Busted by a 3 year old DOH!!!

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    I was out shopping yesterday, not fully made up but definitely feminine. I had on a pair of black jeans, a kind of unisex top, some really cute ankle boots[my faves] with a little bit of makeup and my hair done. I grew it longer this winter so I can do a pageboy or mop top. Anyway I was in Reitman’s, my favourite ladies store here in Canada and there was another younger lady with her little boy, probably about 3 or 4 and I heard him ask his Mom why is that man wearing ladies stuff. [busted by a 3 year old]. She simply replied because he likes to. She looked at me and smiled and went about her business and the little guy said no more. Maybe if more people teach there kids this way, the world will become a more accepting place and I don’t just mean towards crossdressers, ignorance teaches ignorance. Just a thought, Heather.




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     Marie Bardinot 
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    I think the mother handled that properly, just a simple”Maybe he likes it”.

     Alexandria Divine 
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    I’m doing my best to teach my boys, slowly but surely, that gender nonconformity is OK. My kids don’t know about my femme persona, but letting them know is one of my goals. They do know that I’m not afraid of including pink in my guy mode wardrobe, that I love supposedly “girly” music, and that I’m comfortably open/expressive with my emotions. They’re already getting to see their dad do all kinds of things my dad would never have done.

    My 4 year old’s Kindergarten class has been colouring rainbow flags in preparation for pride month, and that alone has given me a bit of an entry point for discussion. Just last month, they held “pink shirt day” at school – a day of awareness about bullying related to gender expression. And thank goodness for Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum, which helps kids understand the breadth of gender expression and that there aren’t just two genders.

    With kids, curiosity overpowers etiquette every time. But they do tend to be accepting of things that don’t immediately compute. A week or so ago, my youngest “caught” me watching RuPaul’s Drag Race (it’s TV-MA, so my kids don’t watch it). A workroom/getting ready scene was on, and my son was totally confounded. “Boys wear MAKEUP!?!?!” he said.

    “Sure they do,” I said. “For some boys, it’s actually a lot of fun.” I think that pretty much dispelled his confusion.

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    You go to all the trouble with makeup, clothing, hair etc and get busted by a three year old! The mother handled it very well by the sound of it and as you say if others taught their children in a similar way the would would indeed be a better place. Thanks for posting.

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