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      Curious…  When I first started going outside, it took me maybe all of five seconds to get the rhythm of a woman’s gait, which included a swoosh in my tush, a wiggle in my walk… you get the picture.

      So, do you have your backfield in motion when walking outdoors?

      Personally, I love it! Standing tall, chin up, chest out, arms swaying and that hypnotic back and forth.

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      Patty Phose

      There’s nothing like going out. For a crossdresser, I think it’s the ultimate crosdressing experience.

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      I have the backfield in motion, but it’s happening in the closet.😕

      Maybe one of these days I’ll come out. It is pretty nice in here for now.🙃


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      I find en femme it comes very naturally

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        So do I, it comes on naturally when walking in public dressed. The helpful hints from the other ladies these past few months are well taken and used. I’ve never drawn attention to my feminine gait😉👍

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      I have to concentrate still to get the walk feminine.   I love it when it comes together, but it is still rare for me.

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      J J

      I don’t have much of a backfield…maybe a small running back at most. I don’t get much motion so I just try a walk with a bit narrower gait, keep my shoulders back and try to glide more.

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      Myself, I’m a Tight End ‘out to catch any pass’ coming my way😉😍👠

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        Was going to make a wide receiver joke, but worry that it would not be widely received. So I will refrain from making that joke – don’t want to be penalized for offensive interference.

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      Yep, got it. Didn’t take long really. I studied woman walking for months, how they carry the purse, fix the hair just before going in a store, arm movements.  The best tip is to slow down and shorten your step. Men walk in strides, women take short steps. Wife tells me to stop wiggling my ass, so I do. She says it looks out of place but I love the feel of the movement. And ladies, keep those legs together!

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      Thanks for the interesting question Madeline.  I’m not sure about the backfield part.  I always thought I was a typical man but recently my wife and I were discussing heels (I made metallic green ones for St Patrick’s Day) and she commented about my natural walk.  She said that when she first noticed me over 40 years ago, she thought that my stride was different.  She went on to say that I looked more woman-like when I walked and ran and that my elbows stayed close to my body.  She said it didn’t bother her but did remember that my T-Rex run was different from other men.  I was a little taken aback and asked how someone as smart and beautiful as her could fall in love with me when I was so different?  She replied “Oh that didn’t bother me at all,  I was in love with your mind!”  We both laughed at that one.  And we still continue to laugh each day.  lol   Marg

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      I’ve seldom focused on just my backside when walking but it was some years ago when it was like…all of a sudden I realized that dressed, I was walking differently.  Not just hips and such but like all over. Different stance, leg motion. I felt more upright, maybe more, oh purposeful gait instead of maybe a saunter. Heels or flats , same thing. I was amazed , then maybe a little um, gratified? pleased? Or..this is how i should be.

      Hugs. ChloeC


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      Sarah Lee

      I’ve been told I have the walk down. I even catch myself doing it in drab.

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      My wife has told me many times that one of my issues is that I walk to manly to pass out in public. It is one of the reasons I have not ventured out yet. I recently got me a pair of shoes with about a 2 or 3 inch heel on them and my wife told me that I walk more like a woman in them. Maybe once I get used to walking around the house in them I will get up the nerve to venture out and about in them but other than that I would have to say that my backfield is just warming the bench for now.

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      I just try to channel Jack Benny, it seems to work.

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      Hi Madeline  same her girl trying to keep the backfield in focus walking around the house as never get out .. The wife reminds me once in a while to keep it girly he he  she also reminds me when out and about that your a man today ha ha which means loose the wiggle he he ..


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      I find I have to work the booty more in heels or I just can’t walk in them right. I do have a bit of a swish anyway but definitely in heels.

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      Keen observation and great topic, Madeline. That’s what I love about walking in heels and wedges; using the “crossover step”, having the heel touch first then the rest of the sole, causing that sexy wiggle movement.

      I’ll admit, at this point, my “backfield” doesn’t have much of a tush. I’m seriously considering getting silicone butt pads this year. I just hope I can save up the money and the time for the near four hour drive to the store that I’d want to get them from.



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