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      Although there are plenty of articles online to be found on this subject, how do you ladies apply these 2 items?

      My wife swears by concealer 1st followed by foundation Β and I’ve found plenty of arguments to back that up, but also plenty that do the reverse.

      Nothing beats real life experience and feedback, maybe this would be an interesting topic for a poll?

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      Angela Booth

      Primer – Concealer – Foundation. That’s how I do it.

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        Barb Wire

        That’s kinda like what my motorcycle instructor said to me to save my life,


        Love, Barb πŸ™‚

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          LOL, 35+ years later and I can still hear my driving instructor hammering home that same message!

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          Angela Booth

          That shoulder check is a doubtful one. The natural action of a shoulder check is for the torso to turn with the head movement…. Think about it…I saw a friend end up in the bushes! A perfect concealer….

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            Barb Wire

            Not if you take lessons and practice.

            Barb πŸ™‚

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      I used to use concealer, then foundation and primer for lips and eyelids. Lately I skip the concealer and go straight to the foundation. I still use primer for my lips and eyelids, but I’m open to making changes as necessary!


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      Colour corrector then concealer then foundation that’s how I put it on x

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      A poll would be interesting – I moisturise, then apply primer and concealer and let it all set for a minute or two before putting on my foundation.

      Makes for a more blemish-free canvas – there are more than enough “blemishes” in my masculine features to contour out without having to worry about stubble, eyebags, jowls and pores!

      Love Laura

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        Rayna Carlian

        Fully agree… Have to start with a clean canvas, and letting things set between steps is important. Otherwise you end up with a kindergarten finger painting on your face. LOL



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      – wash face properly (bar soap)

      – moisturizer

      – primer

      – concealer (orange)

      – setting powder

      – colour matched foundation

      That is my order.

      Just wondering why would anyone put first (colour matched) foundation and then orange/copper/cinnamon concealer…

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      Concealer then foundation for me. I’ve also finally started applying the concealer with my fingers, I could never get enough on to deal with the beard shadow with brushes.

      β€” Abbie 🥰

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        My daughter turned me onto makeup sponges but I guess the fingers are probably just as good, I just have a strong dislike for sticky fingers! Lol

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          Sticky fingers are a real problem for sure, I have the same problem with sponges as I do with brushes though.

          β€” Abbie 🥰

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          Rayna Carlian

          for liquid foundation, get yourself a good Kabuki brush, SOOOO easy to apply.

          I used to use sponges, but I love the Kabuki. It cost about $9 at Ulta… WORTH IT…



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      Hi Rei

      Foundation first works best for me. Then concealer under the eyes, dark circles! I do my eyes before foundation, and do put a little concealer under the brows as a base.

      Bianca x

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      Hello Rei,

      For men I believe the best is colour corrector to cover facial blue tone then concealer.

      Then apply foundation and use a lighter concealer to highlight areas.

      If you don’t have a facial tone to cover then foundation the concealer.

      Hope this helps.


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      Rayna Carlian

      Either method works…. just starting there.

      I used to do the red on the beard to start for sure and then foundation over the top.

      I went to a makeup seminar while at Desert Cross Roads in Palm Springs last year, the makeup pro suggested otherwise. So, I have tried it. It works, but I use WAY more red powder covering the shadow in the foundation. It depends on what you feel like buying…

      The red concealer goes REALLY far for me(a little goes a long way). Then the foundation over the top covers that up of course.

      When I do the color correct after foundation, I end up using a lot of powder to get the blue out. And depending on the lighting where I am applying, I have gone TOO far with the red and look like a bad 1960’s actor trying to look Native American, not..good…

      So, if you have good lighting and don’t mind needing a good supply of color correcting powder, do the correction after foundation.

      If you have good lighting(theme here) and don’t want to spend as much on powder, try correcting before foundation.

      Either way, make sure that you shave very close before you start any of this to get off on the right foot.

      Have fun and tell us all how it turns out!!




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      Eileen, thanks for the input from a GG. Β It helps us more than you could imagine.

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