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      An amusing anecdote I believe 🤣…

      I have been going to a Chinese takeout restaurant for a while. When I first started I would call, a young lady would answer, I’d make an order under my drab name and then say Martina will be picking it up. I would arrive en femme, all 👍. When I’d get home I’d find two fortune cookies in the takeout bag, cool! One time, out of necessity I showed up in drab, I ordered under my drab name as always. When I arrived the young lady proprietor looked a little perplexed and questioned “Martina?”. I coyly responded my drab name. She kinda just looked at me for a second so I asked “do you prefer Martina?” She said “Yes!” Now I order just as I usually do, under my drab name, Martina will be picking up and I go en femme, but now when I open the bag…only one fortune cookie! ☺ She’s always very kind ❤ to me!!!

      Love 💘 Y’all !!!

      PS…If Y’all might be wondering why I ordered under my drab name it was because of my voice!Β  I’d was sitting there the first time ordering en femme and when she asked my name I thought “I sound like a dude” so I chickened out and said my drab name. Then realizing I was en femme I said Martina was coming 🙃

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      Hi Martina,

      What a great idea next time i could order a Chinese i could order it in my drab name then say Rozalyne is picking it up,

      Then i could go en femme and wear a mask and no one would know the difference x

      Yippee xxxxx

      Hugs Rozalyne x

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        RING RING…..RING RING…..

        Hurro….missy Roz…???..

        your order ready….you wan plawn clackers????


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          Yes prease Grace

          Thank you velly much x

          Hugs Roz xxxxx

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      Nice story Martina.

      Yes, it’s true….There are plenty of good, nice, understanding people out there, I hope your fortune cookies were informative !!!

      It’s funny, but I suppose there’s lots of others on here besides me who were teased at school because of their ” girly” voice. It’s all worked out rather well!!

      Enjoy your next Chinese….

      Grace x


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        I dream of a femme voice, my best friend has the most beautiful voice 💕Β  When we were in college she got a job as a phone solicitor and cleaned up!!!

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      Hi Martina,

      Alice has a credit card in her name so it’s fun to visit the neighborhood Chinese restaurant En femme and order. Β Then wait and pick up The order to take home.


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      Why did Martina get two fortune cookies before, but now the young lady has made the connection Martina only gets one fortune cookie? Would very much like to know the answer to this, please explain to her that this small detail is bugging me, maybe she may enlighten us as to why the difference. Great story Martina thank you.

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        Hi Amanda 👋

        When I first started going, ordering as a male because of my voice but then picking up as a female the young lady proprietor thought I (we) were two different people, a couple I suspect. One order of Chinese takeout can easily be split between two people so she put two fortune cookies in my bag. When I showed up in drab the one time she recognized me as Martina. She asked “Martina?” When I replied my drab name she was dismayed a bit so I essentially asked her if she preferred me as Martina. She said “Yes!” So now when I go she knows that the man on the phone and the girl (whom she prefers) picking up are the same person so she only puts one fortune cookie in the bag.

        It’s very gratifying for me to be told by someone that they prefer my girl persona! There is only a handful of people in the general public that know me as both a man and a woman. This particular person told me she likes me better as a girl! This is very nice!

        Thanks Amanda for asking!

        Martina 💜Β  Β  Β  👗

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          What an amazing moment when someone tells you they prefer you en femme,its exactly what we crave to hear Martina. Well done on achieving that sweetie.

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      That is such a cute story Martina! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you make a cute couple:) lol.

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