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    Jex Bell
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    Hi this is the first post I’ve made here after finding the site looking for advice.

    I’ve been in a relationship with my partner for over ten years  and about five years ago they came out to me as non binary(formerly presenting as female). I have been crossdressing and wanting to crossdress more since before this and at one point had a short conversation  about it and they seemed OK with it.

    After I then got excited  showing the kind of things I liked they then told me I just don’t want to think of you differently  and I backed away from the topic completely because I was worried and ashamed.

    To be honest I’m not sure if they remember or not and in general they seem more open about other people doing these things now and I really want to come out to them because it really is somthing important to me but am very worried and unsure how?

    I don’t know if anyone else has had this type of situation happen but any advice would be appreciated.

    And thank you for reading this.

    Sorry its a bit rambling and long.



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      Jess Secret
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      In my case I told my boyfriend a few months in to our relationship, and he couldn’t have been more supportive and encouraging (and excited to see me dress for him). I think if two people love each other they should both be accepting and understanding of one another in that regard, unfortunately of course that’s not always the case but so happy for you Jex that your partner is understanding and supportive like mine is.

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      Jex Bell
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      Little update

      This Little thread and replies was the push I needed.

      I talked to my partner and they were so supportive  and understanding.

      Thank you to those that replied thanked or just took the time to read 🙂


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        Raquel Smith
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        That’s wonderful news, Jex. Another bit of advice I’ve read many times, here, is “make sure you do something extra for your accepting SO when they express support.”

        Yours sounds like they deserve it. 🥰

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        That’s wonderful news Jex !
        I hope your relationship will continue to grow ,
        and I am glad the advice of the other girls here made a difference.
        Love Sylvia

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      Emily Alt
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      If your AFAB partner is non-binary, it’s reasonable to expect they’d afford you the same identity.  Best of luck to you.

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      Jex, I’m no expert but if your partner is non binary I’m sure they’d approve of you’re Crossdressing or am I wrong?
      Was your non binary partner born female?
      Hope you don’t mind me asking, because I couldn’t fully understand your article, maybe it’s just me I’m as thick as Champ at times

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        Julie (Jules) Anderson
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        Jex, I agree with Liz. I couldn’t imagine your partner not being very accepting.

        Also, really try to focus on this new famine essence you sense. Try to figure out how authentic this part of you is. You’ll then be better able to communicate this part of you to others.

        And once you understand this part of you, honor it; honor this new part of you like any other authentic part of YOU.

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        Jex Bell
        Registered On: November 21, 2021
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        Hi Liz thank you for replying.

        Yes my partner  was born female sorry I’m not great at writing my thoughts at times

        I think I’m just worried because of the response  from them last time I tried to talk to them about.


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