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See my opening post. If you dont understand what I'm asking, you're probably better off that way.

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  • No thanks, I'd really rather have a commited relationship
  • I'm ok with FWB - (in addition to a commited relationship)
  • I'm ok with FWB - (I'm single and like it that way)
  • I'm in an open relationship anyway, so...
  • "Friends" is great without the "WB" part
  • What do you even mean...??
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      ELEVEN (11)   BRAVO


      \ VIET NAM——–1969

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      Heather Jameson
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      Ha ha, love it Sam

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      Paula F
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      I am single now, and have been for a long time.  I have been involved in two long term relationships with men, one in my 20’s and the other in my 30’s.  Both relationships were totally m0nogamous on both of our parts, and we parted ways as still friends, and it is still a little awkward to bump into them even now after a long time has passed.

      Currently, I have had several FWB relationships over time, some lasting only a few months, and some much longer.  One thing they have all had in common is that we were friends first and for most, quite a while before we let our desires and feelings be known.  Friendships are quite important to me, and if those move to the next stage, then that is just a plus.  Currently I am involved with 3 men that I don’t mind them staying the night at all.  They all 3 know of each other, and the two longest ones were friends before I met either of them.  All 3 are extremely sane about their personal lives and will not take the risk of a one niter without protection.  I am the same way.

      I have always been a very sexual person, and am very attracted to the same type.  Not all of my friends will get that ‘benefit’, but they will stay in my life as friends for as long as they wish as we can NEVER have too many friends.  But, there has to be some kind of line for the number of FWB to not get out of hand.  These relationships have worked for me because I do not hide the fact of one lover from another, and I think they can only work with complete honesty between everyone involved.


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      Caroline OBrien
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      My wife and I are so intimately connected, she satisfies my every desire. Having FWB would ruin our amazing relationship and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.



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      So, way back in college, twice, I was dating two young women at the same time, and with each time, I really liked them both, a lot. But, for several reasons,  it soon became apparent that in both cases it just wasn’t working out.  That old Lovin’Spoonful’ song ‘Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind’ rang true. Not often easy…and not often kind. Take my word for it. Much later, years into a marriage, the ‘7 year itch’ hit (no it wasn’t 7 but still…), an extra-marital connection was growing and then a major family issue sprang up and that was the end of that. I finally realized and accepted that I’m only a committed to one significant-other at a time person and this time it’s until the death, etc. part, and nothing more.  So, FWB? Nope, contrary to any imaginations I might have once had, never was and never will be in the cards.

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        Ah, say yes to one & let the other one ride 😉

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      Heather Jameson
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      I guess it just depends on the person and the circumstances. I’ve done the friends with benefits thing and yes someone usually ends up getting attached or possessive, that’s when the trouble starts, somebody gets hurt and that’s no good. Since your in a musical mood Sam, I’ll call this one, heart ache tonight another great tune. If you can play in the rules it works great. Some people are too busy, career and stuff so this works great but most of the time it won’t. Sex is not just a physical pleasuring of your needs but to be with someone who wants you and cares for you and you feel that connection that’s when you become completely fulfilled. Ripping off a quick with someone who turns you on is great but making love to a person who loves you back takes it to the next level.


      PS I’m not the gangster of love but some people call me Maurice because I speak on the pompitiss of love.

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        Ya know, sometime before the sun comes up I bet the radio will play that song 😅

        Ain’t no bad cats!

        Thanks Heather!

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      Registered On: September 14, 2020
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      I have to agree with you.

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      Janet williams
      Registered On: January 4, 2018
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      FWB is great but to have FWB is just wonderful I have and still do know several gys that r friends and we do enjoy benefits

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      Rozalyne Richards
      Registered On: March 10, 2018
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      I’m married so i can’t have friends with benefits, if i wasn’t married i would love to have friends with benefits as long as one of the benefits was i could dress and be Rozalyne most of the time x i didn’t vote in your poll for that reason x hugs Rozalyne x

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      Samantha Tully
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      Lets make this one single choice…

      “Friends with benefits” (FWB) …ah yes.  No judgement zone here, sisters.  How acceptable do you find this arrangement?  And under what circumstances is it ok?

      Ah, just to have it be said…I’m only asking for your opinion on the arrangement itself, as a crossdresser either married or single.  With that in mind, what are your thoughts there?  Thank you!

      What a gang!

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      Registered On: January 21, 2018
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      Hi again Sisters,

      I’ve never been married, and never had an open relationship.  I have a couple friends who do, and it seems to work great for them, emotionally I doubt I’d be able to handle that myself.

      I’ve had an FWB scenario twice… but I have to feel an emotional connection with someone to even have a chance of “engaging”, and if i engage + spend much time together, I’m gonna start to feel attached.  So like how Jenny Thigh High mentioned, it doesn’t really work out good for me.

      I like the stability of a committed relationship (and by “committed” I kinda meant more at “closed” — I do get that you can be committed to your partner in an open relationship also, sorry about the way I worded that!)  But I often wind up with a partner who seems to expect me to be someone different than who I am, and I dont wanna compromise myself.

      And I’ve always been a faithful partner…just not a very suitable one evidently 😅

      So in the end the only way I could vote was “F without the WB”

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      Alison Anderson
      Registered On: October 15, 2018
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      Like others, I have a hard time deciding between the No Thanks and the Friends Without Benefits.  I believe the benefits should come with some kind of commitment.  But I think I’m going with the friends without benefits.  There is nothing wrong with friendship.  Friendship helped introduce me to others in the CD/TG community to whom I became friends.  We all need people whom with we can share our experiences.

      On a separate note, Sa•man•tha, there used to be a link to view the results if you did not vote in the poll.  That seems to be missing.  Any ideas?

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        Hi Alison, it’s because I set the poll up to where you can only see the results “after a few” moments of deciding how you wanna vote! 😉

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      Lee Ann Rakers
      Registered On: August 18, 2019
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      Yes indeed Kay.

      Lee Ann

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      stephanie plumb
      Registered On: November 17, 2018
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      Friends – great.   WB – depends what you mean.

      My alter ego ( I was involved too) has several  good drinking buddies, built up from long years of mountaineering, camping and hill walking together.  This kind of builds emotional bonds through shared experiences, especially when in high risk situations.    He and his friends spend all their time, in between pints, making known their boasts, reminiscing and telling stories that grow taller with each telling, to themselves (yet again) and anybody who will listen.   These are friendships that endure for a lifetime.

      That’s the only sort of benefits I am interested in.

      Stephanie P

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      Vanessa ?
      Registered On: September 26, 2020
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      In theory, a FWB situation would be nice.

      In practice, it doesn’t seem to work so well for me.

      The people I’m reliably able to have the “benefits” with are not people I’m able to really be friends with (I don’t tend to get along that well with guys, and most of the people who’ve shown that sort of interest in me as Vanessa have been guys.)  And certainly not anything “more than friends,” like an actual relationship — I just don’t like guys in that way.

      There’s been exactly one person so far who I’d call a friend who has brought up the “benefits” as a possibility… but her interest in anything happening between the two of us seems to stop at text messages.  Sometimes she’ll send these super sexual messages to me, sometimes even so far as basically “if you come over now I will jump on your lap,” but when we’re actually in each other’s presence all that suddenly vanishes.  When we’re actually hanging out together, it almost always feels like there is zero interest.  She doesn’t make any little remarks implying interest, she doesn’t touch me, she definitely doesn’t go out of her way to get anything started.  Apparently she expects me to make the first move.  Which is something I’ve always been terrible at, and I’ve explained that to her, and she said she’d be able to put forth a bit more effort to get things started sometimes… but then it never happens.  Haven’t heard from her in a while now so I’m guessing she’s disappeared on me.

      (I voted for “friends without the WB part”… since that, at least, seems to actually work more often than not, haha.)

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      DeeAnn Hopings
      Registered On: November 10, 2019
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      Well, sort of “None Of The Above”. I am married to my 2nd wife for 15 years now and have not looked for anything. I won’t say that I would never consider doing anything, but there would have to be a VERY compelling reason because it is a very risky situation.

      Anyway, if I were to do something, I don’t think it would be with a friend. That would have the potential for screwing up 2 relationships. I think a F+++ Buddy would work, but not with a friend…

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      Emily Alt
      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      The relationship I’m in now has changed my thinking a lot. Life is short. There’s a lot on my bucket list. FWB and open relationships are okay by me.


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      Tiff Any
      Registered On: June 1, 2019
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      Whilst single FWB was fantastic , as long as both parties knew the agreement , when I met my wife , I told her immediately that I had several FWB girls , they in turn had others also.

      Once I became serious with my wife , I stopped the FWB associations . Tiff

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      Jo Jett
      Registered On: May 8, 2020
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      When we wed , the vows were til death due us part… has there been opportunity to cheat… yes … have I?? No!! I am with only one person Sexually and that’s my lovely wife… call me old fashioned but that’s how I roll

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      Bettylou Cox
      Registered On: May 26, 2019
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      I’m a VERY old-fashioned girl, concerning that aspect of life;  from early adulthood, my opinion was more aligned with the GGs of my era than with any guy I knew. I think of it as the first indicator of my hidden femme nature.

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      Jenny Thigh High
      Registered On: August 10, 2019
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      FWB works just fine for me.  I’m not a big advocate of monogamy overall.

      I have found however, that people in FWB situations tend to get emotionally attached at some point, so…it’s often really just a bit of a ruse IMO.

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      Olivia Livin
      Registered On: October 22, 2018
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      I am monogamus to the core and require a connected relationship, even when I was much younger.

      I met someone Very interesting during a difficult time in my early marriage, we hit it off but when the opportunity came for being physical, “HE” would not perform 😰🤬, trust me I tried. As badly as I wanted it, my subconcious would not allow.

      My last, what I thought to be a relationship? turned out to be the F without the WB, she ticked ALL the boxes in what I saw as my perfect physical type. We went places, talked,  I helped with her bills and kids but other than our first encounter shortly after we started seeing each other (the hook, and quite the hook it was), there was nada for moi. I did figure out thats its not that she didn’t…..just not with me. That one had me drinkin a few.

      I’m happy now in a long term relationship that contains much more honesty, communication, and shared respect than I’ve previously had.


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      Kay Anderson
      Registered On: June 1, 2020
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      I am happily married, so I picked the without “WB” part. I love friends!!


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      Suzette York
      Registered On: September 4, 2020
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      i do not think i can emotionally handle the friends with benefits sort of arrangement.  i need an emotional connection to be attracted to a person.  i guess it is just another realization about myself over the years.  Of course whatever works for you and makes you happy i think is fabulous.  As for the poll i was not sure about whether to answer “No thanks, I’d really rather have a committed relationship” or “”Friends” is great without the “WB” part.”  i answered the latter because i think it is wonderful to have many of the fabulous girls and some of the Men i have met as friends.

      love, peace and happiness,


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      Stevie Steiner
      Registered On: June 11, 2020
      Topics: 24
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      I think it would be best if I was committed.   Ideally in a relationship.  Lol.

      I do have a “FWB”, but the benefit is being a drinking partner, not bed partner. 🤣.   That’s fine, but I’m just not …. well ….  Friends are great.  Benefits – regular benefits- are more of a relationship thing for me. Old fashioned, or a prude??  I dunno.


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