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      Since I came out of hospital a few weeks back, I have been living as Cerys almost constantly. I have only been in boy mode 5 or 6 times.
      I really do enjoy the freedom I now have now that my little secret is no longer a secret….
      There is one thing that I enjoy more than being Cerys…
      This is when my wife borrows my clothes!
      We were going out this morning. My wife wanted to wear her new skirt. She doesn’t wear skirts that often and she is making the effort to do so more regularly to help her feel “more feminine”.
      She put the skirt on, and looked great in it. It was shorter than she normally wears, but she looked amazing and agreed to keep wearing it…. She then struggled to find a top. Nothing she had made her happy. I threw her one of my T-shirts with a logo across the front. She put it on and it went perfectly with the skirt. She looked amazing…. Then she wanted shoes. It’s warm here in Wales so she wanted a sandal type of shoe. Her sandals didn’t go well, so I offered her to try mine. The second pair were perfect.
      So she was out all day in my T-shirt and sandals…. She looked great. The friends we met said she looked amazing. I, of course, told them that the top and sandals were mine πŸ™‚
      My wife has been through hell over the years with me and “my ways”. It’s great to be able to give a little something back. My wife often borrows my clothes. She even wore one of my dresses to a very fancy dinner for her professional body.
      Seeing my wife wearing my clothes gives me a far bigger kick than me wearing my clothes.
      She says it’s one of the benefits of having a crossdressing husband πŸ™‚


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      Angela Booth

      Brings a whole new slant to ‘Friends with benefits’… you are one lucky Cerys.

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      You are a very lucky girl well done you for having such a fabulous wife, encourage her to choose anything she likes she might start treating you when she is shopping,
      Sarah xx

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      Lucky you! My wife is 10” shorter than me, so a lot of my clothes or shoes will never fit her.

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      I’ve been on a different path, Cerys. Since coming home from the hospital, I have been unable to fully dress until two days ago. I had some major surgery done, and the bra band was too close to the incision line. Then I had many visitors (visiting nurse, dietician, physical therapist) or doctor appointments or other errands to run that made it difficult to even partially dress.

      Regarding my ex borrowing clothes, she will almost never wear a skirt or dress. She is also much bigger on the lower half, but her shoe size is much smaller than mine. But when my brother passed a few years ago, she came up and only had either jeans or capris, neither of which was very appropriate for the funeral and burial. I had a black knee length circle skirt that would fit around her hips, which I almost insisted she should wear, which she did.

      Another time, before the divorce, we were going to watch my daughter perform in a marching band competition. That night it was predicted to be chilly and windy. I had some women’s thermal underwear (unopened, even) that I almost begged her to wear (I asked her 3 different times before I left). I had been to these type of competitions before, and I knew the open stands would provide little protection from the wind. I had a second top that I wore, and used tights as my thermal bottoms. She refused (said she’d be all right), then complained all night that she was cold.

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual


      that is so beautiful! Yu really are a lucky girl!


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      You are right Cerys

      My SO also often borrow some of my stuff and it feels so good sharing clothes and makeup.

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