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    Autumn Valiant
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    Hello Everyone!

    I’m sitting here in bed being pretty brave by using my phone on CDH while my wife sleeps a foot away…

    I was going through Kindle and Audible looking for books on crossdressing. Unfortunately (for me, maybe not for you?) there were a ton of erotic stories and forced feminization stories but the few non-fiction books I found either didn’t have good reviews or the descriptions of the books content was not helpful in making a decision.

    The kind of books I am looking for would include subjects like-

    The psychology behind crossdressing

    Beginner makeup and presentation tips for men who crossdress

    What do I do when I find out my husband is a crossdresser….

    Not limited to these 3 examples…..

    If you have read any good books on crossdressing please reply with titles and authors and such. I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you all for being so wonderful!



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      Vecca Senn
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      I’d like a fiction book with a character that is a “normal” maybe even part-time CD. I’d especially like a space on ship based Sci-Fi book with such a character.

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      JJ PHoser
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      Thanks to everyone for these suggestions, I’ve also been looking for such books!

      I think that only book I’ve ever read about crossdressing is “My husband Betty : Love, Sex, and Life With a Crossdresser” by Helen Boyd.  I was looking more for a book by a crossdresser, or about crossdressing.  Nevertheless, an interesting perspective from the wife of a crossdresser.

      Helen Boyd has also written “She’s Not the Man I Married: My Life with a Transgender Husband,” which I have not read.

      I may have also read “Vested Interests:  Cross-dressing and Cultural Anxiety” by Marjorie Garber.  If so, I don’t remember anything about it.


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      Lacy Satin
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      The crossdresser and his wife,  My husband wears my clothes both books by Peggy Rudd. They are both very good books to introduce your wife to your crossdressing.

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      Catherine Dickson
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      Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age – By Richard Novick

      Living with Crossdressing: Defining a New Normal- by Savannah Hauk

      Living with Crossdressing: Discovering Your True Identity – by Savannah Hauk

      Tricks of the Trade — A Beginners Guide To Cross Dressing – by Carollyn Olson

      More Tricks of the Trade — A Beginners Guide To Cross Dressing – by Carollyn Olson

      Even More Tricks of the Trade — A Beginners Guide To Cross Dressing – by Carollyn Olson

      Makeup Basics and Tips for Transgenders and Cross-dressers – by Stefanie Kingpin

      I’ve read all but the last and recommend them. Savannah Hauk also cohosts a good podcast called The Fox and the Phoenix you may want to try.

      Another podcast I recommend is called Free To Be She – hosted by Jennifer Sometimes

      Hope this helps.


      p.s. forgot Provocative Facts and Thoughts about Crossdressing – by Ashley T Carr

      that’s a good one for a short overview and dispelling myths etc

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        Rei Durden
        Baroness - Annual
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        Great selection of choices, thank you!

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        Lacey White
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        OMG I NEED Alice in Genderland if for no other reason than the title. I have what could be considered an unhealthy obsession with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Like tattoos and collectibles obsession.

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      Fredrika Jones
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      We need books like you’re looking for. I went to Amazon and searched “crossdresser books” and Amazon had over 8,000 results!


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      Hi Autumn,

      To be honest , I haven’t looked far, but someone recommended (it must have been on cdh) “Living with Cross Dressing” by Savannah Hauk, and I’ve bought and read it It’s not ‘make up’ oriented and some things might seem a bit introductory for those of us who regularly come to cdh for words of wisdom, but maybe give it a look?

      I’m not at all recommending amazon, but their (uk) listing for this book is useful in that there’s a 4.5 star rating from 32 reviewers – see what they have to say too.

      Marti xxx

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        Registered On: October 22, 2018
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        Hi Autumn

        Savannah Hauk also does a podcast called “The Fox than the Phoenix” … I find it on spotify which may be of interest.


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          Aurora Borealis
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          The very best book on cross-dressing Ive read so far is “Satisfying Your Female Alter Ego” by Stephanie Kingpin. Got it as an ebook through Amazon.com. It covers alot of information and advice, also delves into the history and perspectives on CD. Aurora Borealis

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          Aurora Borealis
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          I think you should try Amazon.com they have many, many good books,both fiction and nonfiction about cross-dressing. I’ve found them helpful. Aurora B.

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        Nancy Gamms
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        This is the only one I have read.  My wife also read it as her intro into cding.  I told her not all of it applied but let her read it through and ask questions.  It was a good introduction for her reiterating some of the things that I have explained or tried to explain.  It does not try to explain why we do it in any depth.  It helped us talk about it more.

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