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      For those of you that underdress whilst out and about have you ever been ‘caught’?  I had a moment while at work recently and I was wearing a bra under a T-shirt and had a fairly heavy shirt over it.  Someone standing behind me gave me a rather long and unusual look.  I don’t know for sure if they spotted any bra lines or not as nothing was said, but if someone spotted you how would you handle it.  Obviously I’m not out at work, and wearing a bra is a risk, but it feels so good and makes me happy.



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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Trans perspective here.

      Outside of work I’m not hiding anything.  At work my biggest concern is boob projection.  They’re getting harder to hide even with loose fitting clothes.  I’m starting to question why I’m still hiding them.


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        Emily –

        Thanks!  If I were a bit younger, I might go down the same path….  I don’t think transitioning is in the cards for me.



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          Emily Alt
          Managing Ambassador

          Rachel – you’re never too old.  I was 62 when I started.  I personally know a girl that’s 70.  There are a lot of options to mitigate risk.  If you think HRT would help you should talk to a doctor.


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      Hi Rachel I didn’t do much underdressing at work just the odd days of wearing panties and cami tops under my

      T-shirts, I’m retired now so don’t worry about getting caught out by my workmates, I’m more worried about getting caught out by my wife if i underdressed now X

      Hugs Rozalyn X

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      This reminds me of a family zoo trip with my wife and kids. We were walking behind another family the husband was pushing a child in a stroller and you could clearly see his bra through his shirt. Besides the bra nothing else appeared female. My wife pokes me in the ribs and says there is one of your friends.  I had no response.

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      Rhonda Lee
      Baroness - Annual

      I delude myself into believing no one notices my bra, but my SO occasionally reminds me that she can always tell. I feel sure others can tell, but it is a rare person who would speak up. What would they say? “are you wearing Maidenform or Playtex today, sir?”

      I recall an incident where a man following me down a hotel hall likely picked up on my male voice. To make a point, in the elevator he pretended to be absorbed in looking down at his phone as he said “What floor, SIR?” I did not have the presence of mind to reply, but wish I had said “Lobby, Ma’am”.

      I think any who underdress ought to recognize that they are likely read. One has to just adopt the attitude “Do I care? Do others? Does it matter?” Let go and enjoy the feeling. You might even enjoy the thought that others DO know, yet it doesn’t deter you from being you. You can own it and be fine.

      If really daring, wear a shirt which clearly reveals the bra, walk around the mall, and see if anyone says anything. My  bet is they won’t.

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      So my closest time was when I go to the chiropractor.  If he puts heat on my lower back I have to pull up my shirt and he really try’s to get the heating pad right where the lower back is.  I usually push my panties down but I always wonder if he catches the top of them and can tell!  Also I think one time when I was getting a massage I forgot my toes were painted and so I told the I wanted to keep my socks on as my feet were cold.  I love my feet massaged so I was quite disappointed !  As I get older though I’m caring less if I get caught !



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        I totally get that Carole, I find myself doing panty checks nearly all day at work. the satiny ones that I wear have a tendency to want to ride up from under the waistband on my pants. I live in constant vigilance because I have to bend and get things off the floor in my work. I have to care in that situation, but if I’m out to another city shopping, I don’t care and let my guard down. I use the theory that those are people I probably will never see again.

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      Hi Rachel,

      I only wear panties when I under dress, but it’s still a worry. A bra, no matter how thin, would be too noticeable where I work so I haven’t tried that. I hope your coworker was discreet and didn’t say anything to anyone.

      Hugs, Jill

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      I have been caught many times. I wear only panties full time and I only wear thongs. I have had people snicker behind me when I bend over to pick something up at the store, I have had other women approach me and let me know that my thongs was showing. I went to the doctor once and had to have an EKG I think it was, the nurse had to put a sensor on my lower abdomen right at my panty line and had me undo the top few buttons of my pants. I did as I was asked and she went to put the sensor on me and saw my white thong with pretty blue flowers and a blue ribbon on the front, she looked at them and said oh those are cute, and pushed them down a little to make room for the sensor. I did recently have a time when I had to go out and pick up my daughter from a friends, I was sitting at home dressed up when she called me to pick her up, I went and took out my forms but left my bra on, I get there to pick her up and our friend who she was hanging out with went to give me a hug and I am sure she felt my bra straps when she hugged me. She didn’t say anything but her hands lingered it that area for a few seconds.

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        Thankfully Syndee, I think those in the medical profession are aware that “girls like us” exist. Might even be part of their training, I don’t know for sure, but it seems logical.


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          I agree I feel like medical professional are kinda of trained to be ready for anything. I am sure a nurse or a doctor seeing a girl like us in panties is the least odd thing they see on a daily basis.

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      That I know of I’ve been called three times one time I was dressed at home and I needed something at the convenience store so I just put a black T-shirt on a pink fog morning the head writing on the front and back it was kind of a tight t-shirt I was standing in line and a man asked me do I need to read the front of it to see what it says so he went to the front and the look on his face was priceless.
      Then one time I went to the store and I had a thin white short sleeve shirt on and I got a lot of looks at day and when I got home I noticed that you can see the bra right through the T-shirt

      Then the last time which was quite recently I had a pad of bra under which I thought was a baggy sweatshirt went in to pick up some food and restaurant and this one lady kept staring at me and I looked at her and she just smiled and I think she could see the lines
      Oh well

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      I do underdress on occasion especially when it has been awhile since I have been about to go out dressed. I always wear panties but sometimes I wear a bra as well during those periods between being able to dress. It makes me feel better. When I do, it is an unlined bra and not a push up as those would be too noticeable. If anything, it looks like I have man boobs which I actually do beaus of my current body type. I don’t think anyone noticed. Early on in my crossdressing journey I would go out in a bra that was a more noticeable. I did get looks. I stopped doing that because my roommate ( an understanding lady) asked me to stop because it made her uneasy. She told me that it I was going to dress in public I should be fully dressed (that feels better anyway). Still, as I said, sometimes I want to wear something feminine during those times when I can not fully dress and a bra is the perfect feminine accessory.

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      Victoria’s secret corset tops can be fashion item and used under blazer without problems.

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      I only underdress at home and then only panties.  There was one day when I was wearing panties under my sweats and we needed to go to the store.  I was going to change but my wife said we’re only going to be gone for a short time so don’t bother.  As far as I know she is unaware that I wear panties at home (if she does she hasn’t said anything), so off to the store we went.  It felt good to be out underdressed.  I think about doing it more frequently but can’t seem to find the courage to do it.  On a side note, I went to the gym once (something that doesn’t happen very often) and when changing in the locker room went to change socks.  When I took the one pair off I was reminded that my toes were painted a fire engine red.  There were only a couple people present and nothing was said.  There was another time I went swimming and when changing I didn’t even care if anyone noticed my painted toes or shaved legs, their problem not mine.  Anyway I’m getting bolder in what I do but little bits at a time.


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        Luckily outside of changing in a locker room, nobody will notice your panties. The exception is panty peek. Once you do it more, it will become second nature. Just like make underwear it will just become your routine of getting ready for the day. Keep going at your pace though ^_^

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      I went shopping once in the early morning underdressed, this included a bra. I had a heavy shirt on as it was cool outside. I think a couple of women saw some strap/adjuster/back fat from behind me and I had some weird looks shot my direction but nothing was said. I stopped wearing bras out at that point. Might start again with a loose fitting sports bra. May even try a Tank Tshirt over it to camouflage things more. I came very close to getting busted by my wife one day, but it was only a close call. I was going for a long walk. As part of my waist training regimen I had on Tight hi cut panties, control top tights, Spanx over those, and I had a tight fitting black one piece swimsuit over it all. I also had some stretchy boy jeans on which have a high waist if you pull them up. An untucked loose heavy woolrich type button down over everything. My wife was visiting a friend and I went there to see her quickly. She made a comment. Your butt looks really nice in those jeans! and pulled my shirt up. I know she quickly saw the one piece. I had to think quickly. I went for my walk, went home and changed. I had a black Duluth trading tshirt that was similar material. I put that on and with male underwear I pulled the jeans back up with shirt tucked in. Luckily I had an excuse to have them pulled up high. the legs were longer and i had to prevent them from dragging on the ground. When i saw her the second time, she looked again and saw the tucked in shirt.

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      Cece X

      My girlfriend and I volunteer at a busy soup kitchen on Saturdays. Recently, at the end of the day, she said to me with a sly smirk, “you are an exhibitionist.” I asked her what she meant. She said, “I can see through your shirt.”

      I had checked myself in the mirror before I left home. I checked again after she and I spoke. I saw no signs. Then I turned around. The outline of the clips and straps of a bra that she bought for me recently were poking and clearly noticeable through the fabric of my shirt.

      I wonder how many others noticed.

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      I underdress every day with panties and a bra. On several occasions I know I’ve been spotted but no one has ever said a word about it. Once I was wearing an underwired bra under a fem pastel tee shirt at the grocery store. While checking my things out the female cashiers eyes all of a sudden got wide as she noticed the underwire outline. She said nothing and I just smiled at her. Now whenever I go there and she sees me she gets a disgusted look on her face. I’m sure she has told her coworkers. I don’t care. As a matter of fact one particular female cashier has become more talkative and friendly.

      Another time I was waiting in line at a retail store when I noticed a man and woman behind me were staring intensely at me. I didn’t know why but later saw the bra I was wearing was a little too tight and it created fat lines on my back and sides. It was especially noticeable when I bent over which I was doing at the time.

      Another time I went to the doctors and he unexpectedly asked me to take off my shirt to examine my shoulder. I had been wearing a bra a few hours earlier and didn’t realize the marks were still there which he and a nurse saw. At first the nurse looked at me funny then a bit shocked when she realized what made the marks. Doc did not react at all.

      Another time it was cool weather and I was wearing a light coat with my usual bra but with my small B silicone forms. I went about my usual shopping. As I was checking out the male cashier leaned closer and stared directly at my chest. I thought he was going to reach out and/or say something but he just stared intently. I finished my business and left.

      I’m sure there have been other times when someone noticed. When underdressing its risky and always a chance someone will see but that only adds to the thrill of the experience. I dress to express my girl and not for anyone else. Its only underwear and no ones business what I wear under my clothes.

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Rachel in the more than 25 years that I’ve worn a bra and panties every day, I can’t say for certain that no one has noticed. Now I do pay attention to what I wearing, always a button shirt over a t-shirt, with the upper 3 button unbuttoned and I bend my knees when picking something up. With that being said, it just goes to show it doesn’t really matter if I was caught or not, life still goes on and I’m enjoying it and making the best of it.


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      I was wearing a bra the other day under a shirt and spandex camisole, and one of my sweaters over that. I’m small (a cup at best) so it’s not obvious. Least I didn’t think so but I could “see” it and feel it.

      I stopped to chat with my wife before going into my home office to start work, and I noticed she was looking at me rather odd. Like she was trying to figure out if I actually had boobs or not.

      I went into work and later looked at myself in the mirror, and it was more obvious than I had originally thought. To the point I took the bra off right away. Nothing was said about it, but I know she would not have appreciated that at all.

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      I go out under dressed just panty’s most of the times my T-shirts are longer so I try to be aware that they don’t pop out when I bend over, but I use to work at a liquor store a while back and from time to time I would wear pantyhose under my jeans, and one Saturday morning when I was working a customer needed help getting a bottle of wine on a lower shelf so I had bent over to get it and I know my pantyhose showed, the customer never made any comment, but I was pretty careful the rest of the day.. LOL

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      I love wearing panties and I always need to make sure I tuck my shirt in to my pants in the back. If not the top of my panties can easily be detected. That’s one reason I don’t like lace around the top of the pantie. I love lace in other places. So far it might have been seen by my wife. We have an unspoken DADT thing. I know she knows and she knows I know she knows.
      The wife has busted me with bra markings on my chest, after moving a bra so not to get caught with it on! Mascara that I forgot to remove. But the one that got me was pantyhose. It seems that hose makes a rustling sound when worn with jeans that she heard. And she told me so.
      I found out that you need to be careful been wearing a bra. Most can’t detect one from the front (I’m a A-B cup bra wearer) what stands out is the backside. The strap adjusters bumps on the back are a dead giveaway as is any fat lump caused by the band. Because of this I now buy bras that have the adjusters in the front, or straps that can be removed and repositioned. I have never seen a bump in the front. The other thing I do is wear a jean jacket. It covers up any deformities in the back without them being noticed. Other jackets or hoodies may not cover them up as well.
      I do still wear tights, not pantyhose, when I am outside in the woods to keep ticks and other things away. The wife knows. I bought a 3 pack and gave her one to use as well. Last time I checked she had two pairs in her dresser. So I guess you could say I share my clothes with her?

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      J J

      Other then my wife occasionally saying my bra outline shows, no one has ever said anything, though, no doubt it has been visible at times. I usually wear shirts that hide it reasonably well,  but nothing is ever perfect, and no doubt it has shown through. I have had buttons pop, or gap, and my bra shows. I wear panties and thongs exclusively, and no doubt they too sometimes show…so what. I have worn shirts that I think hide things well, only to find that sometimes i. bright sun light it shows through, sometimes quite obviously.

      Not quite the same thing, but my wife once wore a really sexy bra, thong and garters under an opaque dress. It turned out that the dress was not as opaque as she thought, and i. the bright sun it was surprisingly sheer. Walking behind her was quite enjoyable, and when I advised her of her wardrobe malfunction she just owned it, since there was really nothing she could do at the moment. At times she can be a bit of an exhibitionist,  so just enjoyed giving others a bit of a show. We had fun when we got home.

      In other words, the world does not end if we expose or little secrets occasionally, so just own it, and enjoy it.

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      Last time I got my flu shot I had to take my shirt down one shoulder and when I wanted to put my shirt In place again I just as usual opened my trousers to put my shirt inside, forgetting I was wearing black panties with a little lace band, I hope I recognized that, before my friends wife who was the nurse giving me the shot, did but I don’t know.


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        J J

        When I got a COVID and flu vax I thought I could just roll up my selves high enough. Nope, the pharmacist wanted me to drop both shoulders. At least I was wearing a cute and not too sexy of a bra.😊

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          LOL JJ

          Sometimes I’m afraid of getting in an accident while my toes are painted.

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            J J

            If you get in an accident, painted toenails will be the least of your problems😊

          • #715485

            JJ. the problem is that I’m a surgeon at the hospital.

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      Underdressing is my main crossdressing outlet and I’ve been doing it since my late teens. Panties , bra’s , pantyhose , camisoles pretty much anything you can wear without detection or at least not easily detected. it is easy sometimes for me to forget I’m wearing lingerie underneath. Especially if it’s just panties which I wear pretty much every day.
      One summer day I was on my best buddies sailboat when we both went down inside to change into baiting suits. There I am taking off my shorts forgetting I was wearing panties. He glanced over and his eyes went wide “are they women’s underwear ?” They were just simple black cotton bikinis with no lace trim or bow’s  I said no they’re just men’s bikini underwear.  Nothing more was said and I guess he bought it. Were still great friends.
      The second time I got caught had a profound effect on my life. I’ve written this here before. I had just showered and was standing in my bedroom in nothing but a pink lacy pair of panties about to put on a pair of jeans. When my wife at the time walks in the room. I thought she was out. This is the one and only time she ever saw me in panties or anything else girly.
      she just stared for a second and walked out of the room. That night she slept in another room and we were never intimate again and divorced several years later. Nothing will ever stop me from underdressing it’s to much a part of me life and  so enjoyable.
      im just much more careful these days


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      Once my thong was seen as I bent down. Made a wishy washy excuse.

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      I under dress daily with panties, bralette and a camisole top. The bralette does not have any hooks or adjusters so it blends quite well.  My Wife always seems the think she can tell if I am wearing something or that if someone hugs me, they will tell.   I have had many people hug me and no looks or comments to date.   If I were to wear a bra,even without forms, one could tell in a minute with the hooks and adjusters showing

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      I don’t think I’ve been caught under dressing, even though I do it from time to time. However, I’ve had something similar.. my toenails are currently painted a red sparkly color that I adore. Last time I went to physical therapy for my leg, the Dr took off my shoe and started moving my ankle around. At this point I’m already panicking lol hoping he wouldn’t take my sock off. But then he noticed all the bruising on my ankle, even though the surgery was like 6 months ago, so he wanted to get a better look and took my sock off, only to be surprised with those bright red sparkly toenails 😅 of course I just gave the excuse that I let my niece paint them and she’s 5 but he obviously didn’t care

      • This reply was modified 1 year ago by Rilee Snow.
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        Rilee, quick thinking on your explanation… my explanation was my 6 yo granddaughter at the time. However, she is fifteen now so I have to be careful try not to expose my polished toenails.. lol


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        Not abig deal anymore lots of guys paint thier toe nails , last time ni was in hospital tne nurse asked if there was polish on my nails.

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      I am quite sure that my bra straps are visible through my shirt most of the time. However, I am to the point in my life that I really don’t care. No, I am not out to my family yet. I also wear padded girdle with panties almost every day. A girl needs a little a** to look feminine!






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        Lol we think the same way 😀
        I guess thatcomes with age

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      I underdress every day I go into work nylon panties, hold stockings and Bra but no forms. Working from home also can be Charlotte whilst working forms the lot.

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      So I underdress all the time. Actually, the only non female tops I wear are some T-shirts. I’m certain that I have been spotted thanks to panty peak and VPL more than once. The VPL was more from some really light pink jeans I was wearing. I wear bra’s too, a-cup. Pretty certain the straps may have been visible too. My buddy from an old job brought up the panties but he doesn’t judge. He also found out I was wearing a bra. Never talked about it after but we are still good friends.

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      Not sure it is called underdressing, when sic woman mixes masculine xlothing with feminine clothing, is that underdressing as well.
      Ii for one dont care what other ppl think, thats being said I always dress appropriately for tne circumstance.
      In my mind underdressing constitutes, not waering a rain coat while it rains…….

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        I think there needs to be a change in language,terms like undress is demeaning at best

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      I have always underdressed when the opportunity has arisen and always these days. I can’t recall ever actually being caught out, but last year when out doing some girly shopping with my partner, I was dressed in my usual going-out outfit of skin-tight girls’ jeans and skinny sweater, with panties, sheer tights and bra beneath.

      I don’t have an issue with walking around showing the fact that I am very well tucked in my jeans 🤭, however when we went to a restaurant for lunch and I removed my coat, I hadn’t realised how blindingly obvious it was that I was wearing a bra. I felt somewhat uncomfortable at first when my partner pointed out that she could clearly see the shape of my bra under my sweater, especially as I was sitting with my back to the room so it would be obvious from behind… but then I thought ‘F- it!’, after all, there was nothing I could do about it! I relaxed, nothing happened or was said and we had a lovely meal 😁

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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      I was in a grocery store once, with my wife. I was wearing a bra, my wife is fine with it just as long as it is totally undetectable. While we were looking at a counter a woman behind us suddenly said, “Your bra strap is showing!” I froze and my wife immediately looked at me. We both turned only to find out it was a woman telling her daughter that her strep had fallen down her arm. She wasn’t talking to me at all. So how would I handle it? I guess I would just say I hope my heart would keep pumping, lol.

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      Audrey W

      I’ve been under dressing 24/7 for well over 15 years and I don’t think I’ve ever been caught per se.  However, since I also carry a handbag everywhere I go, I know some of our female neighbors have made comments to my wife expressing how great it is that I’m “free thinking” and unencumbered enough to carry a handbag.  I believe its very true when you dress like you own it, no one really cares or gives it a second though.

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        J J

        So true about “dress like you own it”. I have gone out with and without confidence and the difference in perception is like night and day. If I go out with confidence, which takes some practice, I feel on top of the world and the world seems to treat me that way. Back in the early days when I was nervous and scared as hell, it seemed the whole world was closing in on me if I wore a dress in public.

        “It is a amazing what you can do with the right attitude”.

    • #715705

      Is it weird that I don’t underdress? I used to, that is how I got into crossdressing. Though Since I started fully crossdressing I don’t do it at all anymore.

    • #716061

      I under dress almost every day, but my under dressing doesn’t include a bar. It gives me just a little girly feeling. To the best of my knowledge I have never been caught. If someone were to look at me more then a casual look I would most likely ignore them, unless they spoke.

    • #716344

      I underdress full time. I wish I could go full dressed, but sadly not at the moment. I am not sure if I have ever been ‘made’, but there have certainly been a couple of times when I could have been – and indeed probably was!

      I rarely wear socks, so my stockings/tights are visible between my shoe and trouser leg, particularly when I sit down. I try to hid my feet beneath tables, but that is not always possible. If any one has seen, they have never commented, but perhaps there has been a couple of times when waitresses have (knowingly?) smiled at me. And it is strangely reassuring to think that they may have noticed yet they don’t make any issue or hurtful comments, just smile in a friendly way.

      Also, one time I was walking in town with my wife and only after about an hour we returned to the car and I noticed that my shirt had become unbuttoned and the top my lacy black bra was showing. I of course then recall some double takes of people in the street, some teenage girl twitters behind me, but again, no ugly confrontation, so my paranoia maybe unfounded.

      I guess my final time (and for sure I was made here), was when I recently went to the doctor but had forgotten to take my bra off early enough and so had the telltale bra impression on my skin. God bless the doc, she said nothing.

      I think that people are increasingly of the attitude: live and let live and that the people who react badly are diminishing in number and increasingly less likely to make a scene as there is increasing social acceptance of what we do.

      Despite these reassuring events (and indeed others such as buying stiletto shoes in a shop – which went without incident), it is still difficult to take the step of going out fully dressed. I don’t know why…I think others have said that sometimes we seem to be our own worse enemies and let our paranoia and lack of confidence get the better of us.

      So don’t worry if you get caught, most people don’t seem to care and those that do, don’t matter (usually – wives, kids, parents, employers aside). Be proud to be the woman you are…

      • #716426
        J J

        This has been my experience as well. There are times people have noticed and never said anything. You might get a glance, or a little twitter from a group of girls, but that is about it. I have been out fully en femme, and in guy mode but in a skirt, and never an issue. Of course I use common sense and discretion.

        As for going out, start small and work up to it. Just a drive en femme at night is great fun, as is getting gas.

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      I had to fix a computer station one day, and when bending down and getting under the desk my panties were showing. When I stood up the lady told me my panties were showing and I should tuck my shirt in. I was a bit shocked and told her thank you. Later on she came to my office and apologized. I asked her for what. She said putting me on the spot like that. I told her its ok I wear them willingly. She laughed. Then said that she had known for a while and so did some of the other people. I asked how. She told me they can see my panty lines and she had seen them poke out before. So pretty much the whole office knows I wears panties.

      • #722212
        J J

        I suspect this is more common then most of us think. I have been wearing panties exclusively for years, and have to assume my staff was not totally clueless. One had to have noticed, and no doubt told others, but many of them worked for me for many years, so obviously not a problem. I have to assume a few of my clients noticed panty or bra lines as well, and again, many were clients for years, even multiple generations.

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      Sarah Lee

      I underdress every day. Panties are 24/7. Could be a thong, boy shorts, hipsters,whatever but always panties of some description. I have separate  bras for with or without breastforms. Bra goes on first thing and stays on till I’m home from work. I’ve been asked one time if I was wearing a bra when in drab. Which I told him yes I am. Most people  where I work don’t care what I do. Those that don’t approve ( like I need their approval) stopped talking to me. I couldn’t care less. The official policy where I work is we do not discriminate  because of race, religion, sexual orientation,  sexual preference. When it came time to order new work jackets I was offered the choice of a woman’s jacket. Which I took and thanked her for giving me that option.

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      “Underdress” does sound a bit like going to a cotillion in a house dress, doesn’t it? However it sounds, that’s what I do most days, except my outerwear is, as I’ve oft shared, “male adjacent” ladies wear.

      I favor racerback bras which tend to be more visible if one’s collar is open. I’m pretty sure the baristas at my regular coffee spots have “made” me, the females any way. So far there have been no “southern exposure” incidents…that I know of…

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