties   all colours

      at the moment i a white and blue pair of panties on
      and lacy nightie for be
      im new to this site   linda
      • #741921

        Right now I’m wearing pink underpants I love them a lot and my wife knows but I just like to feel silk

      • #742038

        thank you for the reply linda

    • #741914

      every day a fresh new pair, usually black lace culottes. every day for decades

    • #741976

      Every waken hour

    • #742034

      Not currently.  However, I do frequently wear nylon bikini briefs in many colours (red, black, blue, purple, pink and white).

    • #742040

      Hi Michelle

      As I type this I am wearing white full brief panties (very comfortable ), nude pantyhose ,ego boast white bra with fillets and a lovely lavender patterned nightie ,I sleep in this form of night/underwear every night ,change my bra to one not so noticeable ,remove my nightie and underdress for the rest of the day  nearly every day at present   Michelle xx



    • #742042

      Yes 🙂

      A blush/peach colored lace thong. The kind with the wide hip band that feels so soft and pretty. They’ve become my new favorite in the warmer weather.

    • #742043

      I usually use women’s underwear all day long. My favorite type of panties are thongs and/or Brazilian thongs. In the panties drawer I only have 3 men’s and then all the rest about 35 pieces are thongs and Brazilian thongs (blue, red, black, nude)

      💋💋💋from Italy
      Greta ❤️💙❤️

    • #742044

      Not at present but when I change to go out will put on my thong but do wear panties.
      Most of my thongs and panties which are bikini are black but do have a few pairs of coloured panties.

    • #742061

      After my morning workout white lace panties will be my choice of the day.

    • #742110

      Yes, most days.  Today is tan with white polka dots.  I found a style of stretch cheeky panties that cover my boy parts and still show a generous amount of cheek. When questioned I explained how comfortable they are, and my wife said OK.  I love how they feel, and how they make me feel.

    • #742114

      Yes, brand new pink lace. Pretty, comfortable, almost sexy.

      I have no idea how long lace panties will last, but I like’em.

    • #742586

      For coffee time this morning, brand new floral satin bikinis, pink leggings with nice pantie lines, pink t shirt nightie and comfy padded bra.  A great start for the day.  Hope yours is great too!!

    • #742594

      Red lace panties, full cut. Great design and fit. I found them on amazon. I wear that panty style everyday.

    • #743130

      [postquote quote=740716]
      Very good for you to enjoy those days to the maximum dressing like beautiful lady

    • #743133

      `Wearing black thong my choice for the day.
      Some days thongs other days bikini panties all different colours.

    • #743134

      LOL…Fun topic!  😊

      Yes, red lace bikini panties…Aerie brand I think.

    • #743146

      Today I have on my sheer pink panties by Auden. My new favorite panties.

      • #744168

        Michelle, I love my Auden panties. Have my lime green lace and sheer ones on today.

        • #744942

          Black mesh, nylon and lace Auden Panties on today.

    • #743250

      I should hope so since I own no men’s underwear.  ALL my panties are strictly lace hipsters.  Lace is what I love and hipsters are the style that fit me best and hold my parts securely within them.  The color I’m wearing at the moment is a dark blue.  They coordinate very nicely with the blue shorts and blue & white golf shirt I’m wearing.

      • #743308
        Samantha R

        Heather – I love lace hipsters also.

      • #743311

        “hipsters are the style that fit me best and hold my parts securely within them.” Heather

        I find that a lot of what holds my dangley bits securely is a gusset at least 3″ wide (hopefully more) and the style of the material around it. For example, if there is material which can help contain me beyond just a gusset. Otherwise, I find that a gaff may be needed.

    • #743270

      Absolutely! I wear panties exclusively. Currently I am wearing a satin high cut panty. It’s silver with small black polkadots. Very cute!

    • #743312
      Denise Little
      Duchess - Annual

      Everyday, I discarded all my men’s briefs 4 years ago. My ordinary go to panties for underdressing are high cut cotton briefs, fits well, more comfortable than any men’s. When dressing, my go to are back lace tangas,thongs and bikini.

      • #743684

        Denise, I hope to join the panties only everyday club in the future what thrill it must be to own only ladies underwear.

    • #743331
      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      Today I am wearing Jockey® Natural Beauty® Seamfree® Thong in Green great fit and love the look. I down size for better fit and to keep everything in place.

    • #743340
      Sarah Lee

      Black and white bikinis today. Yesterday was pink thong.

    • #743379

      Hot Pink lace front sheer back bikini panties by Auden

    • #743703
      Amy Myers

      I have worn panties exclusively for several years now, and bikinis are my fav by far. This morning I’m wearing cream coloured micro fibre ones.


    • #743708

      Every day for a couple years now. Usually black bikinis or soft cheekys.

    • #743758
      Lauren B

      Black Lacy briefs with stars on them for me

    • #743798

      Light pink bikini with some jewelry on them and I wear panties 24/7 unless I’m sleeping naked

    • #744105

      Orange lace bikini by Auden. I love this brand of panties

    • #744388

      Dark red lace briefs! Love lace panties!

      • #744394

        I love the lace panties as well. I do prefer the lace to be on the back side with a satin front.

        • #744635
          Amy Myers

          They sound like beautiful panties!


    • #744392

      Pink lace thong at work today!

    • #744952

      Yes of course! What else would (should) one wear. Today my panties is a black lacy thong (with matching bra). Too hot to wear stockings and suspender belt! I love my lingerie.

      • #745355

        Of course was my reply too. I love to have full coverage so no golf balls hang out of the bag but if I’m tucking then it’s less side escape which usually only happens on one side. I can’t decide if I like lacy or silk better.

      • #745398

        Today…pink thong, white lacy bra (tut tut, not matching lingerie today!) cotton summer dress and heeled sandals. Life is how it should be!

        • #745664

          I’m wearing thongs every day

    • #744953

      Today I received my order from far off Australia and and am wearing my new Parfeit panties in beige as I type. 🥰😀

    • #744954

      light pink nylon hi cuts

    • #744999

      Not today,as I am not dressed.Laat time I dressed was two days ago.I wore a cute pair of tangerine panties that my wife bought me from M&S store in the UK.Very soft and feminine.

    • #745074

      Nothing. Just going to bed so it is as usual naked/nude. Not even the radio as MM is purported to have said. Best, Marlene.

    • #745087

      I only wear panties anymore I am not allowed to wear boy underwear when I do it just doesn’t fell right. My wife said if I was going to be a girl that was all i can wear

      • #745343

        Lucky girl Nicky, I would love to be directed by my wife to be in panties full time.

    • #745110
      Vimala Suresh

      Yes. Silk Green brazilian.

    • #745353

      Of course! As I sit here next to my unsuspecting wife, I actually have a pair of her black bikini silk panties that feel so good. Oh and how I wish I could take off my socks so she can see my white toes.

    • #745359

      Nothing makes me feel sexier! Love them!

    • #745828

      Yes, everyday. I don’t wear male undies anymore, due to sweat rash in groin area. I wear full brief/ bikini.

    • #745845

      Yes. Always. I don’t even own any male underwear except for men’s bikinis, because they have a pouch for the boys. Currently?? Pink boy short panties. Quite comfortable

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    • #747490

      Grey cotton Thong

    • #747508

      I do not own male underwear but have a drawer full of panties. The ones I am wearing just now are Mauve satin and mesh full cut. I wear 1 size down from my skirt size so that all my bits are held in place. And this also stops me being like men who constantly adjust their bits. Which is very annoying to myself and I think most women do not like the pocket billiards situation

    • #747517

      Currently have over 100 panties!! Today I’m wearing a gray thong!!:)

    • #747523

      Yes. Nude/natural colour lace brazilian panty.

    • #747531

      I’m currently wearing boy shorts from Hanes. I bought a six pack and been trying them every day at work. Very similar to my boxer briefs. Wear them right and they feel comfy. This particular one is black with a grey trim ; )



    • #747546
      J J

      At the moment I am currently wearing a bikini, so no I am not wearing panties.

    • #747554

      Yes I am wearing hanes her way bikini in light pink. 5 years ago I switched to panties they are cooler and more comfortable

    • #747561

      Yes, shiny magenta nylon briefs by Comfort Choice.

    • #747564

      White cotton bikini panties, weather too hot to wear nylon panties.

    • #747571

      I wear panties everyday 🙂 it’s usually either bikinis or thongs depending on the day 🙂

    • #747596

      Right this second, no. But usually wear anything from thongs to boy shorts.

    • #747630

      Yes I am, I almost always wear panties. They are French cut briefs and light blue in color

    • #747631

      Panties daily. My choice today from my inventory of 35 are a pair of satin bikini black…with matching cami… thank you lovely ladies for your replies ..I can’t believe I thread #145 💁‍♀️

    • #747705

      Yes black

    • #747732

      I usually wear g-strings.

    • #747783
      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      Not today, just Denim Short with 3″ insem, out for a walk @ local park. Awesome to feel air blow up my little short.

    • #747809

      today, my pair of sheer, high-cut animal print panties…!!!

    • #747959



      I wear KL Brand

      Today is red satin bikini cut


    • #747968

      Yes, black bikini

      seamless from Target

    • #747991

      Hi yes wearing black thong it’s either thong or black bikini panties but do have black Lace panties and coloured satin panties.

    • #752188

      Red Satin thong with White stars all over them

    • #752195

      Every day for years today is pink bikini velvet ones

    • #752196
      Eve Bell

      Panties and pantyhose were my gateway as a child. I “borrowed” my mother’s panties and she wore full coverage briefs. While I have a large and ever growing collection of panties (can one ever have enough?), briefs are my go to. This morning I am still wearing a black pair with lots of lace around the legs and a high band around my tummy as I drink my coffee and gear up for the day.

    • #752197

      Of course! Everyday for years. Today it’s a beige lace thong.

    • #752198

      Floral satin bikini’s under my new skirt and blouse with a new bra..Happy 4th girls

    • #752203

      Always in panties… thong or g string mostly, naughty pink stretch boy shorts with a lace cutout on the seat area when requested

    • #752204

      Happy 4th! Wish I had satin flag panties!! Just a
      Red satin and lace today. Today is photo shoot day Having a blast!!

      • This reply was modified 1 year ago by Jenny Lynn.
      • #752439

        Can’t wait to see how the photo shoot works out.

    • #752208

      Yes, almost every day. Today’s are emerald green, Barbra brand from Amazon.
      When I wore boxers I had many colors, but if asked I could never tell you which color I was wearing. Now I can almost always tell you the color of my panties.

      • #752215
        Eve Bell

        I know that brand. The Barbra ones I have are a heavy weight satin. I really like them! I confess my choice is often random when I open the panty drawer, but I enjoy when those have “bubbled up”.

    • #752404

      yes, I always wear vanity fair full cut brief Panties (size 6). Today’s are pink. Has anyone else noticed that VF’s have wider gussets. I wonder if it is because they know more gurls are buying them. Since I am still a virgin (darn it) I wear only pink or white undies.
      My next fav. brand is dixie belle….they have a full gusset to keep my bits in place.
      xo Paula

      • #752431

        I love the fit they have. And I agree. They know as many men wear their panties as women, if not more. I’ve asked a few women if they wear them, and none have ever worn them. I asked a lesbian lady and she referred to them as Cross Dressing panties.

      • #752492

        I took a look at the Dixie Belles. They are large enough that they would be hard to hide, say, when wearing shorts.

      • #754340

        So do I! I love Vanity Fair briefs. I’ve worn them for more than 30 years.

      • #754528

        Vanity Fair and Dixie Belle panties are also favorites of mine as well Paula. I love silky full cut panties. This style of panty just makes me feel so wonderfully Girly and Feminine wearing them and are just so wonderful to wear with slips and nighties. I love lingerie in white and pretty pastel colors.

    • #752444

      That is all I ever wear, I have never owned a single pair of men’s underwear (the only time I buy men’s is when I make a new gaff and I cut the waist band off). Today I am wearing red and black briefs with matching bra from Ann Summers

      • #752497

        If you go to a fabric shop, Michelle, you can buy good quality elastic band by the yard / meter, in different widths, usually in black, white or a few colours. It would be more cost effective. Dollar stores also have short pieces. Not sure about their quality, though.

    • #752494

      I have no mens underwear. So I wear panties everyday and everywhere. If you like them just wear them!

    • #752749
      Jolie Cd

      Almost all the time.

      I mainly wear spandex thongs and some satin and lace thongs.
      For the sensation they give to the touch

      Black, red, purple… With a preference for black

    • #752752
      Natalie Dane

      Yes! I’ve got on a pink and white floral lace backed Tanga.

      I’ll wear most anything with a soft texture with a strong preference for thongs.

    • #753002

      I am wearing my Victoria’s Secret Shine strap Brazilian panties right now

    • #753472

      Green Victoria’s Secret String bikini, satin front lace back.

    • #753517

      Yup my powder blue Bali panties are showing a little panty line under my semi tight male shorts.

      • This reply was modified 1 year ago by Jill Edina.
    • #754037

      Tan Lace Maidenform panties

    • #754038

      Yes thongs everyday

    • #754042

      I am wearing thomg panties that are pink and say cute baby on them.

    • #754050
      karley delaware
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi Michelle…………tonight it’s black lacy bikini panties………….black camisole with very thin straps……………..and my new wig from Roanyer……………one of CDH’s sponsors………it’s the Ombre blonde mix brown long wig ……………..mmmmmm!!!!  Feel sooooooo   GIRLY!!!!!! ……………………..sitting at the computer with my legs crossed……………seeing my backside in the mirror ……………flicking my hair ……………… Blue side wants to date the cute short little darling……………………will have to break away and see what he wants? ………………………………men!!!!  karley

    • #754345
      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      No panties tonight just cut off jean shorts, shorty and sexy.

    • #754375

      Black lace bikini panties by Auden

      • #754377

        Michelle, I’m wearing black nylon and lace boy short panties from Auden today. 🙂

        • #754410

          Auden are my new favs!!!

          • #754531

            I love them. My wife always buys them for me.

    • #754378
      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      TO HOT! No panties this morning, enjoying my deck before it gets to 90+, in Bra w/ forms, Tank Top, Denim Miniskirt, and Ugg 4in wedges.

    • #754559

      Too hot to wear anything so siting nude on a towel on deck drinking iced water. Best, Marlene.

      • #754597

        I wish! We have no privacy on our balcony, at least not until my neighbours are all tucked into their beds. Shhh!

        Fortunately, temps have been reasonable here, so far, this year.

        However, to answer the lead question, yes, I am wearing panties under short-shorts, which elicited a crossdressing discussion with my wife, so that made it all worthwhile.

    • #754569

      Oh yes I am. I live wearing hipsters. Currently wearing a pair of nylon ones with a lace trim, black with pink polka dots. ❤️

    • #754599

      I love wearing a black thong and yes wearing one now x

    • #754907

      Purple maiden form with an embroidered flower front and lace back

    • #754910

      I’m wearing heather gray bikinis. Bikinis are my go to panty.

      • #754911

        I am wearing black lacy ones today.  Never a day goes by without some sort of underdressing going on.

    • #754916

      Yummy Bee black bra and panty set from Amazon. Under dressed at work as usual…if only they knew 😉


    • #756628

      Red Satin string panties with a Brazilian cut.

    • #756645

      I now wear panties daily.  Mostly boy short type.  I’ve found pretty much any Maidenform boyshort to be to my liking.  They provide the best containment and comfort as well as style.  Today is Maidenform classic boyshort panty 40760 in black.

    • #756699

      Another pair of Auden Panties.

      Black Nylon ones with a lace sparky front.

      • #759053

        Auden have been my new favorite panties. They are inexpensive  and look and feel great.

    • #756728

      Yes!  Currently in a new black high waisted lace thong.   Also wearing a new dress and boots I got today.  I’m loving all my recent purchases.


    • #756785

      Of course I am panties and coffee in the morning a great combination!

    • #756836

      I am currently wearing a pair of Black Bow panties. by Carol Hochman. My bride bought a 5 pack of them at Costco, tried them out and didn’t like them. Rather than return them she graciously offered them to me. I tried them on and fell in love with the fit, feel and looks. (room for the junk and easy to wear tucked), My bride was very nonchalant when she handed me the pack of panties. She has known about “Kathy” for years and has been supportive, while not wanting to see Kathy dressed and walking around the house. I am allowed to underdress and do so pretty much ever day. Lucky me!

    • #756839

      I am!!! In fact i am only down to a couple pairs of boxers in my wardrobe (for work purposes) my panty drawer consists of over 75 pairs of thongs and a few cheeky panties.

      Currently, I am wearing a dark floral print v string by Victorias secret. Lace trim with a small gold heart in the front side.

      Panties are more of a comfort thing for me anymore, not so much a thrill. My wife always complains about how uncomfortable she is wearing thongs, i think she is crazy, because i have zero discomfort. Now if I could take hers from her, but she is a size 4 pants size so i might be able to get a leg in them at best lol…

      Happy friday all!

      Xx Alexis

    • #756874
      Vanessa ?

      Nope.  I’m not in girl-mode currently, and don’t understand the appeal of wearing panties/etc. under my regular day-to-day guy-mode clothes at all.  I think the only time I’ve ever left panties on when I went back to guy-mode was when I just had to run to the store for something really quick (in the middle of the day, when I don’t go out dressed) and knew I was going to dress up again when I came back.  And even then I was worried my pants might sag enough that the panties would be noticeable.  Probably won’t do that again for that reason.

      I either dress up all the way or not at all, pretty much.  I don’t really like the “in-between.”

    • #759061

      Black lace bikini.  Tucked with a Carefree Acti-Fresh pad.

    • #759208

      Of course I am wearing panties. Bikini and Plaid and I wear panties every day and night. Sometimes I do wear thongs but not today.

    • #759218
      Dana Grey

      I’m always wearing panties, I feel a little uncomfortable if I’m not sometimes.

      Bali double support in a hi cut, lavender.

    • #759234

      If I’m not, then I have either just come out of the shower, am getting waxed (although I wear panties beneath my boxer briefs), or I’m wearing a bathing suit. I don’t wear anything but panties.

    • #759238

      Yes, Bikini, Nude. and a Half Slip and Bra also Nude

    • #760378

      White satin/lace bridal thong by Calvin Klein.

    • #760394

      Bikini lace peach in color

    • #760396

      Gray control top with black lace pattern over the wide waistband.

    • #760420

      Black lace panties

    • #760424

      White satin & lace panties

    • #760440

      Yes, as always. Right now, red and black pattern bikini with scalloped bottom edge with pink bows at the scallops. Best, Marlene

    • #760485

      I’m wearing a black thong, with sexy black thigh high hose.

    • #760527

      Today I am wearing white and pink checkered Tanga Panties by Maidenform.

    • #760528

      Yes, definitely wearing panties, white satin string, bikini type, under a pair of white beach shorts,Thanks for asking,

      • #772992

        Thank you all for just reading and responding and sharing, I am so truly grateful, Always open to new friendships and your support and experiences,

    • #760537

      I’m going for a hike today so I have athletic shorts (cute short shorts!) on that include a built-in panty. I’m wearing a cute, strappy sports bra too! My whole athletic wardrobe is rapidly becoming replaced by women’s styles. The new clothes have a definite women’s cut and style, and have brighter, more vivid colors.

      • #760545

        My activewear has taken the same progression. All gym shorts have been replaced by leggings or woman running shorts

        • #760754

          I have even found them to be more practical.  Sleeveless tops and shorter shorts are so much cooler during the warm weather.   Leggings are warmer during the colder months.   I’m even thinking of trying a cute tennis dress.   Enjoy!!

    • #760542

      Yes Michelle, I currently have on a white thong by Grankee. They are the most comfortable thongs for us cross dressers. I wear them in black, nude, and white colors.

      Most of the time I’m wearing high cut briefs by Ellen Tracy in colors of black, nude, and pink.

      That’s it for today!

      XOXOXO Scarlett


      • #760563
        AnnaBeth Black
        Duchess - Annual

        I have tried both on your recommendation and I like them both but I must admit that I have to be feeling extra girly to wear the Grankees.

    • #760546

      It’s Thong Thursday….my favorite sheer black mesh….”wish I could show you”…have a wonderful day, friends…!!!

    • #760547

      Some blue no muffin top briefs. Yes I’m not the skinniest gal around so I need the extra help. They’re super comfy!

    • #760558

      Yes l love my panties there so much better than under pants or boxes eg I love all sorts of different ones, style , and for me I definitely go for what my other
      clothes I wear , I love to march up like white panties white Bra , and I know this is me . But this is a fun , so I can’t wait to read other stories and thoughts on the subject.

    • #760582

      Yes a sexy pair of beige Victoria’s Secret Logo Thong panties, Also wearing my favorite black skirt and pantyhose. My son came home early today almost got caught.

    • #760593
      Emily Shy

      Under dressing tonight. White brief panties, matching bra and suspender belt with tan stockings  lol

    • #760759

      Yes! I always wear panties!
      Full brief light cotton with a little bow. in baby lime.
      It is a mere tiny part of a vast knicker collection.
      That thing. about what Drs see when you are run over. I WANT them to see a cute pair of ladies’ smalls.
      Panty wearing is exceedingly fun, because panties are so beautiful to look at 🙂

      • #761268
        Eve Bell

        Can a girl ever really have enough panties?  I purchased new lingerie today despite drawers full at home. I just loved the styles!

        • #761297

          No! A girl can never have enough panties! I am always buying panties. xxxx

    • #761265

      I wear panties about 80% of the time, mostly black lace.

    • #761269

      Yes I am wearing Pink Bikini. My favorite.

    • #761298

      I love wearing panties i just got some Halloween ones from VS bikini

    • #761396

      Today I went with my Tommy Boy X tucking panties. They are a black bikini and they do a great job.

    • #761426
      Billie Jean

      Yes. Today matching black panties with black bra. Grey capris with grey and white tiger stripped top. Grey and white flats. I must say I am much more conscious of “matching” when I’m in Bill’e mode!

      • #761846

        Yipes it seems I am the only conservative girl here. Because I am still a virgin (darn it) I think only pink or white lingerie should be worn. xoxo Paula

    • #762267

      Yes. Today my son is visiting for an hour or so, so I am wearing full cover cream panties and a red short sleeved shirt but the shirt is not long enough to cover all the panties; if it was warmer I would not wear the shirt. Best, Marlene

    • #762272
      Joanna J

      Wearing white satin bikinis with lace inserts.Peach satin bra with matching cami.At kitchen table having morning coffee .Heavenly

    • #762291

      Powder pink French Cammy’s side slits with white broad lace edges girly girly and I am not dropping them for anyone or anything 💕💕💕

    • #762292
      • Powder pink French Cammy’s side slits with white broad lace edges girly girly and I am not dropping them for anyone or anything 💕💕💕
    • #762293
      • Powder pink French Cammy’s side slits with white broad lace edges girly girly and I am not dropping them for anyone or anything 💕💕💕Brianna
    • #762813

      Always, I don’t own male underwear. As its hot here today’s offering, black cotton and lace panties under a nice loose sundress xx

    • #763091

      Today red panties and I think the style is called “boy shorts”. How I got them is a strange story. I was sitting with my wife in a restaurant when a guy I had never seen before rushed up and thrust a plain paper bag into my hand and rushed away. Taken aback I looked into the bag and there were the panties. Why he did it I do not know. I washed them and am now wearing them. Very strange. Best, Marlene.

      • #763093

        your Karma was good that day….no doubts, if it were me….”wrong size”….hahaha….ENJOY…!!!

      • #763094
        Joanna J

        Lucky You!

    • #763135

      Some nice light blue lacy thong panties. 🙂

    • #764358

      Yes, Hi-cut Lavender

      • #764363

        Oh yes, light blue silky high waist with a lace trim and mesh front, so comfortable. Black hold ups and short black skirt, medium heel.

    • #764367

      Oh yes! I love wearing my panties. I have all styles and colors. I am currently wearing a wonerful brief style that i found on Amazon. They are the most comfortable briefs I’ve ever had. They are cotton but also a slight amount of spandex making them stretchy but not too much. They are high waisted with a wide waist band. Supper soft too. I love them.


    • #764368
      Joanna J

      Leopard print nylon brief stlyle.Black satin chemise.

    • #765426
      Mary Madison

      Vintage Olga #23913 “French Brief” in Black. The ultimate in comfort and sensuality. The famous “Secret Hug” fit with wide lace waistband and back seaming. My collection is immense.

    • #766272

      Yes, today I am wearing my black lacy feminine briefs.

    • #766274

      Yup; currently wearing my favourite black, lacy ones – and they feel gorgeous!  Never actually tried a thong before… I can feel a shopping trip coming on!  Holly XXX

    • #766277


      Non prudish Polly

    • #766278

      Absolutely! Why wear anything else!
      I underdress everyday.
      today I’m wearing my favorite panties.
      Vanity Fair Illusion double string bikini.
      I have at least 20 pair.
      todays color is Black with polka dots!

    • #766284

      Yes, I’m wearing a black thong today! Matches my black sports bra…with a grey top, black gym shorts (see my “Wall” for an amusing comment on that)!! Thanks for posting this Michelle!!!

      Hugs, Kimberly Anne

    • #766833

      Yes I am.  More comfortable than my man briefs. prettier too! Ania’s Poison I own 20+ pairs pink is my favorite color. I’ll wear any style Thong, Brief, Bikini, Satin and lace.  if their cute their for me!


    • #769868

      Pink laced thong
      I usually can wear at night or going to my day job

    • #769876
      karley delaware
      Baroness - Annual

      Tonight it’s black lacy panties …………….under a skater dress with thin shoulder straps ……………………my long hair is down my back ………….mmmm ………………………………sipping a glass of wine under candle light ………………having naughty thoughts of me and my male side……………………………karley

      • #769890
        Samantha R

        You paint a nice picture Karley

    • #769977

      Well….uh…..For sure, yummy and certain reactions that are best left unsaid. With that….nuff said! haha 🙂

    • #770110

      I am currently wearing a black thong! I wear panties 24/7! I love them all and have hundreds!! Love the silky feel!! They just seem to fit my body type better than men’s!


      • #770376

        Could not agree more, Carisa…who doesn’t LOVE a sexy thong…!!!

        • #770391

          Tiny, I’ve been wearing them daily!! Love it!!

    • #770407

      Yes, as always. Today it was a leopard patterned bikini panty with matching full cup bra, 44C. The bra cups are rigid enough that there was no need for forms to fill it out. Best, Marlene.

    • #770636
      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      What else HA HA

    • #772368

      Today, I have on a Brazilian cut Victoria’s Secret Panty. They are Black with Gold Stars and Rhine Stone sides.

    • #772993
      Emily Shy

      Yes. I’m underdressed wearing white thong, white suspender belt tan stockings and matching white bra

      Have a good Sunday girls

      Emily xx

    • #772994

      Wearing Katie & Laura Fancy Satin panties rose print thong today. Wear panties every day and almost all are Kate & Laura panties with a few VS also.

    • #773153

      Yes it’s all I wear anymore i don’t even have men’s underwear anymore. And if it’s not panties then it’s a body suit or my personal favorite a closed bottom girdle

    • #773452

      … of course ! I wear everyday for all activities work , sport , shopping etc… lacey & strings lingerie are my favourites and is just the best feeling after a clean bikiniline shave shower etc … I have quite a collection… even if on the outside i have to stay “boring man” at least everything underneath is girl _ love Cyana.

    • #773455

      … ooops, forgot the details , right now it’s a greyish pink,lacey string number, and I add a black cordroy soft belt over the top for the “bond girl” look …

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