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      Where do you find your bracelets when you are inflicted with “man wrists”?

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      Samantha R

      I wish I knew! (I commented in order to see some of the responses)

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      Angela Wagner
      Managing Ambassador

      I bought a bracelet on Amazon that simply wraps around my wrists. And it looks very nice. It would fit on anyone, even someone with large wrists.

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      Hi Michaela,    I usually shop everywhere but find a lot of my jewelry at thrift shops or else online for some very special pieces.  Also, I usually either install extra links or remove extra links to chain bracelets that don’t fit right.  I keep two small jewelers pliers around that I got at Joann’s Fabric for just that purpose.  I keep all the extra parts in a small jar for grafting into future repairs or fittings.   May the bling be with you,  Marg

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      A great question. My wrists are a bit larger than most women so I have to be careful when I buy a bracelet that it will fit. Generally those solid bangles won’t go over my hand so I avoid those. When buying on line I check to see how long the bracelets are as compared to my wrist circumference.

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      For my part, buying lover price baubles look for stretch slip overs.  This requires reading the fine print online.  As the other sister said flexible wrap around is another type. Finally knowing your wrist diameter let’s you order fixed sizes.  Many bracelets are made to fit ladies wrists loosely so might still fit us, just more snug.

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      Flea markets!

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Fortunately I have small wrists and don’t have trouble finding ones that fit.  I have a couple from Amazon that I like.  My favorites are all hand made from local artists that sell at street fairs and such.


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      I have used a wrap around brace;let that works well with my wrists as the fixed ones are way too small

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      Fortunately I have small wrists & hands and can wear most women’s bracelets and watches when I was younger I always wished my wrists were bigger funny how things change.

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      Hi Michaela Jane,

      Another suggested flea markets but also consider holiday bazarres or craft shows.  The crafters are open to creating special designs and often reasonably priced.  The crafter can add links to lengthen a bracelet for a large wrist.


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      I’ve bought bracelets at Kohl’s and from Amazon.  I suspect I have average size wrists for a man and haven’t had any issues with them fitting.  One bracelet from Kohl’s has elastic strips thay run thru it so the bracelet can expand to over my hand but returns to proper size over my wrist.  I have several others that use the “crab claw” and has enough length I can attach the claw to a link leaving some of the links dangling.

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        Elasticated bracelets leave my wrists with quite deep marks that take some hours to fully dissipate when the bracelet is removed.

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      Something to remember:

      Not all of those AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) have small hands and skinny wrists…

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      At the risk of seeming like a shill… Torrid bracelets, anklets, and necklaces work for me but it’s not the widest of selections.

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      Audrey W

      Hi Michaela, From years of weightlifting, I have a bit larger wrists myself. I’ve found I need bracelets with a length of 8 inches or more to fit my wrists properly. Amazon is a good place to start. You could type 8 inch bracelet in the search, which is what I often do.  Also, if the bracelet you like is unavailable in your size, but uses lobster clasps, you could purchase this “Double Lobster Clasp Extender Double Claw Connector” also available from Amazon. I own a fair bit of jewelry all of which was purchased “across the isle” so to speak in the women’s section.  I wear it even in guy mode and get compliments frequently from random men and women.  Additionally, they make extenders for necklaces as well, in case you find something you like which isn’t quite long enough.  I hope you could find this as helpful.

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