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      Do you intend to attend a gathering/get together event over the next few months?

      (I am sure this is not a comprehensive list, please feel free to add more in the comments, I can add them)

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      Hi Billiejay its on my list as the third year coming up ..Yea..

      Stephanie Bass

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      My support group usually has monthly meetings, and I intend to go in costume in October.

      I’m unsure about attending Keystone this year, because the Gala coincides with the Jewish holiday of Purim, where we dress in costumes and read the book of Esther (or should I say, the whole megillah). I’m unsure if I will attend through Friday afternoon and return home for Sabbath services Friday night/Saturday morning and Purim on Saturday night, or stay at Keystone and attend Purim services in Harrisburg, or just skip Keystone altogether.

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        I’ll add “monthly CD/TG get togethers”. you can change/add votes, I set it up that way.

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      Liz K
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      I doubt I’ll attend but wanted to mention the Esprit Gala in Port Angeles WA.


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        oh, yes, thank you!

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        I really want to go to Esprit but the timing couldn’t be worse with my work schedule. Have to wait until retirement, I guess…

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        Yael Lyons

        I have signed up to attend the last two years but had to back out due to issues with my wife not wanting me to go. Hopefully 2024 will be the year I finally make it to Esprit.

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      I don’t have any plans currently since I recently relocated to a new state. I am looking, but I just haven’t found anything local yet. Keystone is definitely on my list, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. In the past, I have attended Diva Las Vegas and gone to a few LGBTQIA+ hangouts all of which were thoroughly enjoyable!

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      Add Lake Erie Gala and Detroit Invasion

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      Fiona Black
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      You can add Trans Week (formerly Fantasia Fair) to the list.

      I will be going to the Lake Erie Gala in Nov. and Keystone 2024. I also attend CDI-NYC gatherings once or twice a month on average.

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      Probably not. Likely I have killed my budget for some time with spending 4 days in Monterey, CA for the last IndyCar weekend of the season at Laguna Seca.

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      I went to my first Keystone this past season (March 2023). It was wonderful! The only way I will miss 2024 is if something forces me to. A high point in my CD experience so far!


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        Kelly Lee
        Duchess - Annual

        I second that. Keystone/Harrisburg is close enough that I can drive there and did that 2023 and I plan to do that 2024 also.

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      Emily Shy

      Unfortunately all the options are in the US so I ticked other.

      there is not a lot near me so if I find one I’ll try to attend if the situation allows. Most of the time I find about things either as they are happening or after lol

      no one like posting upcoming events online, even the event organisers on their own web sites lol. I have even seen posters about for events but nothing on the events website. It’s all a secret conspiracy if you ask me hahaha

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        Managing Ambassador

        I hadn’t intended to be US specific, but that is my frame of reference… sorry

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      Kelly Lee
      Duchess - Annual

      Would love to go out more often but I haven’t found much beyond dragshows here in Ottawa. The closest regular meetup I know about is a 5h drive away and I’m hoping to be able to go there one day.
      Given economy and work Keystone is the the only outing I have planned and hope to make it to next year also.


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      I am really looking forward to attending a trans event in the NY Tri-state area. I think it is important to connect with our community and look forward to hearing about any upcoming events. Thanks everyone!

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      Wendie Cross

      Attending a happy function with a group of girls like me would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, I have nothing penciled into my date book. *This is me with a sad face* On a personal level, and this will explain my other vote, I am making plans to take a bus trip north to visit a very close friend. Going to spend a week with her so I should lots of photos. *This me with a happy face*

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      I am planning to attend TGRocktober and then Divas the following week this year. Have attended a few other outings with friends here from CDH out in Las Vegas a couple of girls night out and the Black and White Party. Also have been to the River City Gems Fem Friday’s twice this year and a girls night out there in Sacramento. In 2022 I attended Wildside in Las Vegas. I attended TGRocktober and the Esprit Gala in 2019 and informal Divas in 2020. I attended planned Hallowen parties and Gils Nights Out in 2017 and 2018 a Christmas party in 2019. I have had fun at all these different crossdressing and trans events that also work best for me to be out in public and share laughs and experiences with others along with our personal stories and journeys with one another I have met many people and although I have forgot many names I have made friends from all walks of life in sharing our experiences being out dressed together in public.

      Being out to these events with others gave me the opportunity to not feel alone in my dressing and presentation desires and has given me confidence to feel comfortable being out in public dressed as a woman.

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        You are a PARTY  GIRL!   See ya at Diva   If you forgot,  me my name is Perky. LOL

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