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    stephanie plumb
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    All around me the GG’s (Wife, Daughter , Sons girlfriend) were squealing with joy at their new sparkly  bobble hats, earrings (for wearing with masks), eye shadow sets, lotions, Bailey’s , femme cosmetics etc. – you get the picture.  I could only look on enviously, clutching my new Y-fronts and socks to my flat chest.

    And me?  My daughter decided I needed to “dress my age” and bought me a dark grey herringbone flat cap from Next.  You know – the ‘country fair’  style cap that mainly old duffers, market traders and the working class wear( though theirs are cheap ones from ASDA.)

    So I plonked it on my napper, to shouts of  “Its Del boy!”   (For our non UK sisters – an Only Fools and Horses TV comedy show character, as immortalised by David Jason – and now me!)                         “Lovely Jubbly”  I replied.    I checked myself out in the mirror – Bilbo Baggins stared back at me.  As did hints (two large ears) of HRH Prince Charles.  Pictures were gleefully sent via facebook and whatsapp to everybody we know.

    Actually I really like it. It’s well made and fits perfectly.  I wore it all day until it fell off when I was very drunk and helped towards the apples and pears and so up to bedfordshire.

    The one I wasn’t so keen on – a large, very LARGE bar of Sandalwood Gentlemen’s soap. Boo hoo!

    Tell us all about yours.

    StephanieBaggins  xx

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      I thought I’d posted a reply yesterday, from my phone, but It’s not shown up anywhere.
      Hope this one does.
      I had a bit of a meltdown in early December, through an intense need to express myself more freely. It included a conversation with my grown up son, who was just wonderful….he told me it didn’t bother him at all, and that simple comment saved me from sinking into a pit of darkness.
      I digress, but it resulted in my wife giving me nothing but femme pressies this Christmas, which included
      Silk panties, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow sets, an eye brow shaper, gorgeous perfume, fluffy pink open toe slippers, a complete toenail care set with pink varnish, a lovely delicate necklace, and other lovely things. I had tears in my eyes.
      Last Christmas I had mens socks, a chunky thick cardigan, some male body spray…eeeughh, the dreaded male undercrackers…boxers AND briefs, and hunky chunky lambswool lined slippers. I tried to show happiness, but inside I was dead.
      Although we couldn’t share our Christmas with family because of Covid, it has been ,for me, the best Christmas ever. Just wanted to share my absolute joy with you all at CDH.
      Stay safe
      Evelyn xx

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      I have to admit that Leslie had a very good Christmas! The daughter’s boy friend is in Iowa visiting his family so we had her all to ourselves, best gift of all! But Leslie made out like a bandit? She got a CK purse, a lovely ring ( only CZ) that is just like the one my SO wears, a lovely anklet, two pair of “A Christmas Story” socks (I’ve worn them one shock from each pair, as I told anyone who asked well I have another pair just like them at home). A set of eye makeup brushes (still have to figure out how to use them), and a pair of glass nail files one for at home and one in a beautiful case for in my purse. And other lovely stuff. But the best part was that I spent all day dressed, black lace bra, the only one that fits the actual me, a necklace, jagins, a very sheer white blouse that showed off the bra. Just a bit of makeup mascara, lipstick, primer, and a bit of concealer. And if I do say so myself, I looked pretty darn good! And I felt like a million bucks.

      And today I went by Walgreens and found a collection of  No 7 cosmetics in a cute vanity case on sale (half price) and since I was looking for something to collect my makeup in and I like their  products that I have tried. I think that I did pretty good.

      Hugs ❤️❤️,


      Now I am off to d

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      Emily Alt
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      Chocolate.  Lots of it.  Unfortunately a gym membership wasn’t included.  But there were new parts for my bikes….so I can pedal faster….and burn off the chocolate!  Also several bags of high octane coffee….to keep me awake and motivated to ride the bike.  All is as it should be….I suppose.  Happy Boxing Day!

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Merry Christmas Steph….but we have a deal with the E.U….you really did not have to drink the u.k’s alcohol quota….and be careful in those woods….

      ….someone dressed as ” delboy” in women’s clothes, smelling of sandlewood, may not be to hard to trace…..as 2poos said…” it was err, I was easily lead” !!!!…..

      so actually, my funniest Christmas present was…. you darling!!!

      posting your bail, grace xx

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      OK, Freudian slip on my part! I looked at the title of this post and saw the word “pressies” and in my mind I saw something else!

      Presents? Nothing funny or worst here. I got a throw that has my grandchild’s pictures on it. I got a picture collage of me and my step-daughter with a very nice letter from her! Some cash and few gift cards.




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      Laura Lovett
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      Father Christmas brought a fine selection, including Jack Daniels chocolate, a key finder (with temperamental app!), and a Soap and Glory pink sparkly toiletry bag, containing bubble bath, a face mask, mascara and highlight powder!

      I must have been a good girl!

      Love Laura

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      Paula F
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      Well, Ms. Baggins, did any of the lady visitors/relatives make off with your spoons too?  Hopefully you know of no Lobelia’s that venture into your circle.

      My best and worst of this year are one in the same actually.  A very, very lovely peignoir and long night dress set, in the smoothest satin I think I have ever felt on my skin.  It is the most perfect shade of lavender, and the perfect length.  It also has the puffiest sleeves of anything I have ever owned, but I can live with those.  It is this almost monstrously huge bow at the small of my back though.  It is sewn on the ends of the sash and also to the peignoir itself.  Lordy.


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        Grace Scarlett
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        Honey….firstly, merry Christmas…

        secondly….it sounds divine…if I had something that felt like that when worn…..I would forgive the bow I couldn’t even see….I bet you look gorgeous…..( Whisper-while secretly planning the ” bow removal)

        Huggs Texas, grace xx

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          Paula F
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          Thank You Grace.  Was I that apparent in my planning to remove that bow?  Maybe I can sneak it onto her birthday present this June.  LOL


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      michaela jane
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      I am not sure if one of my gifts was/is the worst or the funniest.  One of my daughters gave me a boxed set of Mrs Brown’s Boys. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to her but…… I have never watched Mrs Brown’s Boys apart from a few funny bits that some folk robbed and put clips on facebook/youtube. Those funny bits are funny yes, but I did not get any inclination that I wanted to subject myself to a whole program, let alone a full boxed set of shows. It has all the hallmarks of many American comedy shows, canned laughter etc that I purposely steer clear of. Of the rest of my haul of gifts, most were ok, a bunch of male polo shirts, which will get worn sometimes, and a couple of useful electric items, the best of which is a cpap sterilizer. That last will get used as directed.

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      Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Ms. Baggins.

      My bestest pressies were not the physical kind of gifties but rather spending all day with the grandkiddos.  My ten year old granddaughter and I built a dragon out of Lego; fantastic.  And I really enjoyed it when my 19 month old granddaughter decided she needed to climb all over me while we were watching the new Disney movie.  Fond memories for sure.

      Aye, and I had a bit too much of the spiced rum mid-day certainly feeling its effects.  Luckily it wore off in time for me to drive home and let doggo out so she can go pee; she being cooped up in the house for far too many hours than normal.  As my daughter has cats, taking doggo over there would NOT have been a good idea and visions of the Christmas tree being knocked over would be too real.

      All in all a grand day had by everyone in attendance.

      All the Best to You and Yours, stay healthy, stay safe, Hugs, Krista.

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      Regine Rich
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      Lol, perfect, Stephanie, and BTW, I have one of those hats, from Ireland, love it
      Sadly? I only received pressies from my SO, this year, all for Regi, and I just love them all:-)
      Hugs, Regi

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