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    Kelsey Nikkol
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    I came out recently,first to my family this weekend and then the talk with my wife Stacie.I am a fulltime CD and something came back from my past.When I was 5 years old,felt I was really female from the inside.My family accepted it,they knew something was wrong telling them I feel that I am really a woman from the inside.My wife,decided to stay with me.Next person to come out to next is my 20 year old daughter Kimberly.I see a therapist in June,will be weighing my options out if I want to transition or not.Have time on this and not rushing this at all.

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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Wonderful to hear and happy all went well. Certainly a emotional time and congrats on where your future will hold. 🌹

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     Kyle Eve 
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    congratulations on coming out I know it wasn’t easily. Good luck on your journey

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    Registered On: October 22, 2015
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    fantastic best wishers on your pathway

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     Lucinda Hawkns 
    Registered On: September 1, 2015
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    hello Kelsey   its great to hear your wife and daughter are under standing. my daughter seen a pic of me all dressed up and showed mom. so now my daughter kind of knows and my wife sure does know i dress up. my niece might know i dress up for i had her do my make up for me one year for Halloween, she enjoyed doing it for me and i was wearing a nice dress with nylons and panties and bra with boob inserts and heels, i got dressed up in bath room at my in laws where my niece lived, then walked out in the other bed room and sat down so my niece can do my make up and style my wig, i put on perfume and ear rings then walked down stairs and mother in law and my sister in law seen me dressed up. i did not care in the world its Halloween.  my wife lets me dress up when our last adult child is not home and wife tells me i can do what i like to do.  i was already there dressing up. wife would see me getting dressed up and talk to me then she would leave. she will not let me sit in same room and watch T.V. and talk like 2 woman. ask me questions that i would have all the answers too. i have more female cloths then wife does and seem to wear them more then she does. for transition, NO.  any ways welcome to C.D.H. hope you find more friends and enjoy this site where we all are here to talk to.

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     Jazz Fem 
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    You are not alone Kelsey I am so happy for you and your courage I am so confused but I am dealing with my feelings slowly

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     Dasia ThePhoenix 
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    That’s great! Best wishes to your journey!

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     Kelsey Nikkol 
    Registered On: December 23, 2018
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    Daughter and I had the talk today,been taking it well sensing something was wrong for 2 weeks now.Leaning towards transitioning.

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     Michelle Liefde 
    Registered On: May 27, 2018
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    Hi Kelsey,

    I am glad that your coming out has gone well so far.  It is so very wonderful to hear that your wife and family have accepted you telling them. I wish you well with coming out to your daughter.




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