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    rebekka moore
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    Good Day Gurls!!!
    Hope this message finds you all well, good and Dressed!!!!
    Found out yesterday our company is extending work from home through almost the end of the year. Good and Bad. My Wife’s company will probably do the same which means, there will be no alone time, for sometime to come!

    This may really force me on to the “next step” of saying to her “look, this is what I’m going to be wearing from here on out.” She’s pretty used to the clothes, but the shoes (I have and are hidden for now), will put her over the top, I think. One sign that she is really turned off by me completely, that happened this week……
    …..her company (like many) sponsors wellness programs throughout the week, including guest speakers. One this week had an intro containing a song her mother (who recently passed), really liked and used to sing to her and our kids. (1), that made her really sad. (2), during this talk the guest speaker spoke of the importance of “touch”, and how touching or just cuddling with someone you love, can make you feel better.

    As she was telling me this and relaying the sadness she felt, I attempted to give her a hug. She repelled, moved away. I was really surprised by that. Especially given what she was saying.

    I’ve really made progress with myself of late, and just accepting who I am, what I like to do and what makes me feel really good, which is the dressing in as much as I do. (Not full on dressing w/make up and such, although I would like to at some point). I can’t go back now and it’s a matter of time before anyone who knows me, knows this of me. I’m too old to let it matter, or care what it may matter to anyone else.

    Sorry for rambling. I love you Ladies, CDH. It’s my go to place and it seems more difficult to find time to get here now.

    I’m coining a new term! Have a wonderful and “dressfull” day! That is, whenever I feel stressed, I’m going to get dressed!

    Love and Hugs,


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      patty williams
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      HI Rebecca,

      I can relate sweetie.

      My dressing has killed my intimacy with my wife.

      she says I sickest her.

      although we still love each other and do touch Hugg and kiss I dont dare when dressed.

      Its a definite turn off to her.

      So I understand.

      I also understand you have to be who you.

      and we like you the way you are.

      I hope she comes around .

      Hang in there I know its hard to be true to yourself when it hurts the one you love.

      Huggs Patty

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      I was saddened to read of your wife avoiding a hug. I mean, I know my wife isn’t attracted to Bridgette at all, but she accepts a friendly hug. I’m happy for you that you’re making progress in your journey though.

      Have a dressful day!


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      Terri Anne
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      Hi Rebecka,

      Thank you for your post. Makes me think of my own past relaionships.

      We all just to the best we can with who we are. As long as can just keep love in our hearts and try to do good for ourselves and our loved ones then it seems to me we can get though it. Whatever IT is …lol.Β  I have so many ‘its’Β  I should write something too.

      See Ya ,

      Many blessings Rebecka.

      Terri Anne

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