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    Liz Craig
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    I came out as Liz at work tonight,my new co workers and boss are 100% very open minded about me and said they wanted to meet Liz.I came home from work,showered and transformed into Liz.Came back and they were waiting for me.I wasn’t nervous at all and walked in.All reacted very well and went great.My female co workers,I got a lot of reactions from.They were I look good dressed as a woman,I am gorgeous,you look better than me and I look beautiful.My male co workers,they said I am still one of the guys with a soft side of me.Boss said the same thing.Then my boss’s wife walked in 15 minutes later,her reaction was OH MY GOD,YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! to me.I was glad everything went great and know they see me like any normal person.Of coarse,had pictures taken with my female co workers and boss’s wife as well.

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      What a wonderful experience that must have been. I can only imagine the trauma you went through
      as you built up your courage to do this. But you did it, and came out a winner.
      I admire and respect you immensely.

      Evelyn xx

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      Danielle Anaya
      Registered On: January 3, 2020
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      Congrats on your brave move. My experience was mixed at first, but now things are fine. I found most people have more important things to worry about at work than me. There is the occasional comment now and then but I am pretty thick skinned and just let things go unless there is malice intended. I get more positive comments than sketchy ones. I’ve even had a few of the guys tell me if they didn’t know otherwise they would never guess I was not a genetic woman. The women don’t seem to care at all and have accepted me into the coven with all the rest.

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      Robyn Devine
      Registered On: October 24, 2020
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      How fabulous!!  So nice to welcomed by your work people!


      xo Robyn 🤗❤️

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      Rei Durden
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: October 11, 2020
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      What more could I say but way to go and congratulations! I’m really happy for you.

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      Debbie Lynn
      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      So heartwarming! Congrats Liz on being You!

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      Birel Galanodel
      Registered On: May 3, 2020
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      Congratulations Liz!

      Your story is basically my dream experience of coming out at work. But, that’s not going to happen for me, I work in too conservative of an environment to get that kind of acceptance.

      You are very fortunate to be working with people like that.


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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Liz,

      Congratulations!  That is wonderful news.


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      Sarah Du Hessisse
      Registered On: September 16, 2020
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      Congratulations Liz you were very brave to come out like that, your work colleagues are really open minded people. So pleased for you that must feel fabulous. Best wishes for the future

      Sarah xx

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      Grace Scarlett
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      Liz darling….wow

      I bet you must pinch yourself at least TEN times a day to prove you are not dreaming….I agree with Emily….you have the job everyone on cdh would welcome….I’m very happy you are happy…and you telling us all gives everyone here a lift….your job is done!!!!

      Congratulations Liz…. you’ve made it girl!!!!   ❤️❤️

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      Samantha Joan
      Chat Crew
      Registered On: November 17, 2019
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      Wow Liz!

      What fantastic news, thank you so much for sharing.

      So pleased to learn of the positive acceptance of your work colleagues. I agree that with Amy, workplaces are definitely getting better. I came out as Samantha in my office and could not imagine the positive reaction I got.

      New Year Hugs

      Samantha x x

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      Liz Craig
      Registered On: December 29, 2020
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      My male co workers say I am one the guys still with a soft femme side of me.

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      Dani CD
      Registered On: September 10, 2020
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      That’s awesome Liz, sounds like a great place to work, can’t see that happening any time soon in the workshop I work in, but one can always live in hope.                           Dani👩🏻‍🔧

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      Cindy Lou
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: November 18, 2020
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      Wonderful news Liz, I’m so happy for you. The younger that employees are within a business, the better the chance of acceptance. If everyone at ABC widgets was like my daughter and her friends there would never be a fear for anyone to come out. We can be hopeful when we hear stories like this, and even more so for the next generation which will have next to no issues at all coming out. I equate the impending evolution of the acceptance of cross dressing to the acceptance of homosexuality. Were you to rewind time to 30 or 40 years ago, a Neanderthal upon eyeing an effeminate male  in public could have loudly exclaimed something derogatory for all to hear and nobody would have uttered a word, today that same ape would be publicly castigated on the spot by the people of most cultures.

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      Robyn Drake
      Registered On: March 19, 2019
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      So cool! Such a wonderful experience for you and for your co-workers too. That is how barriers get broken down for everyone.

      – Robyn

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      Hilda Beaumont
      Registered On: March 14, 2020
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      What a wonderful experience. I am so pleased for you. Your story is an inspiration to all us ‘gals’. Thank you so much for sharing.

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      Emily Alt
      Duchess - Annual
      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      Trisha Lilly Langdan
      Registered On: December 8, 2020
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      Wow Liz, your colleagues sound amazing. Sounds like a lovely place to work.

      Love Trish

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      Bianca Everdene
      Registered On: April 11, 2017
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      Thanks for sharing Liz.

      That kind of acceptance is priceless❤️I think I would have been in tears (of joy).


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      Liz Craig
      Registered On: December 29, 2020
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      Know this is me accepting me in

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      Polly Stewart
      Registered On: January 2, 2021
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      That is the best story I’ve heard so far! What a wonderfully affirming moment for4 you (and for your co-workers I might add). Luckily I’m too old to come out with any co-workers (they were all carpenters!) and anyways… I’ve been self employed as a designer for some years ;D
      I think all will be keen to hear what happens from now on. Are you continuing enfemme at your work?

      Big Hugs //Polly

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      That’s amazing.

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      Tara Jeane
      Registered On: December 12, 2020
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      AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I couldn’t be happier for you!!!  That had to feel SO great!!

      *kisses* tara 🙂

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      Stephanie Green
      Registered On: December 24, 2020
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      Great story, Liz.  Congratulations.

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      Amy Myers
      Registered On: February 11, 2019
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      That is so great, Liz! Acceptance is definitely getting better, and it wonderful that you have such a progressive workplace.


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      Serena Stevens
      Registered On: December 30, 2020
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      Love it hon! I envy that workplace mentality.

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
      Registered On: October 18, 2020
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      How absolutely wonderful, I’m so happy for you! I know that can’t happen where I with, regardless of corporate policy so I get to enjoy it vicariously through you.

      Bridgette vS

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