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    one night coming home from playing pool at the bar. i was driving down the road and looked to the side to see if anyone was at a bar i was passing. it was about 1:30 in the morning and all the bars were closed. i must have crossed the center line a couple of times. next thing i see is blue lights. shit being pulled over by the cops. they must have been fallowing me with their head lights off. i was in full dress. wig, mini skirt and 4″ heels. they asked if i was texting and i said no. they asked if i had anyting to drink. i said i dont drink. they asked where i was coming from. i said a bar. they told me to get out of the truck and made me touch my nose with my eyes closed. then they made me balance on one foot. wasn’t easy in 4″ heels. then they made me walk a line. the road was tilted and i was in heels witch made it worse. so they let me take off my shoes. it was a guy and a girl cop. the girl cop said she can’t walk in heels. i said its easy. i passed all the test they gave me and let me go. i’m probably on some training video at the police station now on how to do a drunk driving road test.

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      I am pretty new at all of this, not just this blog. I have only just started trying to get a few items to start trying to wear and have not gone out at all. But, I was a cop for 8 years and I can say that seeing a cross dresser is not the weirdest thing for them to run into. Prob not even the weirdest thing from that day.

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      Danielle Anaya
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      I will start and say I love and respect police officers and all they do. However, I have had good and bad experiences with them. I have been stopped and accused of being a prostitute or pervert, and I have also been treated with respect and actual interest in my lifestyle. I realize they are people too with the same hang ups and attitudes as society in general but as public servants, they should put their personal opinions aside and treat people with respect and courtesy while on the job.

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      REMEMBER ITS NOT AGAINST TE LAW TO DRESS. i got pulled over a couple of times and nothing happened. you can get pulled over for a tail light being out. dont worry, they are just doing their job. one time i was out dressed and went to the car wash and washed the truck. when i left, i went down the road and te truck died. right in the middle of the road. cars on both sides of me, i had to get out and push it to the side of the road. some people stopped and helped. then i had to try to fix it while dressed. i called a wrecker and he said about half an hour before he could even start out to get me. i was about an hour away. so i told him ill wait. about 20 minutes goes by so i decided to try to start it again. it started. must have just gotten wet when i washed it. i cancelled the wrecker and drove home. pretty stressful day. you got to remember when you go out dressed, anything can happen. especially an accident. it might not be your fault, but you have to do the same as a normal person. cops deal with strange things all the time. im sure your not going to be at the top of their list as strange.

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      Patty Phose
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      Nice  story, kind of with a happy ending. One of the things I often worried about was being out fully dressed and pulled over by law enforcement. It hasn’t happened, but if it ever does, I hope my experience will be as positive as yours seemingly was.

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      Caty Ryan
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      Driving around Perth Western Australia late one night dressed, imagining I’m Caty  the “female rep” for my company. Up and down a couple of dark streets wasn’t smart, attracted the attention of “Perth’s finest”. Flashing lights, the works….Rule one when dressed. Dont drink alcohol;. Rule 2. Carry your drivers licence. 3/. Be polite to the nice constable. Nett result. “Think you should head back to your hotel now…… SIR…..”

      Think film, “Just Like A Woman” Our hero/ine goes out on the town, gets pulled over by the cops, spends night in cells in his/her “finest”

      Happy dressing



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      Carolyne Sherman
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      Rachel since your giving up your cd/cop story I will give up mine…  Back in 96 (thats the 1900’s to you younglings) I was driving home fully dressed, but to be honest not that well back then, and REALLY needed to use the little girls room. I topped a hill about 20mph over the limit and was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to meet one of the states finest. Even back then he was very polite, professional and gave me a warning after checking all documents and records. He did tell me to slow down as they would be patrolling that road from then on. Most officers deal with ladies like us very professionally, they are out there to “get” the bad guys and keep us safe. Take care and watch that speed limit.

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      upper right hand corner by the post number i guess you call it.

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        That is a ‘Delete’ button… click on it and see what happens… Your posts are not being ‘called’ trash… It should say ‘Delete’, rather than ‘Trash’… 🙂👍

        Peace and Love ❤

        Gen… 💋

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      Amy Myers
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      Have you contacted the mods?


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