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      I have noticed when I am out how much women compliment each other. When I go out I get complimented also and it feels good. When I was dressed as Wonder Woman at Superman celebration I got complimented all day of how good I look and how they like my boots. That was before they realized I was a CD. One came up behind me and said you look so good in that I turned around and said thanks she said. “Oh my god you are a guy that’s even better!!” Just a observation has this happened to anyone else??

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      Yes girlfriend I have gotten complements too but mine were differnt scenario. During Trick Or Treating last year while I was performing I got told yeah work it. I was called beautiful. I was called a she once too. My specific sister in law called me fabu. So my complements were a differnt situation then yours. But I remember seeing your photos from that. Oh wait that was someone else hun. Still way to go hun. Keep enjoying and getting complements like me.

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      Just the other night when I went out to pick up some makeup the cosmetics associate gave me a nice compliment. When I’m out and approached by sales staff I always come clean that yes I’m a crossdresser which I figure as soon as I talk they will know anyway. So as I was  picking out some mascara and she came up to ask if I needed any help she loved my outfit and said I dress better than most women that come in. I think they appreciate when you’re honest with them and most have mentioned how they think it’s great how we can be out and courageous enough to be ourselves. Made me smile all the way home.

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      It doesn’t hurt that you are cute as hell! And very photogenic. Supermodel smile. I’m so jealous!!


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      Yes, women compliment each other.  When I’m out, I always try to compliment the ladies I encounter – sales staff, waitresses, other customers in the shop. It usually brings a smile to their faces , as well as a return compliment to me.

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      Complements are truly wonderful to give and receive! At work, where its 95% women, I’m always complementing my co workers on something, their footwear, scarf, hair, beautiful tops, dresses, etc.
      They always love it, and in return they’ll often complement me on my top, scarf, lip color, nails, eye makeup and hair, the most common comment I receive is how classy I am, that always makes my day!!

      Hugs girls,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      J J

      I have noticed that as well. At a distance I think I am passable, but up close I think it is pretty obvious I am dressed en femme. Yet up close I get nice little comments from women which is their way of saying “you go girl, you be you.” If they disapproved there would be no point of saying “I love your dress”, or “I love your hair”, et cetera. They could just as easily make it sarcastic if they wanted to be biting.

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      Diana Stockton

      I have received comments quite a few times.  Sometimes though I wonder though if it is not just to here my voice to see if I am a “Man”

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      Angela Booth

      Women are very good at making compliments, a stranger coming up to you to say they like something you are wearing is really nice.

      In my early days of going out I wasn’t attuned to getting compliments and when I did I wondered whether it was because they saw me as a crossdresser and the comment was a form of subtle encouragement or, as eluded earlier in the posts, a way of getting me to speak to confirm what they were thinking. As time went on I realised it was a compliment and an affirmation that I was looking good.

      One fun compliment I got was a subliminal one. It was summer and I was wearing a lower cut top and some cleavage was showing. At a checkout a young guy was at the till and while I was doing the transaction I was sure he was looking at my boobs. On leaving my friend confirmed he was as she said he couldn’t keep his eyes off them!

      Happy days for an, as then, fifty something Gal!

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      You girls are beautiful and so lucky to get compliments.

      I don’t get out fully dressed often but do take care of my nails, hair, skin, facial appearance, and underdress wearing fem tops but I never get compliments. I always get SIR even on occasions when fully dressed. I’m just not passable so enjoy your fem characteristics you lucky ladies. This ugly duckling envies you girls… lol

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      My wife and I went shopping this past Sunday, when we walked into a store the nice young lady said welcome in ladies ans then later complemented me on my outfit and hair(wig). it was such a great experience.

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        Connie Wittnee
        Baroness - Annual

        Well, I certainly see why, looking at your so feminine profile picture! You and your wife shopping together, two ladies. Truly a joy.

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      I have gotten compliments more times that I can count, most recently at a coffee/wine bar.    30-something Mom with two daughters went out of her way to tell me I was beautiful and that she loved my hair.

      To be honest, I thought I looked pretty good for a mature woman, but as with all compliments, I tend to take them with a grain of salt.   Part of me inevitably wonders if they are just being kind.

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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      Hi Brandie,

      I am out in public cross dressed often.  Compliments from women are very common, whether it be for jewelry, the dress I am wearing, my shoes, make up, or just my overall appearance.  Moreover, the fact that I am a male does not seem to factor into the equation, if a woman wants to compliment me for something.  For me, I find the compliments are validating.

      On the flip side, I am much more likely to compliment a woman, when I am cross dressed than when I am in drab clothing.

      On rare occasions, I get compliments from men.  I take these with caution but always say thank you.

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      I have not had to chance to go out fully dressed as of yet. I do keep my nails done and painted on the weekends. I have got many compliments on my nails and asked where I get them done (I do them myself at home). I hope to be able to go out dressed at some point and look forward to interacting with other girls.

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      All my encounters and compliments have been when going to a crossdressing events located in Las Vegas Nevada, Port Angeles, Washington, San Jose and Sacramento California. Yes I have received several compliments when out dressed from both women and men. Uber driver in Las Vegas my first time riding in an Uber dressed said you look absolutely amazing such a beautiful sexy outfit too around Halloween in 2017 dressed as a gangster girl. Women have approached me in bars in Las Vegas and have said you look sexy or way to go girl and have bought me drinks when dressed in Las Vegas. I received 10 times more compliments when dressed as a woman then I have ever received as a man. I have had more drinks bought for me as a woman then ever as a man. Women have said how do you do your makeup tell me you look beautiful, women have said they love the dress, jeans and or top I have worn when out. I have received compliments from men saying they love my look that I look good, sexy, classy when dressed as a woman. I have received compliments on my hair (wigs I have worn several times). I have had women ask questions about crossdressing and why I do it and they say they think I am doing a great job and be you. Weird how it works more compliments when dressed as a woman than a man.

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      Yes I adore compliments and women freely pass them among one another. I always make a point of complimenting other women in close encounters and even if they suspect they still respond so friendly. Compliments are generally over my nails hair shoes or tops. Thus I do the same to them

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      I won’t bore y’all with my compliments experiences, but will point one out recently that was a little different. I was standing in the checkout line getting some snacks at one of my regular Carmen places. The guy at the counter always greets me with a smile and asks how I’m doing etc. since he sees me often. Anyhow, a few of the guys ahead of me in line ask my clerk friend “holy crap, do you think I even have a chance.” Clerk says to them, knowing her, I doubt it… but go ahead and ask….

      So one of the guys turns around, says “omg, you’re so beautiful… do I even have any kind of chance at all?”. I graciously say “No, sorry… but you may have if I wasn’t married”.

      He continues paying for his stuff and my random clerk friend says to him “see”.

      Once they all leave, I get up to the counter and chat/laugh with my clerk about it… he says “it happens every time you’re here.”… and he goes around the counter to walk me out to my car since he knows those guys will be waiting. Such a gracious guy too, totally respectful, and tries to keep me safe. He’ll stand out there until I get in my car, start it, and put it in reverse.

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      Patty Phose

      I was in my early dressing in public days. I used to dress like Daisy Duke. Every time I went out, I got a little bolder and daring. I thought it would be thrilling to shop for and buy pantyhose while wearing pantyhose in my Daisy Duke attire.

      I had done it a few times. I was usually very nervous, but if I didn’t chicken out and made it through the purchase, it was such a great and amazing thrill. Well, one day I’m browsing pantyhose. A girl tells me my legs look really nice and asks if the pantyhose I’m wearing is what I’m buying. That was my first person to person interaction when I was out dressed. I panicked. I put down the pantyhose and hurried away.

      After thinking about what happened and how I reacted, I wanted to try it again. I went back to the store, hoping to see that girl again. I never did but I bought more pantyhose.

      I used to look for more things to do as I got bolder and more confident. I decided shopping for shoes might be somewhat bolder. I decided to go to the shoe store where I, walked up to the store and chickened out. I went back to the car to try to gain my courage. After several attempts I gave up. I went back several more times on different and chickened out each time.

      I decided to just go when the store first opened. There would be less people in there. I walked around in front of the store until I saw an employee unlock the door. I went right and and went over to the shoes. I took a pair down and tried them on. When I stood up, I noticed a few people looking down my aisle. I got real nervous, but tried to look like I wasn’t. Then some people began walking down my aisle. Were they looking at me? If they are, maybe I should give them a show.

      I put on a pair of shes and walked about the store making sure they could see me. I looked in mirrors to see how I looked. With each pair of shoes I tried on, I did the same thing. More people began watching. I was getting yes nods and thumbs up. I don’t know where I got the nerve to do that, but it was such a great thrill.

      Then there was several other times where I got compliments on having nice legs. they liked my shoes and a few times I was even politely told I had a run in my stocking.

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      Hi Brandie, yeah and it’s amazing how much of a confidence booster a little compliment is!

      I really wanted to go to the Superman Celebration and meet you there, but it conflicted with out biggest pride fest here in Iowa. 🙁

      Nancy ❤️

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        That’s ok i will be there tis year also June 9-11

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I once got complimented by 2 different women within 10 minutes.

      I was in a Thai restaurant sitting waiting for my check when the couple in front of me got up and the wife complemented me on my blouse. We talked blouses briefly, just like two women.

      There was a table near me with a very attractive woman, maybe early 60’s, and she had beautiful long, straight, golden blonde hair. She was sitting with a friend. As I left a few minutes later, I stopped and told her how much I admired her hair. She laughed, placed her hand lightly on my forearm, as women often do with each other, and agreed it looked good even though she was in her 60’s. I told her she looked much younger, told her that we were fairly close in age and she proceeded to compliment my looks. It was just two women yakking back & forth like females often do. I turned to her friend, a guy, and told him he was lucky to be surrounded by beautiful women. He laughed and said he was indeed lucky. What fun!

      We wished each other a goodnight and I left grinning from ear to ear. I was on cloud 9 for the next 2 days. I was absolutely flabbergasted at just being considered another woman when talking & laughing with these other people. I have always been comfortable being in public en femme but after that night my comfort level went up to a new level. It was one of the best experiences in my cross dressing life.


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      Most of my neighbors know that I {Marty}am a crossdresser.One of my neighbors was walking her dog when I as Michelle pulled into my driveway.We had a very nice conversation which concluded with her question and I quote”Girl where did you get those legs and buns and how do you walk in those heels?”I said its “Practice,practice and more practice”.Its great to get compliments and which I replied”You are doing great yourself Girl”and recieved a very large smile in return.

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