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    Kristen Smithly
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    Hi everyone!
    Well, yesterday evening I went to an actual “bra shop” where they only sell bras, panties, lingerie, and stockings. It was great! I had made an appointment for 15 minutes before closing. There was only one shopper in there, and she didn’t seem to care I was in there (I was in drab). She even wished me “happy looking, they have some beautiful items in here, try on several” as she was going out the door. The SA brought me quite a few bras to try on, and different sizes/weights of forms. I was in heaven! She adjusted straps as needed, explained the different styles, why this style would work, why this one wouldn’t, etc.So nice to be in the hands of a professional. She asked if I wanted to try on some lingerie and I told her “I am concerned about trunk length”. She said her husband is 6’3″ and has a short inseam and a longer trunk, and he wears stuff they sell with no length issues. I didn’t try any on as I was on a time constraint but I did order the forms and picked out one bra to get when I get the forms. I will try on, (and hopefully buy!) some lingerie. She said they will be getting a new shipment right before Christmas.I have never had weighted forms, just foam ones that didn’t look or feel right. It was such a fun and wonderful experience!

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      Natalie Jones
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      Kristen, what a wonderful experience! Can shopping be anymore fun or girlie than that. I love the part about the SA’s husband underdressing at his construction job … sounds like me! I had a great experience at a Maidenform outlet store years ago. I went in to just buy panties but the SA a young college age girl couldn’t have been more helpful or pleasant. She helped me pick out panties, showed me what was on sale. I never said I was shopping for myself but at one point she looked me in the eye and said “ your a size 7 correct? “ I left that day with over a dozen panties and two camisoles


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      Ginger Tara Green
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      I recently had a makeover and the boutique supplied the forms and a bra as well. I was very happy to experience them.  They were weighted forms too.  I had brought some bras for the makeover but she wanted me to have a bra that didn’t allow the forms to move at all.   I was very pleased with the fit and feel of the forms and the bra that she supplied.   I am happy for you to have the chance to get your forms. Mine have made me so happy.   I hope you have a great experience when you receive yours.

      hugs and kisses Ginny.

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      Glad you found an accepting and supportive SA.  You should let us know where that shop is soothers that live in the area can visit the store.

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      Brittney Andrews
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      It’s fortunate to have a lingerie boutique in your area that is accepting of “girls” like us. I’ve been buying from my local boutique since 2017. I stop in every 2 to 3 months to see if she has anything new or to buy something that has caught my eye from a previous visit.

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      Lynda Jones
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      I am thinking about the Gold Seal Classic 1 1/2 Attachable Breast Forms from BFS. Looking for advice.

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      Very pleased for you love.
      Wish my wife was very supportive of me. Did the sales assistant also say you that her husband dressed in them also?
      Imagine having your wife or partner working in a shop like that and getting you all the gear.

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      Wendy Swift
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      That is so awesome !  Having a professional point you in the right direction totally helps.  I’m sure the forms and bra will a perfect fit.

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      Darcy Grigsby
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      How awesome! I have good experiences shopping in drab in a couple of lingerie shops in my area but none quite as accommodating as the one you describe.

      Very happy for you.

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        Kristen Smithly
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        They are really the only speciality bra shop around, and with a big once a year late spring-early summer CD convention nearby, they are pretty used to accommodating us males, plus it helps that her husband crossdresses (only underdresses as she said he works construction). Lots of CD/Trans clients.

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