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    patty williams
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    Hi Girls,

    Since discovering my feminine side and this site I have had a desire to expand my friendships and have friends that accept me for all I am.

    Well Saturday I sent the day with my good friend Beverly Phillips.

    This was our second visit together and I feel I have a life long friend already.

    Not just her but with her wife Mother and her daughter.

    They all have accepted me and been so kind to me I was Overwhelmed.

    I must say it was little hard for me to open up at first but Beverly made it so easy and was reassuring.

    I know girls it is hard to let your self break through our internet safety net but I highly recommend if you can to give it a whirl.

    Believe me I have been burned once already and I am still hurting from that experience and I may always hurt as I cared for that person very deeply, in fact I didn’t know a friendship los could hurt so much for so long.

    However don’t keep yourself in a box there are so many wonderful girls on this site that need friends they can trust and share with.

    You may miss out on a lifetime of friendship,dont miss out on that opportunity I am begging you.

    I love you all Patty

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      patty williams
      Registered On: January 19, 2019
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      hi Anna then you live relatively close to me.

      I hope you do get the courage to go out dressed or maybe meet Bev she is a kind person.

      you know you don’t have to meet a fellow CD dressed ,sometimes its just nice to meet a fried you feel safe sharing with and having something in common.

      when this virus is over we should meet for coffee in drab.


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      Anna Beth
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      I live nearby Beverly Phillips as well maybe one of these day I will get brave and come out dressed, and meet everyone in my area. I’m still too much of a chicken right now🤷‍♀️.


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      Laura Lovett
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      I’m going to take this opportunity to brag about my lovely meet up with Hilda Ruth in Brighton.

      It was a perfect, summer day, and I was feeling breezy in a fresh skirt and top with trainers combo, sitting on the terrace of the little cafe in the park that overlooks the pier and sea.

      A slice of blueberry and lemon cake, with a mug of black coffee, people occasionally glancing at me and smiling somewhat shyly.

      I took a bite of cake, and glanced up.

      There she was, I was reasonably certain. She looked like her pictures, but, in the flesh, was I mistaken? Is that just a 60-something lady who looks like Hilda Ruth?

      She looked up, caught my glance, and asked “Are you Laura?”.

      Very polite, I thought!

      Alas, we could not hug, because of social distancing, but I felt and sent the delighted air hug – the rush of joy in meeting a sister – like it was physical.

      Once she’d furnished herself with refreshments, we sat and talked about all manner of things, from the heart, as ladies do, until, quite suddenly, an hour, probably more, had passed, and HR had to leave for her food delivery.

      Unaccountably, given I visit Brighton regularly by myself, I suddenly felt quite alone, and not sure what to do. Here I was in a strange city, wearing a shorter skirt than I normally would, a skimpy top that enhanced my fake boobs, quite obviously a cross dresser…

      And then I went onto the pier, where the traditional British seaside atmosphere suddenly caught me. The breeze whipped at my skirt, which I demurely held at the edges, and I bought an ice cream, and watched the happy people around me enjoying their breaks – and instantly felt like one of them.

      A British person dressed for holiday, relaxing and having fun simply being there.

      And with the knowledge and memory of a new friend, with whom I share my most passionate interest!

      Thank you so much for being there, Hilda Ruth – you made my day!

      Love Laura

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      Beverly Phillips
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      You Sweetheart!!!!!!!   your llf…  Beverly Phillips

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      Caty Ryan
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      Via this site and another (previous) Australian based site, I am now part of an email  group of 8-10 girls from all over the world. We run to about half Aussies and the rest from NZ, USA ,Canada and the UK.

      So anyone hesitating about being part of a group, (within reason), just “go for it”.

      You never know who you may end up good (CD) friends with..





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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Patty and yes you are right on loosing friends hurts I ve lost a couple since I joined here and one caroline  hurts the worst but ive made more friends that I love to talk to and hoping to venture out and make new out side friends but with this small community there is not much chance of making CD friends around me so I  fall back on you girls here to chat with and it makes my heart happy that I found all you girls here and wouldn’t trade this place for all the money in fort knox well close __NOT even would I want to loose you girlfriends I think I would go back to a depressed state that’s been gone for a long time as wifes support it stays gone and living as Stephanie at least part time so thank you all for being there and giving all of us a purpose in life to be able to chat. Love you all .

      Hugs and Kisses to you Patty

      Stephanie Bass

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      Vanessa Vanreed
      Registered On: May 7, 2020
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      That is wonderful advise. I am going to make better effort to do that.

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      Philma Bierstein
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      I too am looking to meet some other folks.  GGs and CDs.  Pretty much anyone who would be accepting, actually… just a chance to interact in public with nice people.  I so miss that during the pandemic.

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      Bettylou Cox
      Registered On: May 26, 2019
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      That’s wonderful advice, Patty, and I’m making the effort now to do just that.



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