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    …time may change me, but I can’t trace time.

    It’s amazing what even a little time can do. So many good changes since I started this journey, so soon!
    The club we went to for Halloween is having another monthly event, and my wife asked me if I wanted to go, as Diane. Apparently she is much more relaxed, not completely, but seeing that I wasn’t treated badly at Halloween has made her feel a little less apprehensive about my dressing in public, still within some limits. She is still concerned, and rightly so considering our area, but not as scared for me as she was. She also ordered me a pair of new shoes, and told me she is anxious to see how they fit and look. We are actually growing closer together in new ways.

    My self confidence is growing, too, in areas other than being femme. My whole outlook on life has improved a lot, and I have a bounce in my step, and just a feeling of more energy and optimism. Finally accepting myself as I am has made such a big difference! I have been coming out to more of my friends, as they have noticed the change in me, and asked about it, giving me the perfect opening for “the talk”. No negative reactions so far, all have been happy just to know that I am finally happy. And not one who acted surprised either, I guess I really am the last to know! lol

    It has changed me physically as well. I had an incident a couple weeks ago of passing out, and dizzy spells. It was discovered that with the stress of denying who I really am being gone, my blood pressure had dropped quite a bit on it’s own, and the medicine they had me on was bringing it down too low. Going to the gym has had a lot to do with it too, overall my health is rapidly improving, and I am off all but two of my medications.

    I have an appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow to see where we go from here, as I am actually having an issue with low blood pressure now, even though I haven’t taken any BP medicine in over a week!
    I am still waiting on results of lab work from my general doctor, to see what the rest of my numbers look like, but expect it to be at least reasonably good. Hopefully enough to take me off the remaining meds, which to be honest are not that major to begin with. So fingers crossed!

    The only negatives so far, is it has been very difficult to find a gender therapist in my area, I may have to go quite a distance to find one, or wait until we can move. And while I’m toning up well, that darn weight is taking it’s sweet time coming off!

    But not going to let it get me down, just feel too good finally being myself!

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      Requal Joanne
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      I am pleased to read that you are on the mend Diane.

      All the stresses in life seem to disappear when the things that we feel we cannot share are shared.    However it does take a great amount of courage and confidence to share them.   Well done on all the advances that you have made.

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      Emily Violet
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      Hi Dianne

      Rebel, rebel

      Was your face in a mess?

      I love you so


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        I guess I did turn to face the strange 😀

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      Abbie Normal
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      You go girl! That’s amazing news.

      — Abbie 🥰

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      Jill Quinn
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      Thank you for sharing your wonderful news! Congratulations!

      Hugs, Jill

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      Just a quick update.

      Cardiologist appointment went very well! I am officially off the blood pressure medication, though he does want to prescribe a very low dose of one of them for the secondary effect it has, just to be on the safe side for now. My EKG came back “normal” for the first time since my heart attack, the irregularities in my heartbeat are just … gone.

      I am more than cleared, encouraged, actually, to continue what I am doing, he was surprised at the difference since my visit last year, and a bit mystified. Apparently some of the heart damage I had isn’t supposed to be reversible, but I appear to have reversed it. A lot of my visit was him getting the details of just what I have been doing, he was kind of freaked out. 😀

      I am now scheduled for the full battery of tests just like I was a new patient, to establish a whole new baseline, as I have made so much progress that he feels the need to just start over and monitor me from there!

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        Dear Dianne ,

        I am very glad that everything is going so well for you !
        You are proving to all of us here that embracing your dressing desires is
        benificial to your overall well being and very much so for your health with
        clear medical proof !
        Thank you so much for shearing this with us all here on CDH.

        Love Sylvia.

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        Registered On: February 5, 2019
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        Hi Diane,

        This sounds wonderful. Good things come from unexpected directions sometimes. If your cross dressing gives you balance, or peace of mind it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see this reflected in better health.

        Marti xxx

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      Way ahead of you on that one 😉

      I took her shopping after my appointment today, and even looked the other way when she slipped a little bit of (low sugar) ice cream in the cart 🙂

      The gym has been great for her too, some clothes she was saving for a “some day” goal are now too large too, so she’s very happy indeed, and I make sure to mention how good she looks and encourage her, even without her doing things like this for me. We have become both husband and wife, and sisters, in a way.

      On a humorous note, after the speech a while back about not borrowing her stuff, I found her borrowing some of mine! lol!  I really don’t mind though, but I do have to giggle.

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