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    Cynthia Dubois
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    I just watched a great documentary about a Mohawk women’s coming of age ceremony, and it got me thinking, maybe we should have some sort of “coming out” ceremony as CDs or transwomen.  Do any of you have any ceremonial way that you have came out as a woman?  Do any of you maybe have a cultural background that accepts multiple genders, and have any of you went through any sort of ceremony concerning your gender?

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      Robyn Drake
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      In some Native American traditions there are some people who are said to be Two-Spirit who have a third-gender role in their communities. This is a modern term and there is some controversy and ambiguity around its use. My wife is part of the Ojibwe Tribe and she accepts the Two-Spirit concept.

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        Beth Green
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        I also have a little Natve American in me, Lakota. They also have the two-spirit third gender concept. I personally know very little about it.  This has piqued my curiosity and I will have to research it more. Researching Lakota spirituality is difficult, they don’t like to share with outsiders and since I am not enough blood to join the tribe I can only observe. If I can find an elder willing to teach it will require me to sit quietly for two years with him before I may ask questions. It is difficult for white man to learn and even harder to truly understand.


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          Baroness - Annual
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          Hi Beth,

          2 years ! Hasn’t he got the internet thingy!? Lol, just kidding. There’s a Zen buddhist story that goes like this:

          Student: “Oh learned one, I am desperate to learn the true essence of Buddha. If I dedicate myself to this task, how long will it take?”

          Zen Teacher: “10 years”

          Student: “10 years! Perhaps you don’t realise how willing I am to immerse myself to achieve enlightenment. I am already a respected voice, and have my own followers who dote on my every word. Surely I am almost there”

          Zen Teacher: “20 years”

          Marti xxx

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      Eva Kelly
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      A lot of women’s groups have full moon ceremonies. I always have loved full moons and they make me feel more feminine. I don’t have an official ceremony but I recognize them and honor myself on those nights.

      A coming out ceremony would be nice / beneficial!

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        Grace Scarlett
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        Just for a moment….

        I wondered where this was going.!!….huggs, grace xx

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