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    June Holl
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    So my wife and I have been accepted to join a group going to DC and talk with senators about LGBTQIA issues. I am scared out of my mind, but feel I need to represent our community! So in my head I want to bring light to this stigma that “guys in woman’s clothing are creeps”. We are ordinary people living our lives, or want to be. Currently, as has been discussed, we really don’t fit into the LGBTQ… moniker. And with that I don’t think the whole moniker needs too. Can we just be people!?! That is my goal! No mater where you are in life, to normalize your ability to represent you no matter what!!! If any of you have talking points you’d like to share, I’d gladly except them!!!


    love you all,


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      Araminta Purdy
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      Unfortunately I have so much to say that I would not know where to begin?


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      I am so leaving this one alone!

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      Dawn Wyvern
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      Please remember that this is non-political site and any references to a specific party will not be acceptable. I have removed a post which did not match the site rules, so please keep with in the bounders.

      I applaud June for taking the time to speak on our behalf at this level, irrespective which party she is taking to, and wish her well.


      Dawn (admin)

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      Polly Stewart
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      What’s the bet that many of the male politicians you meet will be closet gays or crossdressers? Wishing you all the good fortune!

      Polly 💕💕🏅

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Good Luck June. Why can’t we just all wear what we want to wear, what’s the harm. As long as we are doing others no harm or breaking laws.
      Apart from trying to normalise what we do, can I ask does the group have an agenda? Are you trying to influence any legislation or advance any proposals?

      Would love to hear of your experience when you return.

      B x

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        June Holl
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        So the agenda, from what o can tell at the moment is just bring LGBTGAI+ individuals face to face with given state legislators and having conversations. I can only hope that this brings prospective when they are voting on issues that are meant to harm the community.

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      Suzanne Martin
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      June –

      What an opportunity, I wish you well on your trip and hope you are able to educate those you speak to.  We live in difficult times and anything out of the “norm” is considered a threat, which for the most part is not true.  I think if we were to allow people to live the life they want, so long as it is not illegal, we would be a better society.  If you think about it it’s kind of funny that men can go out in public and no one bats an eye if they are wearing a kilt but put on a skirt and it’s a whole different story.

      Anyway, good luck on your trip.  It will be interesting to hear how it goes.


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      Michelle McQueen
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      While we know almost everyone looks down on CD’s because of societies shallow knowledge and misguided assumptions about our lifestyle, it would serve the CD community well if the benefits of having a female mindset in relation to our SO’s and society in general were better understood and appreciated.

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      Angela Booth
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      What a responsibility and opportunity. I think you have set a couple of good themes in your text which are very pertinent and worthy of discussion.

      Where do we fit in the LGBTQIA? Where indeed. Some of us crossdress and may fit in as we are trans, gay, Bi and so on. Some may want to live or present as women but still stand by their sexuality and sex. It could be seen that we are gender fluid if we change from male to female identity, which seems to be acceptable in the spectrum but not crossdresser. Should we now adopt the this new term to be included? What if you live full time as a female, Should we now term ourselves as Trans? Maybe crossdesser is now becoming redundant as is transvestite in this very diverse spectrum. It is clear though that there are thousands around the world who like the term crossdresser and is an expression they are happy with so why is it not generally accepted in the LBGTQIA spectrum? Crossdressers are real but many live in fear and cannot express themselves out in society.

      Society has been quite cruel about crossdressers and it has to be said that males who dress as women get the abuse and worse. There is a nafarius suspicion to males who dress yet this is not the case where women dress as men. What in society has made this discrimination prevalent? 

      People live many different lifestyles these days and , like crossdressing, present no threat to individuals or society so why should we not be afforded the rights and freedom to express ourselves and live without fear. Why are the legislators marginalising us as crossdressers by suggesting that it is unnatural and against morals. In some cases they are undoing basic rights that had afforded us to be more comfortable in society and changing attitudes against us.

      That’s my thoughts and I hope you do really well at the presentation June.




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        Polly Stewart
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        Well… Angela…

        your thoughts on the cruelty of society towards crossdressing men are interesting. Can I posit the following? With no offense to you, us… anyone on this site… we ‘men’, in all our variations have abused, criticised, condemned, codified and generally treated women as less than human beings for thousands of years! Maybe we have to take that on the chin!

        women can dress as men (except in religious communities) and not be anything other than women. Whereas, many crossdressers are trying to look other than men… you all know the look!

        with much respect Polly 💕

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