Breastplates, are they worth it?

Looking for opinions on breastplates.

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    I have looked and couldn’t find a forum that answered my questions so here is my first forum post.

    I am still new to crossdressing but my life has completely changed while dressed as a woman. I am luckily retired and my wife is very supportive in my endeavour to figure out who I am.

    I wear breastforms almost seven days a week and for most of the day. I got the inexpensive ones from Breastformstore and just love them. The drawback, I can’t dress in a style that shows cleavage. I have been looking at breastplates for this. I saw someone post that they are a pain because bras don’t slide on the silicone the way they do on skin. They are hot.

    So I have looked at the ones that hang on your neck with an open back. I figure I won’t be wearing them without a bra so I am not worried about the weight on my neck. The open back will help with the heat.

    So what am I asking here? Well the ones at the Breastformstore are $600+ USD so as I am in Canada you double it and add 32, right? (That was a joke). I have seen some for $200 USD. I want realistic both feel and look. Does anyone know of a breastplate that moves up and down like a real breast? Meaning if I bend over to pick something up, do they move to the top of the bra like real breasts would?

    Does anyone have a suggestion on which are the best ones to get? I can save up for the more expensive ones if they are really worth the price difference.

    What are your thoughts?

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      ❀Chloe❀ Chan
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      I have a plate..but to be honest, unless I am in an air-conditioned room blasting cool air out, I’m more than happy to leave it alone. I do not have the endurance to wear it outdoors in my country, definitely would be sweating buckets, not to mention that I can’t feel whatever I am wearing and also depending on the design, some do goes up to your neck so you need to blend that in also..the only plus thing is the cleavage part and probably good for photoshoots, but really, I would just prefer quality forms. Speaking of cleavage, you may try googling how to “create” one using nubras or other options..

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      Polly Stewart
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      You don’t need to show cleavage at any time!

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      Deborah Nicole
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      You can get these for a lot less cash – look on Amazon and E Bay

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      Deborah Nicole
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      Bobbi Sue
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      In my post, head, should be bra.   Stupid autocorrect.  💋

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      Bobbi Sue
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      I have a set of high-end silicone breast forms.   You can use medical adhesive to literally glue them on and go braless if you want.

      Breast plates do provide great cleavage, but I want to feel my head and my blouse.   I don’t think a chunk of sweaty latex would make me feel pretty.  Plus, no 60 year old gal goes around with her tits popping out.  Dressing like that would clock me in a heartbeat.

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      Regi Kelly
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      I have also been looking at the ones on,but the one I want,is close to $1000.00,my money,so I have been bouncing back and forth, I love to see these opinions


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      Deborah Nicole
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      These are expensive – but on Amazon / E Bay you can find various silicone items – top with breasts /  lower with vagina / both with top and lower – neck to hips – even entire body suits – even female face masks.
      I have several bought from a great company on Amazon – specifics later.
      They all are incredible – the look – the feel etc – definitely worth the money.

      At first difficult to pull on body – even more difficult to remove – but after a few tries easy. Talcum powder helps.
      SOON I am going / hope to get approved by CDH management to get a full store called SIERRA BOUTIQUE up on CDH – now working with a great lady in China – with a store on Amazon – to become a distributor for them – with the very best silicone body items available – with discounted prices we can all afford. Many  items come now with all kinds of tubes for other reasons than just the look and feel – for most of us these not needed – and cause unneeded bulges – I think the vast majority just want a flat realistic looking vagina surface.

      Finally – the breasts come in 2 types – elastic cotton and liquid silicone- for me the best is the silicone. These sway and bounce more realistically – and are more soft – vs. 2 large firm almost solid breasts. They come in all sizes and colors. Important to choose these options correctly for you to wear – and enjoy for a long time because of the costs.

      They are awesome for photo sessions – and can blend in to your skin color perfectly.

      I love wearing these silicone products – you get to feel how a real female looks and feels for yourself.





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      Hey Cassie,

      I would say if your still on the fence, try getting one a bit cheaper on ebay (I know they have a lot since I got my breast forms on there and the plates were just as plentiful) and see how it works for you. I’ve heard the same things though about them getting warm and whatnot but the same can be said for forms too since I do get a bit warmer when I have them on as opposed to not.

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      I voted yes without really looking at the whole outcome. I have breast forms that i love wearing. When i got them i put a bra on and a top that i live to wear. I hurried up and down stairs with heels on and walk vigorously and did the usual bending over. The forms looked more natural maybe not 100% but darn close. I was voting on what videos i saw and now reading what others have said it is a toss up. My forms delivered were about 200.00 Canadian. These had the self stick (which does lose it’s tackiness and there are cleaners and adhisive to apply). They do have the feel of real breasts and nipples.


      You can make your own cleavage with some tape and there are bras out there that will help with making cleavage. Could be alot less costly as well compared to breast plate.



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      stephanie plumb
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      No. Hot and  sweaty. Very expensive. Don’t feel good on.  Rarely fit unless custom made. Pointless if wearing a bra. Don’t look good on.  Many have plastic straps that don’t stretch, that break,  dig into your shoulders or don’t hold the blasted thing in place as they should.  Can be visible under clothing.  Do not enhance your feelings of femininity. Enough said?

      Don’t waste your money on expensive stuff. Nearly all breast forms are from China,( and I suspect from the same factory, only the branding is different), and do not vary much in quality (despite the sellers claims), only in price.

      I have had perfectly good £50 – £60 forms from Amazon that have and still are performing well.

      So get a good underwired non padded bra and breastforms instead.  With the money you save you can afford several sets in varying cup sizes ( I have 5 sets of  forms from a C-cup to an F-cup – total outlay about £300.)

      stephanie P

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      K Swim
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      I do have one, but I can’t bring myself to wear it very often and I don’t wear it very long when I do. Although I do love having that realistic cleavage, the bounce, and jiggle, I find myself sweating like crazy under it. Plus it takes away from feeling the fabric of one piece swimsuits as I wear them. So instead I keep using breast forms under my swimsuits.

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      Amanda Burton
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      Not Breastplate girl sorry,
      More into silicone breasts.
      Prefer them.

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      Wendy Swift
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      go to the .ca site for breastformstore, all prices are in CDN $$$, or on their website there is a location box so it points you to the right “country” in the country’s currency.

      I’ve bought some stuff from thebreastformstore, and I have no issues from them.  Prices aren’t that bad either, but some of their stuff is more of the high end.

      Another option is aliexpress.  Depending on the seller, some are around $200 CDN, not bad either.   However, it could take a while to get to you.

      I’ve been hemming and hawing about breastplates.  I know they are more awkward to put on and it does get warm, but it will provide more options on clothing.

      I like the full breast plate on thebreastformstore, but the price is out of my league.  Ones from aliexpress are more palatable.



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