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      I was browsing online and chanced upon bodysuits that convert the masculine figures into feminine ones with breasts, butt and hip enhancement. Would love to hear from anyone who has ever used them. Are they comfortable? Do they actually work well? Is it worth investing in them?

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      Great topic, Jen!

      I have seen them as well. Have worn full breast plates and they are…okay.

      Stick to breast forms mostly and dress styles that don’t show a lot of cleavage. Cursed with a body that is 36 inches….chest, waist and hips. Straight like a board.

      But if one piece could give me a figure, instead of having to go through forms, cinchers and hip/butt pads, would work, I am willing to see if I can put up with a little discomfort.


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        Yep! It would be real nice to have one piece that can transform my figure into something more feminine. I like wearing short skirts and dresses, and to show some cleavage. Can’t really do that with my breast forms. But I also don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that may or may not work.

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          Hehe, it’s all about the legs for me. At least one feature that I am proud of and LOVE to show off.

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            Haha! Yes, I love to show off my legs. It’s the rest of my body that I have to worry about… πŸ™

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      I’d skip it. There expensive and so hard to wear. Just stick to a natural look honey.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I can’t imagine covering that much skin with silicone.Β  A veritable sweat factory.


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      From reading your description, I think I know the bodysuits you are referring to.

      The big thing is to make sure it has an opening for the bathroom.

      While I don’t have the bodysuit, I did buy a full torso silicone breastplate and a silicone pant with a functioning vagina.Β Β  It was the biggest waste of money ever.Β Β  It wasn’t so much the difficulty of putting it on, but it didn’t feel right at all, nor did it look good as the silicone colour did not much my skin tone.

      As well, the pant on the website looked like it would give me decent hip/butt, but when I tried it on, it didn’t give me any of that.Β  It was just my drab male figure showing thru.

      Plus, one of the reasons I love transforming into Wendy is being able to feel the lucious fabric of women’s clothing against the skin.Β  All that silicone just blocks that feeling.

      As I mentioned before, the money I spent on that I could’ve bought a tonne of skirts or women’s racing swimsuits, and have change leftover.


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      I can imagine the idea being very attractive but the reality being totally opposite. I had a breast plate for 6 weeks. You have to cover your torso with talc powder and wrestle your way in following the instructions because you don’t want to rip it. You get it on and think ‘oh the neck is not fitting correctly and needs trimming’Β  wrestle it off again and cut a bit of and wrestle it back on with more talc. It looks ok and yes your breast jiggle and it looks sexy….just not real. You decide to dress, you get made up and head out for a night out in your spaghetti strap dress it looks great in the mirror (and you didnt need to shave your back) before you leave. You get to the bar or restaurant, its warm ad you begin to perspire ( ladies dont sweat) your sitting on a stool talking to your girlfriend, you turn and there is a farting sound as the air gets forced out at the neck. By now you’re not perspiring anymore, you are in full sweat, you couldn’t be wetter than if you were sitting in a Finnish sauna. Its uncomfortable so horrible that you need to get back home. Arriving home you start ripping of your clothes your make-up was already pouring down your face, so worring about getting foundation on your dress is not the worry anymore. The fun really begins, the latex is sucked onto your skin which was covered in talc but has turned into a slurry with the composition of wall filler. Just trying to get it over your head with no help is really impossible, pulling upward over your torso is difficult as you cant hold onto the slimy rubber. I used it two times and threw it out. It was from Roanya and cost a lot of money. Maybe you can take the sweat for the effect, but I just shave my back, tape up my chest and use a low cut bra with my falsies.

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        Wow Helene,

        If I ever had any desire to purchase a breast plate your experience cured me of that.

        Thanks for the cautionary tale,


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        Thanks, Helene. You have convinced me to not consider bodysuits at all. What you have described sounds like a nightmare and it’s not something I would be interested in experiencing!

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        Well I was considering purchasing a breastplate…..Now, maybe not. They sure look great, but I don’t have the patience for all the hassle you described. And, I live in southeast Texas!!! The heat would be too much. Thanks for the information.

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        Peggy Sue Williams
        Duchess - Annual


        Sounds very similar to what we experienced when we would wear the Playtex Living Girdle way back in the 1950s &Β  60s.Β  It gave a girl a beautiful figure, but it was made of 100% latex/rubber.Β  It was not only tight, but in the summer months, we were soak and wet with perspiration inside the girdle.Β  After a few hours of wearing it, we would begin to drip with perspiration all over our bodies.Β  I sweat so much that my stockings were usually soakedΒ  too, as well as myΒ  dress.

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      Hi Jen, thanks for the question about body suits.Β  I’ve seen those ads by Roanya and I was wondering about them too.

      So, thank you to those who suffered through and were able to survive and report back.Β  Those suits and plates and such are a nice fantasy, but as I suspected, the reality is just a little different!

      Hugs, ChloΓ«C

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