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    Birel Galanodel
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    Yesterday, I tucked with swim bottoms and wore a v neck t-shirt, very short denim shorts, tennis shoes, and a flannel shirt hanging open (because it wasn’t quite short sleeves weather.) But, I got brave (for me) and went outside and worked in the back yard for a few minutes. A number of cars drove by, so I’m sure I was seen, but only from a distance. But, nothing bad happened, no one stopped to call me out or harass me or anything. Nobody cared how I was dressed in my yard anyway.

    So, I pushed it a little further. I got in my car and drove to a county park, about 1/2 hour away. The park was not open for the year yet, so there was no one around (but there was a house right across the road that could see. I parked in the entrance and walked around in the upper part of the park that I could get to without going through snow/mud. I sat on a swing, and took a few pictures of my legs stretched out while swinging. Now, I confess, I did throw a pair of jeans in the car, in case of emergency, but I didn’t need them.

    This all may not sound like much, but it felt so good to go out and about while expressing myself openly. I really, really wanted to continue the adventure and go walk trails at a park that I knew would be very busy, but didn’t. And honestly, with dark sunglasses and a mask, no one would be able to identify me anyway. Maybe next time…


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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      Each step takes you towards your goal, however sized. Big or little they’re all important for your journey, and you can’t get there without them all. Your path is your own, and nobody can walk it for you, but we’ll all be there with you. Well done, you!


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      Alice Underwire
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      Congratulations Birel on your outing!


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      Ashley Konners
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      Congratulations on stepping out hun! As nerve racking as it can be it’s also exhilarating I find.  Which makes it all worth the whole being out en femme. Good luck in your journey and be who you want to be hun! Hugs
      Ashley ❤️

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      Beth Green
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      You Go Girl! Keep taking those small steps and soon you will be walking tall, proud and confident. We are all behind you. Keep us close.


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      Effie Fulk
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      Good job Birel! It’s the greatest feeling to get out and be ourselves for a while!!


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      Tara Jeane
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      Way to go Birel!! I’d hardly call going for a drive and to a park a baby step!  It’s so much fun getting out in the world and dressed so you feel like, well, yourself!  It’s a brave new world after you take those first steps!  Congrats!

      *kisses* tara 🙂

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      Sandy Jayson
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      . Hi Birel. Your right sometimes it is baby step, but sometimes it can be a giant leap. I am sure it was for you the same as it was for me. After reading so many of the stories here at CDH I just wanted to have these experiances for myself. Sometimes it is going out to a nearly deserted place where you might only be seen at a distance. Sometimes going to a business where you will have to interact with others. Best to you, in your next baby step.
      . Sandy

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      Olivia Livin
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      Hi Birel,

      Any step forward, is a big step in the begining. I’m glad you got out to enjoy some time and I’m certain there will be lots more next times.

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      stephanie plumb
      Baroness - Annual
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      Your story is similar to how I got started. I started out by going to the park in drab with my femme stuff in a small backpack, finding a safe spot and changing, then taking the bag with me containing my men’s stuff, and then changing back into drab before returning to my car.

      When I was a bit braver I took with me a small backpack, just large enough to hold flip-flops, T-shirt and shorts, so I could change in an emergency or if I freaked out because it was too busy, and left the mens clothes I had been wearing in my safe spot I had found off the path.

      But this wasn’t satisfactory either, so I changed in my safe place and left my mens clothes hidden in a bag –  and set off totally femme!  I had a small shoulder bag for carrying keys, phone and essentials.  What a revelation it was! It was like I had been set free.  When done I returned to the place and  changed back.

      Now, I leave home underdressed as much as possible, stop en-route off the beaten track, and complete my transition, so I arrive at the park full femme and set off from there. Back to the car. Safe spot. Change into trainers, pull on a jumper, and joggers, out with the forms, wipe off lippy,  and drive home underdressed .

      So far, so good, I have never had any problems.

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      Diana Morgan
      Registered On: February 22, 2021
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      Congratulations on your first steps into the world Birel, doesn’t it feel great? Just take it step by step, there’s no rush, just do what you are comfortable with and above all stay safe. Your sisters here love to hear stories like yours, we are with you every step of the way – you go girl!

      hugs and kisses


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