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    Donna Hall
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    How many of you ladies have had a professional bra fitting?
    I live in Jupiter Florida and recently went to Ruth’s lingerie shop for a bra fitting. I was treated with the utmost respect. Apparently they have worked with a number of members the trans community in the past. I went home wearing my new 38C Bali lace underwire model, fitted with #8 forms.
    Anyone out there want to tell us about their experiences?


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      Stephanie Green
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      I took my own measurements and found my bra size.  My bras are comfortable and support my breast forms well.  A professional fitting is something I’d like to get one day.  It would be nice to know if I fitted myself correctly.

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      have this professional fitter at my local VS shop girl is such a kind and understanding goes out of the way to service you. Always ask by her name when going into to shop for bras and panties

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      Patti James
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      Finding a fabulous bra is my nemesis right now. I want to wear a bra but I’m not interested in forms or sports bras. I’m a 42a and happy with that right now. I have bought and returned so many bras from Amazon 😕 I’ve taken to wearing camisoles under my male clothes as I like the feeling on the straps over my shoulders 🙂 I’m open to shopping suggestions

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        Robyn Drake
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        maybe look at bralettes from some place like Herroom

        – Robyn

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      Tammy Johnson
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      I was just calling around checking on this, unfortunately Lane Bryant isn’t offering fittings at least in Colorado because of Covid.  The lady at Torrid did seem really friendly and didn’t seem to have any problems with me dropping in as long as I wear a mask.  Unfortunately, the lady at Soma seemed less than friendly when she realized I was calling for myself and obviously noticed I’m a guy.  Does anyone else know of good places to go, especially in Colorado?  If not it looks like I will go to Torrid since they seemed very friendly.



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        Bridgette VonSmirff
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        I love torrid, I say su many nice things about them they should pay me as a spokesperson. Wouldn’t that be lovely, a billboard with and model?

        Bridgette vS

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      Patty Phose
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      After college i gradually stopped dressing. After over 20 years I started again. I knew of a lingerie shop that had crossdressing clients. I went there to check it out and learn more.

      While waiting and looking at the hosiery and lingerie, I saw a guy there looking over at me and looking very nervous. I thought he was just embarrassed about being in a sexy lingerie shop. I went outside for a while to let him shop or do whatever without me making him nervous.

      When I saw him leave I went back inside to speak to the owner. She apologized for not being attentive to me sooner. I told her it was fine. Then i told her I wanted to know more about her crossdressing services. That’s when she told me the guy who was in here when I came in was there for the same thing. I suggested she tell him I was there for the same thing and maybe we could meet.

      We did meet, dress, get a makeover, talked and just enjoyed being girls. Then I got involved with other events and other dresser clients. We dressed, got makeovers, talked, took photos and even encouraged each other to go out dressed.

      We would do little things like stand outside for a little. Then maybe walk to a car and put something in it. Then walk a few stores away and back. Eventually the goal for many of us was to walk down the street to the corner. Cross it. Walk back on the other side across from the shop, cross the street and go back to the shop.

      it had been a long time since I did that. I remembered the fear, then the excitement. Once the excitement kicked in I didn’t want it to end. Upon coming back to the shop, those of us who did it were just so giddy. I made sure every time I went to that shop to do that walk even if no one else did.

      So these little bra, panty, shoe or dress fittings can lead to a whole lot more. I think if I was in a new area and found a shop like that, I would find out if they had any services or events for girls like us.

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      Stephanie Bass
      Princess - Annual
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      Hi Donna nice to meet you and such wishful thinking to have a fitting .. Im a home body as wife helps with that she measured me a few ways and picked out what looks right and they do feel good  so hoping someday to be more of a woman . Looking forward to Keystone in 2022 if this covid mess is over im there and out of my shell hope hope ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Donna,

      Have had several fittings at several stores and boutiques.  Many businesses are CD friendly and welcome our purchases.

      With Covid among our midst most stores have suspended  bra fittings.  You are fortunate to have been measured recently.

      For example, Hanes Brands, Victoria Secret, Lane Bryant, Torrid and Catherines are a few.


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      Samantha Roarke
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      I have had a fitting at Sak’s, was a great time!! Call in advance to be sure they can do the fitting.


      PS- Found this topic too!!



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      Coleen Edinburgh
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      I was fitted in Marks & Spencer and depending on forms I’m a 38 C or D cup. The staff are wonderful and I phoned earlier to arrange a good time for them. They told me later was the best time as some GG might complain about a male in the female changing room’s

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      Mine was just yesterday at Torrid. I had gone in earlier and gotten Annaleigh a brand new dress, her first ever, and didn’t realize until about 2 hours later that i had forgotten that quintessential item! I went back, and the same sales lady that helped with the dress helped with the bra. I gave her my male name, even thoughI used Annaleigh on the account, first. The second time I was in there, she used Annaleigh and found the perfect band size. But the B cups were rather big. I might go back and just get that size bra to wear under Annaleigh’s dress.

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