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    Jen Scarlet
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    Hi Ladies.

    Do you have a different birthday for your dressed self versus your drab self?

    I guess it’s different for those who are transitioning; you are your same self. But for the express cross dressers, does your femme alter ego have a discrete identity beyond a name?

    Historically, I’ve never thought about it but finding a superb group like CDH was almost what Facebook would call a ‘Life Event.’ And such a release. So much so I’m thinking of using the date of joining as a separate ‘birthday’ for Jennifer. Any excuse for a celebration, a glass of vino and a spot of self-indulgence!

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      Regi Kelly
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      As this side of me grew, over time, it’s hard to put an actual date on myself, so I just use the original, however, Regi seems to be 20 to 30 yrs younger than “him”, lol
      Hugs, Regi👸💕

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      stephanie plumb
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      Stephanie was born the same day “He”  was assigned male at birth (AMAB.)  Only she didn’t know herself back then. “He” persuaded her that she was merely a crossdresser, so she was under the radar for many years, and although uneasy about herself didn’t question it.

      When she joined CDH back in 2018 and gave herself the name Stephanie the light dawned.  She had given herself a female name! What a revelation that was! And so she realised that she had been misled and mistaken about her true gender identity because of her upbringing. What a relief it was!  And an awakening – She rose phoenix-like from the drabness of male dominance, shook him off , and consigned him to his box.

      CDH is to thank for this awakening – without it she would still be “him.”

      Stephanie P ❤

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      Sarah Du Hessisse
      Registered On: September 16, 2020
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      Hi Jen  I am a Libran and that fits perfectly for Sarah’s persona she is totally open minded.

      Love Sarah xx

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      Cynthia Dubois
      Registered On: August 17, 2017
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      I have expressly stopped celebrating birthdays of any kind.

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      Stephanie Bass
      Princess - Annual
      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Jen as started dressing as a very young kid have allways used my original birthdate as that was many many moons ago .. lol ha ha


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      Amy Myers
      Registered On: February 11, 2019
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      I pegged mine as Jan 1, 2019, as that is when I really felt Amy’s identity come to life. Before that I dressed up, but didn’t feel the same feminine identity.


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      Bridgette VonSmirff
      Registered On: October 18, 2020
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      It’s been less than a year since I discovered Bridgette, and it was somewhere around my actual birthday, so I’ll just keep using it. About 3 months later I found this place and really started growing. Bridgette owes you girls so very much!

      Thanks, Bridgette

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      Registered On: January 17, 2021
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      My first birthday will come in November 30th 3 days  after my male birthday the 30th is when will be a real woman and transitioned.

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      Amanda Burton
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      Well I did think about it, but then I thought “Why” I am still the same person, I wasn’t re-born on a different day because I decided to wear lingerie or dresses. I have always gravitated to feminine things, indeed found that I like be feminine more and more as the years go by. But the bottom line is I am still the same person in flesh as I started out as,simply “Me”. I can’t change history so why change my birth date.

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      Jessica Charms
      Registered On: May 6, 2021
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      Beyond the name yes, for me Jessica is the side of myself that I wish the world could see. Giddy, fun, sweet, kind and loving. The complete polar opposite of what my male self is.
      As for birthday, no. Jessica is a part of me, and I am a part of her. Aside from our personalities being different with her being more level headed than me, we have the same birthday, we are the same person after all.

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      Trisha Lilly Hibbert
      Registered On: December 8, 2020
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      Hi Jen, for me I class Trisha’s birthday as the day I accepted myself, which just happened to be my legal birthday. So no second birthday for me.

      Love Trisha

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      Registered On: July 28, 2020
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      Hi Jen…

      Using CDH registration date is the most logical (if one doesn’t have a specific date) as your fem birth date… I have done the same… 🙂👍

      Gen ❤

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      Bettylou Cox
      Registered On: May 26, 2019
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      Hi Jen,

      And that’s an interesting idea. I try to ignore my drab self’s birthdays (the number is growing too large); so using Bettylou’s instead is a good fresh start. The only problem is, I don’t know her birthday. My awareness of Bettylou crept up on me gradually until one day, I just realized she was there, and had been for some time. And would Bettylou’s birthday be the first time I put on a dress as a kid, or when some compulsion led me to “borrow” one of my wife’s dresses for a short time about six years ago? I don’t know, and I guess it really doesn’t matter; I’m just happy she is here, now.


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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Jen As you said any excuse for a celebration. I am not sure where i fit on the spectrum anymore. I started going out when I was a teenager then hid for a couple years then came out again. The crazy world of a CD. I think now that I am a little more mature maybe celebrating the wonderful gift of life and all those lovely emotions we get to feel just accepting who we are as people. I know!! celebrating ACCEPTANCE would be my Birthday. It did not happen when I went to see my therapist I did not believe her when she said voice therapy and HRT would help with my dysphoria. My acceptance came when I joined CDH and found so many others that are and have been dealing with the same issue. Maybe the day I joined CDH is my new second birth day. Those who are transitioning also have a second birthday. The day they decided to live their life as the person they always thought they were. I did not remember my first birthday but you always remember your second. Thank you for your post.

      Luv Stephanie

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      Very fun, Jen. I don’t have a separate birthday for Kate per se, but that part of me definitely has a bit of a different, if not identity, let’s say way of being lol. When the Kate switch is flipped I find my point of view and way of expressing myself to be different.

      Good topic! Hope you enjoy whatever day you pick xoxo.

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