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    Karensa Peacher
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    Hi Ladies,

    Recently my son who’s 13 was caught wearing my daughter’s (15) flats. She went off on him like WTF? Usual sibling argument followed, but no name calling or anything severe. It blew over quick and his response was that she keeps borrowing his jerseys for local football or hockey teams. I am speechless, since I am not exactly sure if any follow up is needed. They don’t know about my cross-dressing yet… they’re teenagers and have plenty of struggles and difficulties figuring life out. Only my wife and one sister-in-law know about my dressing and are fine with it. My wife knew pretty much since the beginning during dating state and my sister-in-law found out when I was too excited when she sent in some outfits and I opened the box before my wife did. They talked about it and giggled where my wife said, oh he probably tried on the outfits. To follow up, and back to the original question. Is this genetic, hereditary or what? One of the questions I have always wondered. In my case it could be deeper as well… my mother miscarried what was to be a daughter before I was born. Anytime I dress, I always say “hi my sweet sister”. What do you all think???


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      Emily Alt
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      AFAIK, I’m the only LGBTQ person of any kind in my immediate and extended families.  But I’m sure that I was born trans.  Whether it’s hereditary or genetic variation is anyone’s guess.  It doesn’t matter to me in any event.  My life isn’t going to change if science discovers a causal relationship.


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      Peggy Sue Williams
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      I think the biggest obstacle is collecting enough data to even begin formulating any kind of theory about cross dressing being hereditary.  Think about it, how can data be collected?  Will most men be honest about their deepest darkest secret even on an anonymous survey?  I tend to doubt it.

      OTOH, times are changing, and there are places like CDH where CDs gather and exchange information about themselves, maybe even mentioning a relative who was a CD.

      My info?  We have one child, an adult son.  He is aware of me being a CD.  He is not a CD.   I am not aware of anyone else in my family being a CD.


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      Cassie Jayson
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      There might be a genetic component to all of this. my brother’s child is non-binary. For me this is getting very confusing -I am 68 and all this came seem from nowhere a few years ago.

      . Cassie

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      Michelle McQueen
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      There are many theories but I don’t think any definite answer exists. Maybe in the future someone will discover the cause or maybe never.

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      Kristen Smithly
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      It could be genetic, I believe. I was supposed to be twin girls, (ultrasound was very rare back then) the doc was so sure that my parents had girls names picked out for me, and had some newborn outfits in pink. When I came out a male (ugh!), Everyone was surprised! I was always told I had pretty eyes, long curly lashes, and I could have been so pretty as a girl. Probably why my mom didn’t care when the neighbor girls dressed me as one when I was little and we had play time when their moms and mine got together for coffee and gossip. I have crossdressed since I was small. I think my mom knew but never said anything. I have always felt feminine, no matter how hard I fought it. So, in my opinion, it is genetic for me.

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      Gabriela Romani
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      You asked what we think.

      No, I think crossdressing in itself is NOT a genetic trait.

      Transgenderism to any degree… I think it is likely. But not crossdressing. I’m a staunch opponent of the “pink gene” proposal to justify everything and anything related with crossdressing.
      Yes, I may be wrong. But in the meantime I believe that for way too many for whom crossdressing started as a sensual/sensuous activity may never had engaged in crossdressing if living in societies where women’s clothing wasn’t as loaded with sexual attraction/erotism. (Think crossdressing in comunista China, of among indigenous groups in the Arctic regions, etc.)

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      Hi Karensa, I personally suspect that genetics plays a significant role.  In that to my thoughts, those on the spectrum of LGBTetc are mostly made up of people who are that way from birth otherwise, some could make the claim that it’s ‘curable’, which I firmly believe it isn’t.  I’m not saying that nurture doesn’t have anything to do with it, but that really hasn’t been investigated enough.

      And whether these are traits that can be passed down, I also have no idea.  I just don’t think there’s been enough research into it, and I think there’s a lot of people that don’t want that to ever happen.

      I have 3 now adult children, and they were all pretty much raised the same way, with each other and with my spouse and myself.  We all went through the issues that come with children, differences, discipline, expectations.  All 3 are, as far as I can tell, reasonable adults who have taken on various responsibilities and followed through. Each is what I would consider reasonably successful, good jobs and/or raising families, etc. For the life of me, I really can’t see any traits or even specific genetic characteristics that make them mine. Of course, I can’t always see my own to know what to compare theirs to.

      Maybe one or more are on the gender disphoria spectrum like me, but none has ever come forward and I doubt they ever will if that’s the case.  So, I’m not sure it’s as ‘inherited’ as much as it’s just some combination of genes back in the development stage that came together.  Maybe some day, we’ll all know, but I’m not all that sure that it will be that good to know.

      Hugs ChloëC

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      Lisa Leigh
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      I’m not sure but my daughter is engaged to a F2M transgender person.

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      Carmen Cruz
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      I’m going to guess that there is a much larger number of young kids/adults, male and female, who have explored their sexuality/gender insecurity or curiosity, privately or otherwise, in one way or another, than we can even imagine, know, or admit to.

      I don’t think it has anything to do with either genetics or hereditary, or any other scientific or social label. But, I do think it has everything to do with just being a regular ‘ol human being.

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