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      Just got breast forms and now wondering how did I ever live without them?!

      Speaking of which, have several trips planned this summer, domestic and international. Does anyone have experience getting their silicon boobies screened in carry-on luggage? Do they trigger unwanted secondary screening? Imagining TSA or an international screener opening my roller, rummaging through my lingerie, pulling out my breast forms, erect nipples and all.

      Hopefully screeners don’t bat an eye, but worried that they might. Experience and advice appreciated!

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      While I have never gone through an airport with forms in my bags, I have had my luggage checked by TSA and had them go through my panties. It was actually quite funny to me as at the time I was in the Military and had all my panties packed in with my military uniforms. My wife and I got to our hotel and I open the bag to see the TSA thank you note and I told my wife ” I wounder what went through their heads as they went through my suitcase?” We had a good laugh about it. I could only imagine what they might have thought if I would have had forms and bras in with my panties.

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      Caty Ryan

      I have not travelled domestic or internanational with breast forms since 2016, and then only once to North America.

      I had breast forms in my checked luggage and never got pulled up once. Prior to the above, before I”signed the CD pledge” for while, throughout my long hauls in the 80’s and 90’s to Western Europe and North America, except for a “trade samples search”, in one particular city, (Hullo Montreal), I was never pulled aside by customs.

      9/11 may have changed that. But between then and when I retired not long after ,I did get searched in Atlanta, but had left Caty at home and had nothing fem in my luggage.







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      Hi Josie,  I’m open and travel sort of pretty (jeans and a top).  I’m always stopped by TSA because my intersex body messes with their AI machines.  Normally I wear a normal Maidenform underwire T-shirt bra but sometimes the Maidenform underwire pushup. I explain that I’m intersex, get patted down, swabbed for explosives (hint, do not go to the firing range, reload shotgun shells or handle bags of fertilizer before flying), get delayed for 2-10 minutes and then am sent on my way.  I am a costumer and many times when I travel I am bringing stage costumes along that do have silicone gel enhancers or forms in them (the stars have their secrets too).  These costumes are special (think DWTS or Vegas Lido type) and needed at critical times so I bring them with me in my carry on.  Last year I was stopped by TSA and they refused to let me through with a costume that had a 3 oz. pair of silicone enhancers.  Great!  We had a little heated discussion which only made thing worse.  They stuck to their line that gels are gels and no way will I carry them on.  So, they removed them from the costume, tossed them into the bin with corkscrews, knives, scissors etc. and said that I could go.  That created problems for me when I arrived at the set and I vowed not to have that happen again.  So now I just stuff the enhancer or form into my bra and say it’s my prothesis when I’m stopped or just plan on tossing the gel stuff into a checked baggage bag.  Then I still carry on the costumes but take my chances on if they will pull stuff out of the checked bag (it’s happened to me before).  I’ve given up on ever trying to go through TSA without careful scrutiny.  Yup, I know that it should be easier but that’s what’s been my experience.  I’ve been delayed as long as an hour in the past and sometime wonder if I’m just the practice lesson of the day. So I hope that this will help you or someone.  Most people here never have this level of difficulty when flying.  Marg

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        When talking about firearms and such. I use to work in corporate events. Big ones with thousands in attendance. We were always on the road, one city to the next, once we had fireworks inside the venue (it was Vegas). Some of the crew was leaving right after the show so our luggage was also back stage, sure enough at TSA we all got delayed, more then a few minutes, as we all got put in a room along with our luggage, due to residue from the fireworks.
        thank god I didn’t bring any of my female attire with me that trip as they were opening up everyone’s suitcases in front of us!



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      I have travel domestically on several occassions with my breast forms.  They have been in my carry on on a few occassions, but I am generally wearing them.  I have yet to have any issue passing through the TSA checkpoint in either case.   In truth, I have discovered that I have received more scrutiny with my breast forms in my carry on versus when I am wearing them.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      Diana Stockton

      I have traveled a lot with both my forms 42C and DressTech hip pads dressed.  No real issues.  I recommend not using a wired bra though or any other metal for that case.  I once was traveling in drab with a corset.  The metal caused me to have an secondary search in cubicle.  Quite embarrassing.  I have twice had the female agent pat me down on my shoulder after the body scan but then let me go.  I assume to verify I was wearing a bra. I also found at the few airports that occasionally will allow shoes that some of my shoes have metal in the sole.  That has caused a few times to go back and drop the shoes off on the conveyor.

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      I’ve traveled numerous times with forms….worn or in my carry-on.  Occasionally I’ve gotten waived thru without a delay.  More often there’s a quick pat-down or carry-on inspection.  I tell the agents I’m trans and that seems to ease things along.  The agents have always been professional.  If you’re traveling from a major metro area….especially one with a large LGBTQ presence….you’re more likely to be ignored.

      Here’s TSA’s official guidance for trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming passengers.



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      J J

      Forms in your checked bags are no issues, rarely will be an issue for your carry on unless you are randomly selected for inspection, or something else in your bag triggers as inspection. Worse case, if you are inspected and they find them just tell them what they are and you will be sent on your way.  If you wear them and go through the body scanner, they will likely be flagged and you will get a pat down. Again, if you simply tell them what they are you will be on your way. If you have TSA pre-check, you get to bypass the scanner, and just go through the metal detector, which in my experience bra clasps, adjusters or underwire will not trigger a pat down. The body scanner will pick up all of those and trigger a pat down. It is no big deal, you just tell TSA you are wearing a bra, and for me When that happens I just get sent on my way. That is why I got pre-check, now I can wear a bra and still move quickly through TSA. This applies to the US, foreign travel is a whole different experience and varies wildly by country.


      I have “caught” by TSA a few times, and it has never been an issue. once, the new guy was a bit confused, but the training officer just said thanks and sent me on, no doubt then explaining to the trainee what just happened.

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      Thanks so much everyone for kindly sharing your experiences and advice. Seems like there is a real possibility of a bag check in carry-on or a pat down if worn, and it depends on the vagaries of place and employees.

      This was my first post besides my intro and I appreciate the attention and care to respond to my question, or to give a “thanks” for the post. What a helpful and supportive community!

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        J J

        Yes, there is a real possibility, but there are options to minimize that chance.  wearing them will definitely increase your chances of a pat down. Most full body scanners will pick them up since each scan is set to male or female depending o. what TSA perceives your gender to be. If the agent sets it to male, forms, under-wires and bra clasps will trigger a check. With pre-check I bet to by pass the full body scan, and the metal detectors are not sensitive enough to pick up under-wires and clasps…at least in my experience.

        As for carry-on bags, forms are very unlike to be an issue. Even in a random search, they are unlikely to be found if you place them deep in your bag. Even if found they are not likely to be an issue.

        So, the safest way to travel with forms is to place them in your checked bag, but putting them deep in a carry-on is not likely to be an issue. I just traveled internationally with my forms in my carry-on and went through multiple security checks, including in the middle east where US bound flights are particularly heavily scrutinized with out any issues. Wearing them is mostly way to get checked, but at least in the US, is not really an issue, but will likely need an explanation. Personally, I have never worn mine through TSA, but I have worn a bra many times, and have had to explain it twice, neither of which was and issue. I just said it was a bra and was sent on mg way. With my TSA precheck status it has never been an issue.

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