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    Hello Sisters, I just wanted to share a couple quick stories and ask you’uns about something I’ve always thought was kinda weird…

    One night when I was 16 my girlfriend revealed to me that her dad liked to wear women’s clothes. Dad lived out of state so I never met him. Apparently this was something he did openly at home. Another time I heard her brothers talking about it. They giggled a little sure, but almost had like a sense of reverence about it.

    Later I had another girlfriend who told me a story about going over to a guy friend’s house one evening, where the guy put on a dress and makeup, and they spent the evening hanging out as girlfriends. She told me the guy’s name…lol, I had gone to high school with him.

    Later still, I had a third girlfriend, who told me about her dad. Again, dad lived out of state and I never met him. It seems this gentleman would go to the park in whatever city they lived, actively hoping to meet “transvestites” and sometimes would come home talking about meeting them…hmmm.
    All of these women told me these stories prior to knowing a thing about my own feminine side, unless they intuitively looked into my soul or something.

    Sometimes I wonder these women subconsciously picked up on something feminine about me that they somehow found familiar (note, they did not consciously find it attractive). But then other times I wonder if this was life’s way of trying to gently push me toward where I am now, if I had begun to listen twenty years ago…anyway, it’s odd and I’m at a loss to explain logically (“unfathomable”).

    So… does anyone else have some stories or experiences like these? Perhaps your wife has an ex who also crossdressed, perhaps you previously dated someone whose brother later transitioned?


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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Sam As never having a event that comes close but my mom knew from another story .. Then wife just after we were married but no one else..


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      Bianca Everdene
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      An agency nurse and I were on a work break together on our own. First time we met, and never since.
      She opened up to me about her lack of confidence at being overweight. She looked great to me, not overweight at all. But she continued with her insecurities saying man approach her at the bar and has had the ‘so you’re the fat friend’ jibe aimed at her.
      I tried to reassure her, and said to her that I had my own perceived reason to be self conscious. I asked her if she would like to alder a picture, and if she could guess my reason to feel insecure. I eventually relented and showed her my best Bianca. Will never forget her reply,

      ‘I knew it’ she said ‘I knew you would make a good looking woman!’

      An affirming comment😊loved it.
      Never seen her again, but did get a Facebook friend request which I accepted.

      B x

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      I used to hear the comment from some of my friends, “You’re going to make someone a great wife one day!” This was long before I knew that one day I would want that very thing.

      But then you said “You-uns”. I never heard that until I moved here in southern Appalachia. Now I hear it all the time.


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        the girl from my 1st little story up ^^ there was from Georgia… lol

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      Lisa Leigh
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      I am not saying I’m a ladies man! cause I’m not, but a few times in college and even after I was married women seem to like me. I wasn’t trying to pick them up or anything. Some were just attracted to me, and I would have, if I wasn’t engaged or married! They all seem that they would say the same things.

      1) you’re not like other men I know.
      2) you have a sweet side, I like that.
      3) you have a different way of looking at the world.
      And the last one…
      4) are you married?

      This just didn’t happen once or twice mind you. These were wonderful women! (I love my wife, so NO). Even until my 40’s women would say the same types of comments to me. Could it be they were just being nice? May be so. Anyway, I know I have a female side to me and I know it comes out in me in different ways. My wife even once in awhile will say something to me about it. I guess women, more so then men, pick up on it.

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      Lauren Mugnaia
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      It is my sincere opinion, based on my own experience and observations, that women CAN pick up on our feminine nature, and how they respond can vary quite a bit; they’ll either be drawn and attracted, or totally turned off. I’ve been told by many of the ladies I work with that they thought I was trans before I came out and announced it.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Sounds to me like they told you because to them it was a weird novelty knowing someone who dressed and we know people love to gossip. Or maybe the hem of your panties was showing… lol

      In my ultra conservative family and area, no one has ever told me anything like that but who really knows what goes on behind closed doors?

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      Celeste Starre
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      Probably my oddest story was meeting another CD who lived about 40 miles from me which in rural Maine,USA pretty much made us neighbors. Anyway we would get together once in a while at each others homes for dinner and to socialize.  One fall we traveled together to Provincetown,MA for a 3 day trans event.  Anyway, she died  late one fall and it was only after I read her obituary that I realized that we had actually been friends and lived in the same dormitory at boarding school some 45 years earlier.

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