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    Cynthia Van ‘t Hoof
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    I finally did it!!!

    Well… Sort of..

    Last night i stepped outside my front door en femme for the first time ever! And it’s all thanks to the ladies in this community that encouraged me to take small babysteps at a time, so i did..

    Here’s how it went..


    I was home alone all evening and thought about what some of the more experienced girls told me in the chatroom.. Maybe this was a good oppertunity, so I got dressed up for the occassion.

    I was wearing a really short dress black dress with roses on it ( it barely covers my bumm), black glossy high heels, gstring, bra and silicone breasts (from Ali Express), wig and makeup.

    I stood in the hallway for what seemed like an enternity, but i gathered up all my courage and opened the fornt door.. My heart was racing like crazy by now! But i opened the door never the less.

    I turned on the hallway lights behind me so details would become less obvious, I think.. (I needed that idea to give me some more courage for the next babystep lol)

    So I took my first ever outside the front door and just stood there for a while.. Some cars passed not seemingly giving me any second looks .. That was a relieve in some way. So i decided why not just simply walked a few feet back and forth?

    Cars kept driving by as I live in a busy street. Then a few students on bikes came my way, so I made sure i was walking back to the door when they would drive by. This felt exillerating!!

    I decided to take it one step further by bending over in my short dress to “fix” something with my highheels, basically flashing anyone who drove by. I felt so slutty, I loved it! Hihi
    So I want to thank all the girls in here that encouraged me to just take a few babysteps to try it!

    Please let me know in the comments what you think about my first endevour? 😉



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      stephanie plumb
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      Congrats. But remember – baby steps?  The best way of not drawing attention to yourself is to ..  wait for it…. NOT draw attention to yourself.  So a little black dress is perhaps a little too much for your first steps?

      My take on this is to ‘hide in plain sight’  by wearing clothing appropriate to the situation.  If I want to wear a bright red dress – I do so. The logic being that people would assume I must be female, because a man would never dare to draw attention to himself by wearing such a bright dress like that in public.    And it works!  Really ! It does.  It makes you kind of invisible.  This comes from a lot of practice judging peoples reactions.  Of course, I wouldn’t wear a little black (or red) cocktail dress whilst out walking the dog.

      Some CD’ers think that going about all covered up, when all around them girls are wearing strappy summer dresses, somehow hides them from scrutiny – it doesn’t,  it draws attention to them!

      So experiment and enjoy!

      Stephanie P.


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      Michelle Bailey
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      Well done Cynthia,I am underdressed most days this time of year just panties ,in the cooler months bra and pantyhose as well ,whether I will ever get out the front door enfemme that I can’t see happening but I can live in hope !

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      Registered On: July 28, 2020
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      Congrats Cynthia…

      Thanks for sharing.

      Jenny 💋

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      Patty Phose
      Registered On: May 7, 2016
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      Great story. My first time out fully femme was also outside my front door. I stood there for maybe 10 seconds before I heard a nose and hurried back inside. Then after several more times out and longer each time, I finally walked to the car. I nearly walked into a guy walking his dog. I was so scared. I walked to the car and opened the door trying to get in quick before he got a good look at me or maybe recognized me.

      The  interior lights came on when I opened the door, spotlighting my legs in my shiny pantyhose, stilettos and very short dress. I was so nervous and scared, I needed several minutes to calm down. I drove around a couple of hours getting out and walking around occasionally. It was so scary but what a thrill and so exciting.

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      Tabitha Tee
      Registered On: July 30, 2020
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      Great! Get some ice cream!

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      Alicen Thairms
      Registered On: July 15, 2019
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      Congratulations on your first time out 🙂

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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      Cynthia congratulations…certainly a wonderful experience and one you’ll never to forget. It’s the beginning of many more ahead. Go girl…..🌷

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      Autumn Valiant
      Registered On: July 14, 2019
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      Congratulations Cynthia!



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      Birel Galanodel
      Registered On: May 3, 2020
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      Congrats Cynthia, I’m still working on building up that courage myself.


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      Cynthia Van ‘t Hoof
      Registered On: August 7, 2020
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      TY Carla for you reaction and sharing.


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      Carla Jones
      Registered On: May 14, 2017
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      Congratulations Cynthia! That first step out the door is such a huge leap. Once you make that you will start to make more steps with them finally going out in public over and over. Today I slipped on a white denim skirt, sleeveless top, white tennis shoes and headed out. I had to take a return to UPS and Kohl’s and while out I stopped at Walmart, Macy’s, Target and last stop the grocery store. And it all started with a walk to take the trash bin to the end of the driveway, from there the post office and finally just going out. Enjoy your new freedom!


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