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    Hello..I’m Devra
    I’m still pretty much in the closet although recently I told my daughter and a few female friends. I’ve liked women’s clothing since I was 8 years old. Tried to stop a few times but I can’t. I love myself dressed up and love how it feels and how I look.

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     Michelle Newman 
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    Welcome Devra!

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     Val’sheril Starsong 
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    Welcome Devra!

    I, like most here I’d venture to say, have also tried to quit on multiple occasions and finally came to the conclusion 30 years later that Val is here to stay and I’d best welcome her with open arms.  It’s a struggle to be sure but acceptance is key, first from yourself and second from those around you.  And I can assure you you’ll find nothing but here.

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     Olivia Livin 
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    Hello Devra, and welcome

    Its not always easy but we all deserve to be what makes us happy and whole.

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     fiona moss 
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    Hi Devra, thanks for joining CDH. Many members have tried to stop too, ive no doubt! but it aint’ that easy lol. Just be you and enjoy your journey. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

    Fiona xxx

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     Cynthia Hughes 
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    Welcome,  I recently joined myself.

    I have also tried to quit dressing when I was younger to no avail.  I did accept myself later on in life and am so much happier in life now.  Hope to hear more from you.




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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Devra,welcome, happy that you did find us. With you as a long time dresser I’m sure many here would love to hear some of your stories and experiences. We’re always looking to learn more about this amazing world. Meet with some of our wonderful ladies who would love to chat and with some make lasting friendships. Beautiful place and one I know you’ll enjoy being part of . Very nice meeting you .

    Stephanie 🌹

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